Alphabet Agency strikes AGAIN ?

by Tarheel on January 18th, 2017

Saw this in the scans and it's too good not to post !
A former editor says he was paid by the CIA to plant fake news and he was found dead after his book detailing such came out.

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Zurke: Plant fake news? Would that

Plant fake news? Would that be some of the PR obama was speaking of. When he addressed why they lost the election miserably? PR/Propaganda/fake news all one in the same.

Tarheel: CIA thinks they shouldn't be ratted out or exposed

They think they are above the law.

bluesbaby5050: The CIA shouldn't be ratted out or exposed

That's because old man Bush senior founded that organization, and he also was the head of the CIA for decades. They are mostly the cause of illegal drugs entering the US. The reasoning behind this crime, is to weaken society, and to tear apart families to help destroy America. The CIA supplies weapons, and drugs to American street gangs. They also fund and supply weapons to warring countries to create chaos on this planet for many reasons. They are behind the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York city, and then putting the blame on foreign countries as an excuse to go to war with Afghanistan with then president George Bush Junior. The CIA are in cahoots with the Bushes, the Clinton's, and Obama, and also with the queen of England, and the Vatican. There are alot more guilty people that took orders from these top sources to fund, and create wars in the middle east. Another example was in 1991 with then president George Bush senior and with the country of Iraq knowing full well that the then King Saddam Hussain had underground bunkers full of ancient treasures, and ancient alien technology, and that King Saddam Hussain was blood related to the alien Anunnaki, and that they were actively visiting the king. Bush Sr. was telling the news medias that the king was a tyrannical leader, and that he needed to be defeated before he became a world dictator. The Americans were told lies, and they were made to feel that the king was a theat to near by countries. The PTB need to create excuses to justify their wars with those countries in order to rob them of their resources and to rob them of their ancient technologies ( to be used against the people of Earth, and to be used to fight wars to gain territories in outter space for profits against other aliens) that are still buried by the sands of time. Some ancient treasures are still hidden, and protected by the rightful owners of those countries brought there when the ancient aliens settled in those regions and mingled with it's people's, those tribes/clans. The Vatican believes it owns planet Earth, and ALL the people living on it too. I strongly disagree.

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