by edisonik on December 2nd, 2013

Always remember that before you can handle Technologies you must be Spiritually Grounded otherwise you can destroy yourselves very easily with Advanced Technologies.
Humanity is developing very Advanced Technologies at a Rapid pace and this is good but at the same time these upcoming Technologies must be handled with alot of responsibility.
I will not go into a great discussion about Technologies because World Governments do have very Advanced Technologies and many of these people simply are not well grounded Spiritually to take responsibility of very Advanced Technologies.
Always remember that Spiritualy Developement is the key to responsibly handling Technologies of a future with promise.
Here is an Interesting Device that is coming out it is a 3D Printer. A Facinating Device that uses Plastics to create someones Creation into a 3D Reality.
This is by far a very primitive Device compared to other Devices that other Civilizations have but it is the begining for Humanity.
What a 3D Printer does is Flesh out your Idea and gives you Idea a 3D Model to work with.
The Military has had this for many Decades but it is coming out to the public.
This is a Facinating Device, but always remember that Spirituality trumps any Advanced Technologies always remember that you the Human Being is the Greatest Creation.
I Love you all.

So watch more on 3D Printing Technologies.

YOUTUBE : attack on 3d printing

Always remember there is more than just Materialism, there is so much more than Physicality, there is also Spirituality.
Multi-Dimensional Reality which you will all Experience but since your here why not learn more Lessons.

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bluesbaby5050: Oh Ya! .............

Remember Cody Wilson, and his 3D printed gun? I did a post on him a few months back, and his gun is now selling well by a company in Europe that notified Cody that they were very interested in his home made product.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for this Reminder Edisonik............

It's great to know how far technologies have advanced. Too bad it's still being used by the Dark PTB to Promote Wars, and Fears, and to Pollute, and Destroy this planet, and Humanity, and not for the best Interests/Benefits for mankind, or to clean up this planet. What a terrible waste in my opinion.

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