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cosmicstorm: Don't forget Maldek

Maldek was technically destroyed by atomic warfare too, but it was mostly the greed,envy, betrayal and maybe even calnutronite.

Tim Lovell: hmm wasn't maldek destroyed

hmm wasn't maldek destroyed by the sons of belial using the great crystal on it as a weapon?

cosmicstorm: Maybe Tim maybe

There are a lot of theories as to how Maldek was destroyed, as my remembrance is very vague, I just take in all the facts(there's not a lot) and I sort out what could have possibly destroy it to what couldn't, Then I came to the conclusion that Mon-Ka of Mars was right. Now what you say I've never heard but it is interesting could you please tell me more(you may be right).

bluesbaby5050: Ya Tim............

That would be very nice of you if you could explain more, as your quite knowledgeable, Thank You :-)

Tim Lovell: yep sure BB , back in the end

yep sure BB , back in the end period of Atlantis when we had the great crystal given to us by the ETs they told us never use it for bad only good , wehich was the law of the one, then towards the end of atlantis different factions appeared some favouring service to self rather than follow the law of the one (the sons of belial) they eventually migrated to the planet that was then where the asteroid belt is now called Maldek so they were like the other team or the enemy eventually things came to a head and the people on earth used the great crystal as a weapon on maldek and destroyed it , the people on maldek had no great crystal they relied on zero point energy for power.

cosmicstorm: While it is true

We used zero point energy, just how powerful was the crystal for it to take out an entire planet.

Tim Lovell: The crystal was extremly

The crystal was extremly powerful it could open up interdimensional portals and when it blew it took out atlantis and sent us all back down to bottom 3d

cosmicstorm: I'm impressed

Sorry it put you down here though,

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