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by Silenci030310 on January 29th, 2013

The question must be asked: “who or what is the God of

Gods that is responsible for the entirety of all Creation,including

all the god’s that are involved in Human affairs,which created

them?” There are several aspects to the answer. First we must

understand that the god described in the scriptures of the

current religions,in fact,cannot be The Almighty! Why?First of

all,the multi-leveled answer to this question lies in answering

the first one. One of the most important aspects of the Almighty

is that it has NO gender! The reason people often refer to it as

“Father” is because the Earth is referred to as “Mother”. This is

a perfect example of the way the human race has always seen

things in a dual nature,although it is obvious that the Earth has

no gender but is referred to as “mother” due to the fact that it is

the source of life,man’s sustenance and is very beautiful. It is

the “nurturer”,hence the term “mother”. If anything,you would

think that the Almighty would be BOTH aspects,having created

species as male and female,however,this does not work

because the reason for the sexes is for procreation,and the

Almighty was not “created” but has “always been”.

Secondly,the Almighty has no need of worship. The

thought that an all creative force needs to be worshiped is to

imply that the very force that has created everything,has an

ego so fragile,that it needs to demand the blood of animals and

children as seen in the Old Testament and to have creation

constantly acknowledge that it is supreme through praise. There

are so many tales of the religions of today of “god” demanding

his “followers” to kill an enemy as well as every woman and

child with them,all to proclaim revenge for a people that did

not recognize this being as all mighty! To think with all the life

in the Universe,that the TRUE Almighty needs to invest so much

time and effort to slaughter and destroy so many people for any

reason on a small planet such as this one,is laughable.

The Almighty would create based on immutable laws,and

would certainly NOT vilify darkness. I have stated before that

the blackness of space is not only 95% of Creation as a whole,

but is filled with a super-natural amount of energy! Contrary

to popular religion,darkness seems to be the ultimate

substance in which the Almighty is able to exist everywhere at

once! Without this also being an immutable law,the light of

stars would never be seen and Creation would in fact,be

impossible to look at! So to say that darkness is a “bad” or

“evil” force is ridiculous. This again is another example of the

flawed concept of current religion,and one not shared by the

Ancients. On the contrary,we look at the Yin/Yang concept. So

many see this as a duality,a conflict,when in reality,there is a

very simple message here: both exist in harmony with the

other,and only in this is the circle made whole.

The Almighty exists in it’s essence at every level in all

dimensions. In this,the One is able to feed power and energy

into all Creation on all levels. The entity Enki and others,are

often depicted as having a ball of light above their head,

surrounded by what could be seen as horns,however,looking

closer,they are not horns,but are in fact the opening of the

Crown Chakra that enables these beings of higher dimensional

existence to exist in this material reality of the three

dimensions. The light seen above the Deity’s head is actually

their life-force,giving power and substance to their body

through the Kundalini. This is after their original bodies have

been discarded. This is the knowledge given by Enki in order

for mankind to move into the higher state of being,and thus

becoming “like the god’s”. Hence,the Almighty exists in all

dimensions. Science has the mathematics that prove that there

are 7 to 21 higher dimensions of reality in which life as is

known here would take on a far higher reality and power. In

essence,the Almighty IS the essence of all dimensions,existing

in this dimension as “Zero Point Energy” as is defined by

science today,yet not understood. Everything that exists on

every level is therefore rooted in the Almighty as its source. In

ancient China and Japan,it was and still is,understood as Feng

Shui,which is understood to be the unseen force that exists

everywhere and in all things. Scientists have recently shown

that “the Universe itself is intelligence”. That in itself is a good

step towards understanding the Almighty One. The Almighty

One does not need to speak;it IS the very life force of ALL. It

does not need to convince,it IS and that is all that it needs. The

One is seen in the silent majesty of that which it has created.

(Above is what scientists believe the blackness of space would

look like through an electron microscope- the Almighty,

feeding all of creation with life,referred to as “Zero-Point

Energy. It is also referred to by several scientists as “The God

Particle” This energy exists “in every molecule of matter,

down to the sub-atomic level”)

**See for more information on the God

Particle. **

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bardofhearts: Very good, I've also somewhat came to this conclusion

Ok now explain the relation between the five ordinary senses of human being and reality

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