To Question things is not blasphamous , it is Divine. For how is one to Evolve without Questioning a Great Many things.
Do not be afraid to be Different instead of following the Herds.
Learn to Creat a Path for yourselves instead of following other over a Cliff.

Be Wise and Cunning and never surrender your freedom for safety.
Question your Life and why you are here, Question your Gods and why you Pray.
Question your Systems of Government and why they Exist, Question all things my fellow Rainbow Warriors.


edisonik: You Live Lives which you cannot Explain, yet you move forward

You cannot explain why you exist but yet you move forward knowing that there must be some meaning to your existence. Yes your existence does have meaning, the meaning is what you make of it.
For your Creator has given you the chalk and blackboard so now it is your Will that will write the Words on this Blackboard which your Creator has given you.
Do not Copy other people work on their Blackboards but rather Write down your own Work , the Work of your Destiny, the Work of your Future.
Free Will belongs to you not anyone elses.

My Blackboard is the Vastness and Majesty of Space.

bluesbaby5050: I hope I live long enough to take a safe trip into--

Space some day.I would love to see the planet Earth from above the Earth,instead of on the pc.It is still so beautiful .I like to see Earth when it is nightime,and the lights are on, and I can see the glow from the Notrhern Lights, and they so are colorful too. This really is one of a kind of planet. It's a real jewel. Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: I hope there will NOT be any aggressive behavior---

When we have the arrival of the Star beings.I pray for peace . I hope there will be no bloodshed. No telling what the goverments will do.I know us regular people want peace.We are not apart of this goverment.The goverment will have the final say in this. Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you for the videos--

This is exactly what I had in my mind for my blackboard. Lord Edison,You must of been reading my mind! LOL! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Son of Leod: My birthday is May 30, and

My birthday is May 30, and I'm kinda disappointed that the Solar Eclipse wasn't happening then. 10 Days earlier :/ Hopefully I see some kinda sign from world events before my birthday passes.

Tarheel: OMG-you are not serious.

My brothers b-day is the same date, and he is the most selfish person I know.

He has made himself rich (by virtue of his selfishness, among other reasons), and he may help you, but you would get a bill from him AND GET REMINDED OF THE HELP OFTEN.

I do NOT see you as being like him, SoL. Let me be the 1st to wsih you a premature "Happy Birthday", tho, in case the 'net goes down during the "fireworks".


bluesbaby5050: Re-posted-A very Important message/lesson from Lord Edisonik--

Please read this re-post from our Master Teacher Lord Edisonik. Please read all of the above. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Vigilate Omnia: I fully agree with this,this

I fully agree with this,this is how I live my life,because I feel If we weren't to question then why have the ability?

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