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by BamfOttO on September 7th, 2016

I have read almost all the alternate history books I can find, and being interested in anything anti-establishment I can and read all conspiracy and occult info I can. As well read and educated and well read as I think I am, I obviously don't know it all. SO If this is an already established theory I apologize.
I don't care for the Alien creation theory but if there is one that makes sense this is it. All the holes in darwinism and the alien genome project this is my take. The evolution from dinosaur to reptile or amoeba to crustation to fish to amphibian to reptile works mammals to humans is a super hard fit. A mammal to human is a very obvious possibility that still doesn't sell the gap of reptile to mammal. With out going into the detail and don't come back like I couldn't spend all the time in the world to state a thousand references, I know them I don't have the time to state them. (being working class poor, as a restaurant manger is another topic.50+a week can't make ends meet) Regardless is seems possible that the Noah story so ever prevalent in all ancient cultural histories, is a reference to the exodus from an alien plant of alien life forms in their "Ark" to a new world. Mammals are all alien to this planet. Just a theory.
I know I don't have the time to go into tons of detail but believe me I have my ducks in a row, but really non of any of the info we get is 100% reliable. That"s why we question. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Quinton: Hi BamfOttO, Welcome to Truth

Hi BamfOttO, Welcome to Truth Control :)

I've never heard the possibility of all mammals being alien to this planet but I can see what you're saying. That's pretty interesting. It's interesting you mention the Ark. I remember this book: talking about something similar -- how the Ark was a UFO that had the DNA of many species from this world. Could be something similar there.

I don't know much about evolution myself, but I've always found the differences between mammals and reptiles interesting. It's interesting how we have human mammals but not human reptiles -- at least not readily talked about ;). It's interesting if human form is even the final physical form of a species. Is a human the final form of evolution or just a specific line of species? Do all species eventually evolve human-like?

It's also interesting how supposedly humans have mixed DNA with part mammal, part reptile and possibly other species as well.

I'd be interesting in hearing more what you have to say about this. I think it's a really fascinating topic :)

wolfe: Human DNA has the DNA of

Human DNA has the DNA of every species we know of on the planet contained within it, Much of it is just in the "off" position. Right now every shark, lizard,fish or bird your DNA is carrying a blue print for them. As to the "Ark" in the bible, as with much of the bible I think we lose a lot in both translation and metaphor. Have you ever heard the term "Herod's cube"? I personally don't believe that two of each was taken aboard to propagate their species. Last I saw it was 500 members of a species, half male, half female to propagate a viable gene pool for a species and not become extinct. Im sure with modern science and gene splicing etc you can most likely do it with fewer numbers, but thinking it through I suspect you would still need that many samples to draw from. As to Herod's cube, supposedly it was a vessel of some kind that had an extra-deminsional space within. I don't know about the alien seeding theory, but I do find it strange/awesome/curious that now that we have mapped the human genome and understand DNA that even though we carry all these DNA types within us that all the other species do not carry the miR-941. How did we acquire it? Gene splicing? Random mutation? I don't know, for now it's a mystery that I find fascinating.

Terran resistance: well

chromosome linked to intelligence shows two chromosomes stapled together. one half very similar to an ape chromosome and the other half unknown.

by the way evolution is a lie made by racists hundreds of years ago to explain how black people came from monkeys truth be told.

wolfe: Your speaking of the X

Your speaking of the X chromosome, and several genes that it carry are responsible for intelligence. Mind if I ask why you think evolution is a con? As for it being hundreds of years ago, I dont know, Darwin presented the first fully formed theory in 1858 and I know jean-Babtiste Lamarck had one that was not fully developed sometime in the latter half of the 1700's. Can you point me in a direction that explains why the theory came about for a raciest means?

Terran resistance: okay

okay maybe i over reacted but you should know that darwin only co-authored his book on the theory of evolution, why is he put forward to the masses? Because he was a freemason and gave the elite a new doctrine that they could apply to justify everything that they believe about them selves and to fulfill their ego. Why are the ancient inhabitants always portrayed as being black would be one example that the ancients were primitive and therefore they must have been black is a good enough reason as any to say the theory has turned sour and darwin never mentioned much about human evolution that came later. Everyone disregards the effects of past advanced civilizations as well. People need to Understand that all science is pretty much wrong and will be wrong for the next hundred years until science removes its preconceptions about human existence.

wolfe: Heya Otto, sorry if I took

Heya Otto, sorry if I took this in a somewhat off topic direction. I have heard people that have your same theory that we are from another world. Most of them say Mars is where we came from when it's environment changed and became unlivable for *us*. And I agree with what you say about what an "ark" could be. It's a interesting idea and not one I can discount.

BamfOttO: no worries

No I take nothing personal. There was four rules I was taught to live by from someone much more in tune with the universe. 1)be impecibie with your speech (2) take nothing personal (3)always do your best (4)have no assumptions Anways all the comments are great we gain nothing without open conversation.

HebrianDaniel: instead of evolution. i call

instead of evolution. i call it natural selection. species around the globe their DNA changes depends on the envinronment. i give you example before long long time we had 1 continent called pangea proxima
and camels from middle east lived there but the continent splited and the camels from the other side became alpacas which reside in argentina. while the middle east camel also has other type is called bactrian camel who very common to mongolian alpaca and bactrian camels have fur unlike standard middle east camel
its same for many species they DNA develope into different kind.
you could say it also for african and south american parrots they are differents.

HebrianDaniel: sorry i meant mongolia. you

sorry i meant mongolia. you know there no such thing as mongolian alpaca ;D

Terran resistance: no one denies natural selecton

no one denies natural selection but you have to have genes coming in and gene mutation leads to things like cancer and a whole dna sequence being changed on the whole chromosome whereas genes going out aka natural selection is no so problematic to explain. also lots of domestic cattle have chromosomes which have conjoined how does this happen on a large scale to make a viable population to stop inbreeding for example

HebrianDaniel: in natural selection species

in natural selection species always seek the most healthy and strongest and thier traits have advantage to theyir envinronment.

i dont know how its work with human. but i see that white man dont like western white gold digger woman.
so he seek female asiatic woman. while female asiatic woman find male white man more attractive than male asiatic man.

natural selection at it best ;D

Terran resistance: the problem the ancient astronaut theory faces

the problem the ancient astronaut theory faces is that creationism is being lumped into the same group on purpose to stop debate.

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