Aliens and the effect of people's lives

by freedmftr88 on September 7th, 2018

What are signs if an alien has effected an individual's life ?
Could it be early obsessions with aliens in childhood and even their parents ( all separately ) ?
Able to spot something alien related in a store even if it's fictional like something as a carnival prize or ride ?
How about many dreams in childhood of alien abduction ?

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Logical Chaos: PTSD

I would say that some form of PTSD or phobia would be present. Some kind of feeling toward drawings/pictures of aliens that dont feel right.

Also, instants of missing time and really odd dreams could be a sign.

Tarheel: if ..

If that's the barometer LC, I'm an ibductee into the abduction club.

freedmftr88: Does it depend on the situation ?

On one hand I could agree what your saying if it was something like invasion for probing or some form of experimentation. But what about extraterrestrials in a positive situation ? For example spiritual gifts and abilities ? I've written a thread a week ago bringing up a theory of what if spiritual detentions and extraterrestrials are inner connected some how , if so then that would explain the existence of New Age UFO religions / cults .

Logical Chaos: More info....

Just wanted to add, there appears to be more signs. Ive been watching videos on YouTube and there is some trends Im seeing in alien abductees. Some things like missing time, getting emotional about missing time/fragmentmented memories, feelings of floating around bed time and having a phobia of falling could be related too. Also theres an aspect of "weirdness" to a person, like they are just strange overall in what they say and do. Not always the case but there seems to be a connection there. Also, some psychic abilities seems to be common from contact as well.

obsrvantlouie: So LC.....

You have been watching videos on youtube...would you care to share or vet the source of these videos and their credibility? Here is what I think you are doing.....

* referencing missing time and fragmented memories - this is a shot at people aware of the mandala effect.
* referencing feelings of floating around bed time - this is a shot at people who may be having an OOBE.
* referencing phobia of falling - same as above.
* referencing an aspect of weirdness to the person - what in the fuck does this mean?

I don't like Trolls.....I am not saying you are one.....yet. Your defense will show your colors.

Tarheel: I should have known....

I must be an abductee. People say Im weird all the time.

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