Robert Morningskies work on the Canus Kings and the Queens of Orion is on the Money, the attempt to carry out a business on Earth is sound and the responsibilities of the Rothchilds & Rockerfellers is also sound.

Morningsky was threatened so he is keeping his mouth shut, Alex Collier was also threatened so he too is laying low.

Bottomline, humanity is being managed as a Natural Resource by these Extraterrestrial Powers that come from Orion.
If you don't believe me listen to Douglas MacArthur.

General MacArthur is no Nut or Dreamer he was of sound mind and of sound Intellect.

Douglas MacArthur was one of the best-known American military leaders of World War II, when he commanded Allied forces in the southwest Pacific. MacArthur graduated first in his class from West Point Academy in 1903, then went to the Philippines and worked as an aide to his father, General Arthur MacArthur, Jr. He served with distinction in World War I, then returned to the Philippines as major general (1922-25) and commander of the Department of the Philippines (1928-30) before a mainland posting as Army chief of staff (1930-35). In 1935 he was again sent to the Philippines to organize defenses in preparation for their independence. In 1937 he retired from the Army rather than leave his Philippine project uncompleted, but he was recalled to active duty when it became clear that war with Japan was imminent. Overrun by Japanese forces at Bataan, MacArthur was ordered by President Franklin Roosevelt to withdraw to Australia. Before MacArthur and his family escaped, he made the famous vow, "I shall return." In 1942 he was made the supreme commander of Allied forces in the southwest Pacific and by 1945 had liberated the Philippines on the way to a planned invasion of Japan. MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945, then led the occupation forces in the reconstruction of Japan. After North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, MacArthur was put in charge of United Nations forces and successfully drove the invaders back. His enthusiasm for pushing on and attacking areas of China was not shared by President Harry Truman, who relieved MacArthur of his command in 1951. Still considered a national hero, MacArthur gave a famous address to Congress and retired. Flamboyant and confident, MacArthur has also been called arrogant and egotistical, but his amphibious campaigns in World War II and in Korea are considered brilliant examples of military strategy.

MacArthur is often cited as the source of the quote: "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." He said it in his speech before Congress, but prefaced the quote by saying that it was from one of the popular "barrack ballads" he had heard as a cadet at West Point.

MacArthur will tell you about the Extraterrestrials, the rest is History!.


Annunaki77: Embrace your Power

Embrace your Destiny.

Chris: Orion Group or Orion Empire

People be very careful of the Orion Group they are composed of Orion reptillians and reggressive humanoids in orion and annunaki races such as the niburian tribes and siriuis B humanoids and Rigel reptillians and Ciakar royal line reptillians and orion Snake Queens and sirian Queens from Siriuis B and Orion greys and zeta2 grey and reggressive pleadians and Alderbaran human races and reptillians races from Alderbaran star system in the Taurus Constellation and Ashtuar command and jehovah group Galactic Federation of Light cappelian reptillians from the starsystem cappella and reptillian races from Ursa Minor and Ursa Major Constellations and the from the Starsystem Chowta in the Ursa Minor Constellation and reptillian races from Betelgeuse Bellatrix starsystems in the Orion Constellation. The Orion Group is a Draconian controlled and manipulated regressive extraterrestrial political body that is specifically made up of eighteen different star systems within the Orion constellation.

Prominent members of this consortium are from Beta, Alpha and Gamma Orionis -- as well as groups who are from Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, who are strongly associated with it. The races consist of a mixture of reptilians, humans, hybrids and other species. The Orion Consortium (consisting of 19 different races from the Constellation of Orion along with the Draconians and Sirian B's) is directly involved with the manipulation of Humanity.

highplainssister: Stay away from us

I am scared of all these aliens that you mention, We need a silicon bomb to protect us especially if they use a Root.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Believe me I know the Jehovah

Believe me I know the Jehovah group well, those bastards tried to seize me during one of my other missions. I can't tell you how important it is to know your shit...

Jehovah loves to rule by fear and he will take anyone who he thinks he can, an try an bend them to his will. He is a nasty as they come, an all you need to do is look in the old testament (I'm not religious) but its right there for the world to see! How much of a prick this guy is.....

Chris: Cygnus Alphans

Hey Annunaki77 alex collier talks about a human race from Cygnus Alpha do you know any information about this humanoid galactic race alex collier doesent talk about very much do you have information on what they are like and alex collier also said they are a Benevolent group of et,s.

Annunaki77: Lyran Refugee's

Settlers from Lyra.

highplainssister: Sorry , a little too far

Sorry , a little too far over the hill,for that Roo t .,,, know what I mean

highplainssister: Mr. Roo

I'm talking about Root Doctors.

highplainssister: Tuscon, Arz.

Going on vacation soon, Know anybody got a tent they'd let me stay in.

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