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    There is an extraterrestrial race, which Mr. Charles Hall called “Tall whites aliens”. This race is the origin of the stars near Arcturus.

    Some stand more than 8 feet tall, run 40 mph and live 800 years. They speak like a dog barking or a bird chirping, write similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics and have learned English quite easily. They have large blue eyes that wrap part way around their heads, small noses and tiny ears pressed tight to their scalps. Their thumbs are small with four long slender fingers. Their skin is completely white, like chalk.

    They all have thin, straight blond hair. Their hips are shaped liked ours, but they walk quite differently since they are used to a stronger gravity pull. They typically can be seen wearing aluminized chalk white jump suits resembling a canvas-like fabric with gloves of the same material and an open white motorcycle helmet.
    Although they are highly individualistic, one similar characteristic is they all have white chalky complexions – very white chalky complexions. For this reason, they have been called the Tall Whites.

    History abounds with White gods, or masters from the Heavens.

    It is more than just a coincidence that throughout history many cultures have had encounters with a White gods from the skies. The following is a list of some of the historical and or mythological events of inter-reaction with man and white gods from the heavens.

    South America – Viracochas are interpreted as the White Masters from the skies. They gave astronomy, building skills, the calendar and culture to the Incas.

    Mesopotamia – Ahura Mazda, meaning spirits of knowledge were described as “white spirits” that flew in a shiny disk.

    America – The Hopi Indians encountered the Bahana. Bahana means, “white brother” from the skies. The Bahana gave them spiritual understandings of a theosophical nature.

    India – Asura, has the meaning as the white gods of the wind. They gave understanding of ancient knowledge. Vishinu the third deity of the top godhead is to come back on a white horse. Ancient Vedas describe a pre-flood world, filled with aircraft called Vimnas engaged in aerial combat, missile launches, and descriptions of nuclear war with fallout and radioactivity.

    It is a highly developed civilization that came to Earth hundreds of thousand years ago and founded their own colony – people. In the myths and stories describe them as tall, slender people with white, as a plaster sculpture skin, blue eyes and white hair.

    In our days some people were lucky enough to meet with the “alien creators”. Here are some of the examples:

    “Miriam D. : I with my friends had decided to take a road trip to my home town. Suddenly in the sky appeared were big balls of light. And by that time the car filled with light from every direction. And these balls of light were sitting behind the car. I was scared. So I got out of the car. On the left I saw a larger craft that had two beings standing in this doorway. And they had blond hair – and I mean blond as in snow white hair – and the most brilliant blue, Mediterranean water blue, eyes that you’ve ever seen, and and they were like people. I walked onboard the craft and had a meeting, that lasted some time.
    They gave me warnings about possible futures in which the planet could potentially have destruction if we don’t going to a positive path of development. I remember they gave me at the time quite a lot of information. And a screen popped up. And the screen was actually quite large. Two or three feet high. And as I looked at the screen, there was information that came across it. And images.
    So, to make this story really short, they explained that they had a hand in creating mankind. That they were the helpers of this Earth to insure that… They were overseers, so that they would be here to watch over the Earth, to help man become more than what they currently are…” Read more

    The Earth they found during the search of habitable planets. They liked the Earth with all its diversity of flora and fauna, seas and oceans. And it was decided in any way, to found a colony. For them, due to the lack of pigmentation, the sun was fatal, so they decided against using genetic engineering to create humans adapted to the Earth conditions.

    “White aliens” have chosen from the variety of animals on the Earth are the most suitable for the experiment – the monkeys (chimpanzee and gorillas). They made several attempts to create humans. Their goal was the creation of man, whose body is the biological structure will be like earth animals, but the appearance and mind as “Creators”.
    Different races were created, to see which of them will take root better, with skin color from black to white. According to the structure of the body – we are animals of planet Earth, and all that separates us from the monkeys is from the creators.

    As on any planet where there is life, there is a special kind of animals, which evolve in intelligent creature. The Earth was no exception. In the time of dinosaurs over millions of years a one kind of reptiles evolved to the intelligent beings. They achieved technological progress, built cities, studied science, flew into space. The inhabitants of that civilization were HUMANOID REPTILIANS.

    They were tall, athletic, scaly skin like a snake, large on half face red eyes with a vertical pupil and a small comb from forehead and along the spine. Their cities were mainly located underground at depths of 2-8 kilometers. They did not agree with settling on the surface of the Earth a new sentient races. Between the “white gods” and the reptilian civilization was a WAR FOR THE EARTH, in which the planet had suffered multiple nuclear strikes.

    Wars for the Earth between the reptilians and the “white gods” were many, and the most ancient civilizations has preserved the memory of the battles in their culture.

