Aliens and Spirituality (Starseeds are exiles from their home worlds)

by Chris on November 8th, 2014

I've been around starseeds and contactees quite a bit. I've noticed that at a certain point on the journey in finding out your a starseed or contactee like myself, that certain beliefs are then pushed on you by the beings who contact you. I never took to these belief systems since they seemed an awful lot like New Age from the 60s being reworked for the new millennium.

Some people believe there are only good ETs, but I know this to be false. I'm drawing from my personal experience of course. It seems that you have to be a certain way in order to be astarseed. When other starseeds find out I'm not a vegetarian nor do I give a hoot about the Earth, they then claim I can be a starseed. Starseeds are being told that they are here on Earth to perform a specific mission whose general idea is to heal some part of the Earth or humanity. If they really wanted to heal Earth or humanity, they could just do it with their vastly superior technology, right? I personally think that all starseeds are actually outcasts are social rejects, prisoners are whatever part of their society they wanted to remove. The idea is that aliens vastly outlive us and they know the soul is immortal, so to punish or remove someone they find unpleasant to say the least, they must erase their memories and trick them into thinking they are on a mission to save Earth. Even when a starseed remembers who they are, the aliens they last were, will return to contact that person and tell them they have a mission to keep them from wanting to return home. When a starseed like myself doesn't do this mission and completely reject the idea and finds out what actually happened, the aliens will go as far as to threaten violence to keep them trapped on Earth.

I know there is an equal and opposite side to this love and light crap and I'm at the extreme end here. I'm not sure if this is even the right category for this, but anyway, I'm sure I'll get the same anywhere on this site.

Now comes the good part. My observations about ETs and the kinds of spirituality they push. First of all those who admit to being starseeds except for one, believe in purging the ego and joining the universal mind. In my way of thinking this is the same as giving up control of my destiny and giving up my individuality to an alien hive mind. I might be exposing the basics behind the starseeds or the children of hippies who didn't grow up. All this love and light and a blind fear of the dark doesn't make any sense from the outside of their shrinking box.

If they are if fact in contact with aliens that are masquerading as light. Those people are being duped. The government never attacks these cults for one reason, because the darkest beings are actually creating this false security in a brighter bliss to hide the fact that they are planning to harvest those who have been duped into that life style. Vegetarians probably taste very good to those reptilians who mastermind this thing. The New Age Movement is the first stage, to create the ideas. The children born into the New Age Movement will be taught the lies that will leave them docile as new born lambs. Yummmm; I'm getting hungry just thinking about.

The Repitlian harvest can't be far off, at least for those who fell victim to the love and light crap and gave up their egos to serve a higher power which is an elusive force at best. Good shouldn't have a reason to hide, but clearly these forces have aren't anywhere when they need them.

Last thought for the night. If all those millions of starseeds were actually doing any good then why is the state of our liberties at an all time low? Answer this starseeds if you dare. If the world is being healed then why is the health of humanity, the ecosystems all over the planet, and the general decline in the health of all species continuing to plummit despite all those effort to meditate the problem s away?

Since I'm a starseed I'll answer the question myself. It's simply because we were duped into believing this planet matters to the ETs and that humanity has a future in the Galactic Community. It's because the only tool that will fix this planet is not meditation, but our vast numbers and resolve to create a better future. The polarity of light and dark is just a distraction to keep us from actually achieving anything and to keep us working forever for a goal that is beyond the scope of light and dark.

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pasqualie: I think this article misses some key points

One if you are thinking or wanting to be a starseed to some means to justify your life then you are are looking for some carrot to define yourself, which to some degree is not loving yourself unconditionally. Its about getting rid of the imaginary or artificial rules you have set up so you can feel good or be happy. Its why people try to cleanse the ego, because if you dont then it controls you through your emotions. And all it takes is someone to come along and push your buttons, and you are controlled if they can evoke an emotional response, or get you thinking about something else. Because it comes down to giving yourself approval or you are looking for it through some external means. This is the way the world operates, you try to look for love or significance outside yourself externally. Its a slippery slope because without realizng this in extreme cases it leads to alcohol and drugs to feel good, or in the really extreme cases where people feel powerless in some parts of the world, someone comes along and tells the person they can be significant and loved by God if they do and insane act of violence. In mild cases, it leads to other escapes like watching tv, or over eating, or going on shopping sprees.

So its really about control yourself and your emotions, or let someone else do it for you, Its quite simple, if you are not willing to fill your mind with things that empower you, then someone will gladly fill it for you to get you to do what they want to benefit them.

As for saving the world view, its a form of martyrdom or guilt complex being pushed i believe. If you can you should try but it should not be because you want to find some meaning in your life. Like in all things you should do what you love, and not do things out of need.

Also if you havent mastered yourself or your emotions, you are not going to be any good to the world, because its like saying I want to save someone from drowning but I dont know how to swim or have not mastered it myself. Work on yourself first, if life wants you to play some greater roll, it will come to you. Rather than try to teach or save someone, be the example first and master yourself. Other people my have other views and that is fine, I do not judge, but I know I have a ways to go yet so I am simply working on myself each day. In a large degree its about understanding and learning about yourself, and what makes you tick. And what sets you off, so you are no longer controlled by the conditioning you have absorbed from living on this planet. If you dont understand yourself, you will never understand anyone else. Just as if you do not love yourself, you cannot give love or recieve love from others.

As for love and light, its just about controlling how you feel and choosing to stay in a higher energy for your personal sanity. So its a choice stay be positive and happy because all your control is yourself, or you can choose to stay in the lower energies and choose to feel not so good. Its all you either way.

So change yourself first, be the example and you have done your part, because the world changes also by doing so. After you have changed yourself, and some other greater role comes then that is fine. But dont go searching for some greater role when you have not done your own inner work. All you control is yourself in this world. So purging the ego is not to join some universal mind, its to learn how to master yourself. If you are not aware of your own ego, then that means you are unaware of it and controlled by it, or you like it that way. Which is fine.

As for the reptilian harvest and other stories, i dont concern myself with it. It disempowers you and makes you go looking for some external even which may or may not happen. It floats the notion you are not in control of your life but at the mercy of some random external circumstance or event. Thats why these prophecies are dangerous, it keeps people waiting on something, and any work done internally is not done with geniune intent but out of fear. Which ends up being a block which they wont be able to overcome until they have release that control attachment of being attached to fear.

Thats my two cents on it, but everyone is free to have their own opinions.

pasqualie: Its the problem with New Age

People come into it wanting to save the world, when they have not even begun to understand themselves. It was distorted into this grandios scheme and conditioning the world uses to control people. A way to externalize self significance, when you will never find it unless you go inwards.

Its why you become aware of and cleanse the ego, because to a large degree we are all just milabs until we do. This world is just one big milab experiment whether you realize it or not.

pasqualie: but the problem of going inwards and cleansing the ego

some may find it boring, and it takes work, and alot of time.

so people may want to indulge in fantastical stories of et, or reptilian harvest rather than doing the internal work, because the ego finds it more interesting. And its a way to keep you off the path. These stories are fine and interesting, but what good is it to you if you do not understand yourself and who you are, and what makes you tick, so you can work on that. Or if you are in reaction all the time with emotions and thoughts, rather than observing or in control of yourself and your emotions. If you are just reading the stories and not doing your own inner work, its just a form of procrastination in my opinion.

psalm91: what kind of Starseeds are there

I would very much like to know what kinds there are what kind I am. I feel a strong connection to
Orion, but I am a peaceful kind caring of others, I am not greedy or selfish, and would like to know just where up there did I come from

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