by edisonik on November 3rd, 2010

The Alien Question has been around for thousands of years, the People from the Past considered these Alien Crafts to be Gods. The Humans were not lied to because there was no Media back then. Back then there were no Newspapers, no Skeptics, no Debunkers, no Lies or Bullshit.
One only has study the Past to understand the future.
This Documentary will Educate you folks. Good Documentary. ( 1 of 5 ) ( 2 of 5 ) ( 3 of 5 ) ( 4 of 5 ) ( 5 of 5 )

Do not believe in Government Funded Skeptics, or Debunkers they get paid to lie and Decieve all of you people. It goes to show you how stupid and dumb they think you are.

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edisonik: Nuclear Scientist Stanton Friedman says Aliens are Real!

Nuclear Scientist claims that Aliens are very real and that the Government is covering up massive evidence regarding Alien Crafts and Alien Beings. ( 1 of 2 ) ( 2 of 2 )

( A man with tremendous Courage! )

The Media and the other Skeptics are lying to all of you!, only a few Couragous Men are coming forward to tell you People the truth!.

sdeev: legitimacy

from all the sources that i've looked at, how could i be sure of the things being talked about that might occur in the next 1-2 years. after most of the sources are from internet that can always be altered.

Quinton: You can't. Don't take

You can't. Don't take anything as being 100% the truth. Everyone has their opinions and nobody fully knows what's going to happen. Go with what you feel is most accurate and keep searching. That's all you can really do.

sdeev: you don't understand. all it

you don't understand. all it becomes is a chain. all i am asking is if there are some things that most of us agree on and we can at least come close to the real deal. if the next 1-2 years are really going to get ugly, i want to be sure of that rather than looking like a fool later. or is this just going to stay underground until the end and even though thousands of people were aware of this and weren't able to do anything. i foresee all these things, but all it really is, a gut feeling out of possibly imagination which many probably get after getting into this. can i get some of your personal conclusions that you regard as being factual according to what you have researched?

edisonik: According to Agent X

According to Agent X there is supposed to be a Mass Landing of Alien Craft in the Year of 2012.
Kind of like when the Spaniards came to the New World these beings will be here. People will absolutely Freak and that will be a Moment in History thats for sure!.

Jaime Maussan reads vital Crop Circle Infomation , what the Crop Circles disclose is something truly Super Natural, THE RETURN OF THE MIGHTY KUKULKHAN ( The Dragon KIng!) possibly from Orion. Thats why I am trying to wake people up!, so they don't go insane but many will go insane, just try to maintain sanity for this New Century will Usher fourth incredible Events.


I do believe this Deity was not a Nice Person, the Dragon King has given the Maya Agriculture and Astronomy, Kukulkhan demanded Human Sacrifices from the Mayans and they complied.
I really hope this time it will be different.


edisonik: Words of Wisdom

Don't worry about the future Sdeev Humanity is creating the future based on their emotional impulses. The Future is not cast in stone because Humanity is creating it everyday but lets get on thing clear , in order to know the future one only needs to study the past because the past will give you a basic idea of what the future may hold.
Like the last Century humanity has experienced, who would have though the 20th Century would have been so hard and so violent, no one!. The Wars, the Technological Advances, the Famines, Capitalism and Industry, the Men who defended Freedom and Democracy, the Men who were absolute Monsters that hurt Millions.

If you can salvage anything from the Past you will know that the future will not be a walk in the park, but just because it will not be a walk in the Park doesn't mean you just throw in the towel.
You never give up and never Surrender, always be strong and embrace your future with Zest and Courage. Good Luck.

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