Am i spiritually gifted?

Okay so i can see evil in people like i can see demons in people and i can tell if someone is a demon or if someone is about to become one. I can tell if someone is super depressed. I can feel other peoples feeling and i can sometimes reads peoplea thoughts. Like today i was playing an empath game with my friend where we would write down questions and i would try and guess and awsner. And some of the awsners were like how many weddings did my family have in 2016. I mean things she never told me and i guessed it right. Also I'm able to talk to people telepathically without actually saying anything. I also met this man who said he was my spirit guide and i knew him for seven months but tords the end he said i passed the test and that i didn't need any one for a while. And that he was going to help someone else. Then i see him somewhere inside a girl. Like i feel it spiritually. But then i see him like 5 months later and the same man doesn't remember a thing but we're still friends which is weird. Idk i feel like i was lied to by that guy. What you guys think. Im just looking for spiritual awsners.

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bluesbaby5050: Spiritually gifted?

Hello, and welcome to Truthcontrol. We are glad your here. First, I will tell you that everyone is spiritually gifted, but they are NOT gifts. Everyone has their own physic traits. Some people are aware of theirs to some degree, while others barely notice them, while others recognise them, and have advanced them because they are older, and have had more time to use them in their lives, and it feels natural to them like using their other senses. These physic traits are developed the more you use them. This is not a game to play with them as such. Even animals have them as survival instincts to a certain degree. You can use them for service to self or for service to others. The choice is up to you. Don't allow ego to get in your way. Life is a gift, live it to the fullest with joy.

Tarheel: Sounds like....

Sounds like you are becoming aware of your gifts. I agree with BB-they arent toys but I think it's okay to practice them....just dont treat it as a game (if I were you). Dont take them for GRANTED.Not everyone is aware yet.

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