    Especially a lot of mention of the wars is contained in the Mahabharata, the Indian epic:
    " Vimanas (flying ships) approached the Earth with incredible speed and released many arrows, glittering like gold, thousands of lightning ... Roar, published by them, was like thunder from thousands of drums …It was as if the elements had been unleashed. The sun spun round. Scorched by the incandescent heat of the weapon, the world reeled in fever. Elephants were set on fire by the heat and ran to and fro in a frenzy to seek protection from the terrible violence. The water boiled, the animals died, the enemy was mown down and the raging of the blaze made the trees collapse in rows as in a forest fire… Horses and war chariots were burnt up and the scene looked like the aftermath of a conflagration. Thousands of chariots were destroyed, then deep silence descended on the sea. The winds, began to blow and the earth grew bright. It was a terrible sight to see.The corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings. Never before have we seen such a ghastly weapon and never before have we heard of such a weapon…"

    Talking about the wars of the gods, and the myth of the battle of the Greek God Marduk with the dragon Tiamat, the struggle of the Slavic God Perun with the Snake king, and battle the ancient Egyptian God RA with the serpent of Apop.

    The war of aliens for the Earth

    All myths even said that the Snake was defeated in the war, expelled into the earth in his Kingdom. In our time, scientists have discovered many kilometers of underground tunnels and mines in all parts of the world. Some tunnels have walls made of an unknown material, perhaps covering the entrance to their cities.

    During the endless wars of "white gods" decided to leave the planet and return with more powerful weapons. Returning, they struck at Mars, thus showing their power. The civilization of reptilians was forced to reckon with the conditions of "white gods". The main condition was "not intervention" in the development of the people.

    The war of aliens for the Earth

    «Back in 2011 the scientist first postulated that the red colour on Mars could have been due to a naturally occurring thermonuclear explosion.
    'The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium - and this pattern radiates from a hot spot on Mars'.

    His research centres around the 'high concentration' of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere, and uranium and thorium on the surface, spotted by Nasa's Mars Odyssey spacecraft. Scientists have previously pointed about that the appearance of these elements is not surprising, as they are natural elements found every where. But Dr Brandenburg is adamant they are the remnants of two nuclear explosions on the surface.
    'Taken together, the data requires that the hypothesis of Mars as the site of an ancient planetary nuclear massacre, must now be considered.'
    Dr Brandenburg says his theory could explain the Fermi Paradox - namely why, if the universe is abundant with life, we haven't heard anything from anyone else yet. He warns, though, that we need to be fearful of an attack on our own planet, and should mount a manned mission to Mars to know what we're up against.
    'These stories and many variations of them present a view that our Solar System was the home of several nuclear battles raged between alien visitors and settlers,' he said»

    «In 1972, American station Mariner reached Mars. Circled Mars, the station has made 3000 pictures. 500 of them have been published in the popular press. On one of the pictures the world saw Earthlings dilapidated pyramid, whose top a mile and a sphinx with a human face. Photos are accompanied by comments — that it is likely to play of natural forces. The remaining 2500 NASA images classified, referring to the fact that they have to, ostensibly, to decipher. More than ten years, and in the popular press published photos of another sphinx and pyramids. In new images it was possible to clearly distinguish between the Sphinx, the pyramids and the remains of the huge wall of the rectangular building. In Sphinx, looking at the sky, his eyes rolled out and froze tear: Based on the remaining dried channels — in the past rivers, reaching a width of 50 kilometers — the biosphere on Mars in size and power is not inferior to the Earth's biosphere. What killed the Martian civilization?»

    atack mars

    From the Mahabharata, as quoted by Charles Berlitz (1972), is probably the best description of ancient atomic warfare one can find:

    "…(it was) a single projectile, charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as the thousand suns, rose in all its splendor… it was an unknown weapon, and iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas… the corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white… after a few hours all foodstuffs were infected… to escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment."

    The war of aliens for the Earth

    During the first Egyptian “pyramid war”, between Horus and Seth, Horus strikes:

    "…(and he) let loose against them a storm which they could neither see with their eyes, nor hear with their ears. It brought death to all of them in a single moment…" (Sitchin, 1985)

    This sounds to me like the gamma-ray and neutron pulse from a sub-kiloton nuclear weapon, which has no fireball and the nuclear The war of aliens for the Earthradiation extends far beyond the blast wave.
    There are many other clues regarding nuclear warfare. Childress discusses ancient atomic warfare, first Hattusas in Turkey where “parts of the city are vitrified, and the walls of rock are partly melted.” He then discusses Sodom and Gomorrah and compares them with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, Pakistan: David Davenport (1996), who spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro, declared in 1996 that the city was instantly destroyed 2,000 years bc. The city ruins reveal the explosion’s epicenter which measures 50 yards wide. At that location everything was crystallized, fused or melted. Sixty yards from the center the bricks were melted on one side indicating a blast… the horrible mysterious event of 4000 years ago was recorded in the Mahabharata.
    Sodom and Gomorrah

    According to that text: "white hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes. Water boiled… horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands… the corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings…"

    Libyan glass

    Libyan glass

    When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico, the desert sand turned to fused green glass. This fact, according to the magazine Free World, has given certain archaeologists a turn. They have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8,000 years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Recently, they reached another layer of fused green glass. It is well known that atomic detonations on or above a sandy desert will melt the silicon in the sand and turn the surface of the Earth into a sheet of glass. But if sheets of ancient desert glass can be found in various parts of the world, does it mean that atomic wars were fought in the ancient past or, at the very least, that atomic testing occurred in the dim ages of history?

