am i only the one who think this website is very dead?

by HebrianDaniel on November 3rd, 2021

cuz i rememberin 2012 we had much lots activities now ppl barely care about this website.
we should do something about that its sad and pains me to see what became of this site :(

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bluesbaby5050: Is this site dead?

No I don't think so HD. I'm still here, and I still check in as you can see. My opinion is that, many people on this planet at this time are dealing with the many changes, and events taking place right now in this present time. This is on a global scale, and is massive, and affects everyone in every country on many levels. So much as been happening that many people can't find the time to check in. I understand why, and I accept that. This site is still here for those on the path seeking the Truth, and they still have the opportunity to do so when needed, and that's why this site was created. I'm very glad to see your still here HD. I'm always here, even in spirit. BB5050🕊🦅🕊🌎🌏🌍🕊🕊🕊

HebrianDaniel: hey there wanna keep in touch

hey there wanna keep in touch? this my facebook
i hope we get chance to speak

bluesbaby5050: Want to keep in touch?

Hello HD! Im sorry to say that I do not use the Facebook social platform. I prefer not to, as it is not a good site for many reasons. I can communicate with you on this site. Just message me in private or in our forum. Both are OK with me.

HebrianDaniel: i try to message you but i

i try to message you but i fail to something not working with message i tough of ways to contact with you and share my spiritual experience.

bluesbaby5050: I try to message....

Hello HD, yes I'm aware that chat box is not working and the same with private messaging too. I don't understand why this is closed, but I had nothing to do with this. I'm sorry this happened, and some members have mentioned this in the past. There's nothing I can do about this to correct it. I'm limited as to what I can do on this site. I guess QDog is the only one that can fix this, but it seems that he is no longer with us. He hasn't been on here for a long time now. I guess he's moved on with other projects. Many members are still with us, but are trying to cope with everyday life and it's many changes we all are experiencing on this planet. You can still share with me your experiences you mentioned your having. I'm sure others that come here would like to read about them too. So feel free to share them with us. That's what this site is for. Peace be within you always Hebrian Daniel. ♥

HebrianDaniel: well meenwhile i had

well meenwhile i had experience that i felt god in my soul i had burst of happiness in my soul i felt so great.
lately i was having spiritual experience i have feeling i am in a spiritual path of enlightenment i cant say for sure but i have feeling that god guide me through this spiritual experience.
its shame that the website not what it was its used to be much active that why i wanted to keep in touch with some of you atleast in facebook or whatsapp but i guess its not happening.
anyways im already feeling the energies frequencies and vibration of the aquarius and every day its starting to get better however im one of few who managed to have those enlightened spiritual experiences while most people in the world are in very negative frequencies i was wondering why did god helped me alot this years by sending lots love energies frequencies and vibrations i have nights i feel the energies from the higher worlds and i thank god for everyday that i experience in this incarnation. this incarnation is quite fun i get to experience lots from computer life experience unlike other incarnations glad to live in this era where everything get progressive and faster sometimes im afraid of those fast changes and when i will end up in the process of life but im trying to be positive about the future i hope so. when my parents wont be with me anymore i will have to learn to manage alone and stop being dependent on others i still feel like parents childs but i hope to grow up and be a great man in future. im glad i had to share you my experience regarding of my life id hope to share more when we will have chance to chat to each other and not only in forum i hope untill then we can keep in touch :)

HebrianDaniel: also i have another thing to

also i have another thing to say. i hope atleast you can fix the chat or atleast make Discord group for Truthcontrol so we can stay in touch and stay together rather than apart. cause i still bealive in connection of souls and being ONE with creation and god. enforth i call Unity ore more like Oneity. when all souls being one with God. this is the goal of this planet to reach Collective consciousness of unity as being one with everything god cosmos nature. we all are together in this journey. as im not giving up on you guys you should not give up. please be with me in this journey of souls. together we can go higher and higher to the higher glad i finally understand what is truly a love atleast that what god shown to my soul.
Peace love and happiness from HebrianDaniel. stay positive my dear hearts.

bluesbaby5050: I also have another thing to.....

HD we are all connected as one. We are a part of humanity no matter what is happening on this planet. If you think positive, you will be on a positive time line. Your thoughts manifest your reality now. You can also live out side of this matrix. Be an observer, and try not to join in the drama. It's really only a movie. May ...Tricks. You may take on a role and be a player or you can a wise one, and just watch. Or just live in your joy of what makes you happy. Live from your heart, and don't judge. Just Be. I love you, and all that you said is the truth. I know. Your already a wise man. Your on the right path too.

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