Ancient romania. Dacia? alien connection?

by HebrianDaniel on November 19th, 2014

i do know the Romanians never has been latin people they always were daccian
they had their languages also but they always bealived their King Zalmoxis as Diety
im not sure if King Zalmoxis is human or alien. he sound like alien the way how they decipt him.
anyone know about that?

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bluesbaby5050: First of all HD......

The whole concept of Vampires originates from the REPTILIAN BLOODLINE. They are the ones that consume human blood, and flesh in their rituals, and the VATICAN-POPES- MEMBERS do these rituals for their GOD, WHOM THEY WORSHIP , AND THIS IS SATAN, and they do this deep under the Vatican in the many tunneling catacombs that have been down there since ancient Rome was first built, and the Vatican is built OVER THIS ANCIENT CITY OF ROME! The vampire stories are numerous thoughout that land, and many movies have this country of Romainia in those movies along with this famous monster- Dracular/DRACO, and the dragons are seen in their many statues all over this planet, and this is their SIGNITURE!

HebrianDaniel: im not talking about wallacia

im not talking about wallacia vlad tepes roman latin.
im talking about an ancient history that been hidden by many people and falsed by roman nationalists.
Romanians are not roman ancestrals they are Daccians that came from Trachian tribes.
and getian also.
Romanians now live in lie all this years.

HebrianDaniel: also just to let you know the

also just to let you know the name of Dracula is dragon in 1 of the wallachia language
vlad tepes is not Dracula his father is vlad dracul II which therefor
says that vlad tepes is vlad dracul III. Dracul is house and a royal family of wallachia.
its has nothing to do with vampires.
Vlad tepes have serious psychotic problems for what the ottomans did to him that made him evil
he impaled and killed many muslims poisoned them and did horrible things to save the people of wallachia. the wallachians even today sees him as hero.
who protected wallachia from the jaws of the ottoman

HebrianDaniel: but then the ottoman chopped

but then the ottoman chopped his head and wallachia lost.
and ottoman conquered it

HebrianDaniel: also vlad dracul II was part

also vlad dracul II was part of the order of the dragon (ordo draconum)
the order itself toke part of wallachia ottoman war.
and did the crusade to battle ottoman muslims.

HebrianDaniel: yet its not satisfy me i

yet its not satisfy me i still seek information about dacia and not rome or wallachia.

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