    Libyan glass

    Pieces of Libyan Desert Glass weighing as much as 16 pounds are found in an oval area measuring approximately 130 by 53 kilometers. The clear-to-yellowish-green pieces are concentrated in sand-free corridors between north-south dune ridges.

    Libyan Desert Glass is found widely scattered over an area 130 km north to south by 53 km east to west.


    The war of aliens for the Earth, nuclear war Antiques

    Almost 170 terrestrial impact craters have been identified on our planet. These range in diameter from a few tens of meters up to about 300 km (186 miles). The impact craters featured on this list are relatively small and young making them easier to spot.

    Roter Kamm Crater

    Roter Kamm Crater

    Located in the Namib Desert, Namibia, the Roter Kamm crater is about 2.5 km (1.6 miles) in diameter and is 130 meters (400 feet) deep.

    Tenoumer Crater

    Tenoumer Crater

    Nearly a perfect circle, the Tenoumer Crater is 1.9 kilometers (1.2 miles) wide, and sports a rim 100 meters (330 feet) high. The crater is located in the western Sahara Desert, Mauritania.

    Lonar Crater Lake

    Lonar Crater Lake

    The Lonar Lake in Maharashtra. The saltwater lake that evolved in the resulting basaltic rock formation has a mean diameter of 1.2 kilometers (3,900 feet) and is about 137 meters (449 feet) below the crater rim. Numerous temples surround the lake, most of which are in ruins, except for a temple of Daityasudan, at the center of the Lonar town, which was built in honor of Vishnu’s victory over the giant Lonasur. The crater itself is a fun trek and the surrounding vegetation is a treat for birdwatchers.

    Monturaqui Crater

    Monturaqui Crater

    The Monturaqui Crater is located south of the Salar de Atacama in Chile. The present dimensions of the crater are approximately 460 meter (1,509 feet) in diameter by 34 meter (100 feet) deep.

    Tswaing Crater

    Tswaing Crater

    In the center of the crater is a small lake which is filled by a spring and rainwater. Stone tools from the stone age show that the crater was regularly visited by people in order to hunt and collect salt.

    Pingualuit Crater

    Pingualuit Crater
    Diameter crater rises 160 meters (520 feet) above the surrounding tundra and is 400 meter (1,300 feet) deep.
    Amguid Crater

    Amguid Crater
    Amguid Crater
    It is located in a remote area in southwestern Algeria. The perfectly circular meteorite impact crater is 450 meter (1476 feet) in diameter and 30 meter (100 feet) deep. The top of the rim is covered by blocks of sandstones that are several meters in diameter. The center of the crater is flat, and is filled by compacted eolian silts.

    Barringer Crater

    Barringer Crater

    Measuring about 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) in diameter and 170 meters (570 feet) deep, with a rim 45 meter higher on average than the surrounding plain, the crater lies near Flagstaff, Arizona.

    Interview with the reptilians Laserta

    (excerpt, Read more)

    "Question: Back to your and our own history. You’ve mentioned the race of the "Illojim" who have created our human race. From where did they come and how did they look like? What had exactly happened when they arrived? Are they our "God".
    Answer: The "Illojim" came from this universe, from the solar system you call "Aldebaran" in your maps. They were a very tall humanoid species whit usually blonde hairs and a very white skin (they avoided the sunlight, because it hurt their skin and their eyes. This was absolutely unbelievable for a sun-loving species like us).
    They seemed to be intelligent and peaceful at the beginning and we started a more or less friendly communication with them, but later they showed their real intentions and plans: they wanted to evolve the apes to a new breed and we were a disturbing factor for them on their new zoo planet. At first, they caught around 10,000 or maybe even 20,000 of your simian ancestors and they left the planet for some hundred years. When they returned, they brought your (now more human) ancestors back.
    Then they left Earth again for some thousands of years and the primitive pre-humans lived together with us without major problems (they were just afraid of our aircraft and technology). The "Illojim" had taught their mind and enhanced their brain and their body structure and they were now able to use tools and fire.

    The "Illojim" returned within 23,000 years seven times and accelerated the evolution speed of certain of your kind. You must understand that you are not the first human civilization on the planet.
    Well, after some centuries the aliens decided to extinct their first creation and they accelerated the evolution of a second and better test series and so on and so on. The truth is that your modern human civilization is not the first on this planet Earth but already the seventh.
    The last creation of the seventh breed - of your series - was done just 8,500 years ago and this is the only creation you can remember and to which your religious writings refer. You rely on archeological and paleonthological artifacts which show you a wrong and short past, but how should you know anything about the six civilizations before.
    There was a long war between us and the "Illojim". The last battles in this war were fought around 5,000 years ago in orbit and surface.
    The aliens used powerful sonic weapons to destroy our underground cities but on the other hand we were able to destroy many of their surface installations and bases in space. The humans of your series were very frightened when they observed our battles and they wrote it down in form of religious myths (their mind was not able to understand what was really going on.)
    Your current civilization doesn’t know anything about your real origin, about your real past, about your real world and universe and you know very little about us and our past."

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