ALL quite on the western front !

by kaleohrile on December 19th, 2016

Ok so i not seen any one online so thier are many things going on in the world that most of you wont know , you may ask why is ever one quite while humanity is riseing so their will be thing happening soon at a faster rate just watch ! have any qutestion feel free to ask !

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BamfOttO: all quite

It is odd. I found a radar of commercial flights, because I live near an U.S. airforce base and I am hesitant to state where I am but that is just so foolish. I live near Patrick airforce base near Melbourne, FL. I have seen and head at least 30 planes going west every 10 mins or so for over an hour. Some have lights, others not. Things are going down and no disrespect to the people on this site, but if you think your stupid alien history that is so fucking pointless cause humans have no fucking clue about human history longer than 200 years ago, is so silly. In the end it is all a distraction. While we sit and research aliens and conspiracy theories (me include until recently) we lose site of the big piture and the purpose of this site. Your community and those you are in physical connection with. Most Americans follow a dream that they have never truely seen any one live. The ones I know in my family that are cocidered to be the wealthest, truthfully there are a few, are the most depressed and confused. It is the happy workers that are the happiest, but wonder why they are unacceptted.

bluesbaby5050: Odd.....

All the history for over the past 200 years, and beyond are based on lies. If you know anything you would know this. Do some in depth research on this site, because it does cover so many topics, and the real truth of the human history is also on here too, for those people that actually do visit this site from all corners of this planet. I know this as a fact because, I do talk to them in this forum as well as in private, and most of them are well aware that the reality displayed daily is also fake. Most people are now awake and aware and not ignorant as you think.

kaleohrile: i know tho !

yes their are aware but thing are happening ever wear and 2017 will be good and other bad on so many level if your set truther and have been wakening up good that good for you , if not just be ready to help your friends and family and your community !

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