America's next targets for the NWO plan

America's next targets for the NWO plan

Venezuela seems to be the next likely target. In the past the CIA have tried to infiltrate ecuador in order to get a foot hold on the continent. Without much success, this is mainstream knowledge and many CIA operatives were uncoverd and removed from key positions. Most likely to counter balance Russian influence in the region, what they really want is Venezuela because it has a lot of oil and they are a communist country that embraces marxism and even give oil to cuba to next to nothing in an idea of exporting communism. With cuban and american tensions subsiding it would seem that they think that they can get people through the back door while one hand is moving the other hand is doing sinister things.

Brazil. According to sources including benjamin fulford there was an attempted coup d'etat in Brazil in order to help break up the BRICS, a group of nations gathering strength along with the chinese and russians and brazillians to use gold to end poverty, what they really want is to gain access to africa to get resources for their growing influence in the world. The Americans place dictators in countries like Zimbabwe in order to oust out foreigners such as the Chinese who were heavily involved in the area. Basically a land grab by the Americans. The Chinese want resources and are more than happy to pay to end african poverty. But others think that by making fake terrorist attacks and blaming it on communists this will be enough to cause hysteria enough to stop the Chinese influence in Africa. Evidence of this can seen in afghanistan where theres lots of supplies of lithium (ued in car batteries) and to stop a pipeline from Iran to China to stunt growth, the Americans and their allies invaded. The Americans want to stunt the growth of China which doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon. Because the Americans couldn't get a foothold in Brazil or Ecuador they wll most likely try another country and strike at the core of venezuela by infiltration in order to stem the growth of communism and the rise of china. Also its fairly remote geopolitically because the Americans control the Suez cannal making it hard for Russian influence in the area. All it takes is for the Americans to get a foot hold on the continent and its history. But not without its draw backs and Russians trying to stop them.

Israel. Israel controlls the sinai peninsula it is heavily reliant on america. But I fear that this will not always be the case because certain cabal members want them wiped off the face of the earth (people are fulfilling bibilical prophecy) There have been multiple arab springs in surrounding countries which could be aimed at turning these countries into subservient iranian countries since the Americans have been in long talks with the Iranians and are trying to be less relient on a non-nuclear nation in the area. The recent drop in the price of oil was done on purpose to help israel afford the price of oil. But it seems likely that the Americans have their hands in many pockets and wouldn't place all their stakes in the far out idea that israel will stabilze the region to make puppet states for America. Especially if they are a nuclear power. The americans are secretly pro-shia and with rising anti-semitism in the arab world with mein kampf being best sellers theres seems to be an underlying plot twist to undermine Israel. after the cold war the russians tried to keep a foot hold syria and succeeded to a certain degree in fact its the Russians that are stopping the Amerians from fulflling age old biblical prophecy in the destruction of Israel. There seems to be a plot to turn Iran which will soon be a nuclear state against Israel without getting the American's hands too dirty. After the fall of the Shah in Iran, the Americans fearing loosing control put the Ayatollah in charge. It would seem that the Americans are tying to build a shia caliphate in the region by making iraq a servant of Iran. The shia believe they are descended from the prophet muhammed so they would be the perfect antagonist against israel who would be considered evil.

The EU. In president bush's speech he talked about a united Europe which would later have a European army there are already talks about merging German and Dutch troops. Who gets nuked first if America decides to attack Russia. By turning Europe into a country the Americans hope that they will increase their control in that area of the world hence why Obama's visit to Britain in order to stop the UK from leaving the EU. To stop other countries following which would could topple the EU. America is always looking for more allies but it doesnt want competition but america could be preparing for a trans-atlantic agreement where they could conjoin canada the US and Europe into one superstate in a land grab. That could be the only reason. They know that if the UK leaves then it makes it harder for there to be a union of canada with the US. which seems to be one of their goals in unifyng all western nations under one flag. To do this they tried breaking up the UK with scottish independence in order to topple the UK. Meeting up of bilderbergers seems to confirm this however with things going the UK wants to be on the winning side and will probably join the likes of the BRIC nations and use the council of 300 in order to achieve a new system. Which I believe to be a robocracy, where the chinese and the british working together, how we know this is the latest giving away of hong kong back to China as a part of an agreement and with david cameron visiting china there seems to be mounting tension for america to be put aside instead for a better system that benefits the many instead of the few. Countries like America know that the exportation as dropped dramatically with the closing of ports. Is it the end of America? You decide. Are the odds finally against them to succeed in further global control?

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wolfe: Are the odd's against them?

Are the odd's against them? Who do you define as "them"? I have a feeling your going to see some real problems at home for America to be dealing with after this election cycle. There is a growing movement in America that is starting to wake up and it is going to get ugly.

Tarheel: NWO

1-NWO is NOT an American construct.
2-End of America??? Dude. You grossly underestimate America IF you believe that.

Terran resistance: what has ever

what has ever happened to every empire thats been on this planet?

Tarheel: It aint over.

Answer: The same thing that has happened to every empire in the universe.
Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.
Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yeah, it's a bloody quagmire but there's still fuel in the tank.
That's what happens when govt forgets that consciousness is in control and that it's about the greater good.

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