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by BamfOttO on September 12th, 2016

As I well guess,(I would say know from the almost over abundant evidence that advanced civilizations go back much further than our "approved" history books lead on) but I can not know for sure that "civilized peoples lived a longer ago than our "history" books lead on. The stories of Atlantis, Osiris/Rama dynasties, the true age of the Sphinx, and other anomalies lead me to think as well as others that we go back much further than the cradle of civilization. The most unrecognized of these is the ancient South, North, and Central American cultures. The help of "out of the box: thinkers like Graham Hancock have helped abolish these misconceptions. There are also a lot of new theories of how the universe was molded by an advanced type II civilization who put the planets in an exact alignment to support life on earth. So kind of mixing all these theories I suggest that an ancient type II alien race molded the universe, inhabited earth, built there grand culture and structures still found around the world today, and advanced some of the local mammals with their genes to create slaves, but as stated in a few ancient texts like the bible these "demi-gods" mated with their creations thus declining themselves through the natural selection process because the modified mammals were naturally fitted for this planet, this selecting out the alien attributes. This leaves us with the decline of the truly remarkable ancient civilizations around 1000 b.c.. Thus only a few "demi-gods" half-breads around to marvel us and teach us.
I just thought you all can comment on that, I know it's a long shot, but I feel plausible. Thanks and please comment constructively.

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HebrianDaniel: about the demi-gods in bible

about the demi-gods in bible they called "Nephillim" as mentioned in genesys noah story and book of enoch
They refered as Hybrid alien and human. i does not know if such offspring exist.
yet i do bealive its whould be Homo capnesis species. since they are human with really big skull head.
i bet they have really big brains. i whould think they are the so refered Nephilims.
but dont get me wrong its my theory

Quinton: I pretty much see it the same

I pretty much see it the same way. Thanks for sharing :)

Tarheel: "Ditto" on most of this post

Earth is just one of their colonies.

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