Alien Contact Facts and Considerations

The following was taken from Val Valerians Matrix 2, my notes will be stated as (Note from LTP:...).

Alien Contact Facts and Considerations

There is something ‘spiritual’ going on as well as ‘extraterrestrial’ that is going on and there is some tie in there.
Some aliens are even extremely distantly related to some earth races. There is even some amount of alien-human interbreeding occurring even in recent times.
There are examples of aliens collecting flora, fauna, animal life and humans from the planet – both temporary and permanent abductions.
Various different aliens and alien entities are involved in transmitting helpful information to certain receptive or conditioned humans, including advanced physics and high technology oriented data, data about nuclear dangers and reactors, medical informations and techniques, agricultural data, geological and natural disaster related data, architectural and living technologies data, earth historical and social data, current and predictive political data, commerce and economic data, and spiritual and religiously related data. Some aliens are involved in transmitting damaging and hurtful information to certain humans, which is designed to deceive, manipulate, control, and further unknown and highly questionable alien objectives and motives.
There Appears to be Much Subtle Conditioning
That has helped prepare earth people for certain aliens, however it is now clear the aliens that have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies, as they do the abductions, lie, deceive, are generally malevolent, look like the aliens in the Close Encounters movie and in Strieber’s “Communion” book, and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and cross-breeding.
To complicate matters further, there are also aliens who appear somewhat similar to the ‘grays’ which are in league with the world’s secret government, but in fact are supposedly benevolent and ‘loving’ beings. So it may be difficult to tell who is who.
The other aliens, who look quite human, state Earthkind is not ready for their advanced technology, need spiritual development, and request unilateral nuclear disarmament by all earth governments. They may be in fact benevolent or they may be malevolent in deep cover.
…[T]he malevolent ‘grays’ have in league with them certain quite human appearing aliens which one may mistake for being benevolent. And we can count on the ‘grays’ use of them to generate mistaken identity and confusion amongst people as to who to trust.
The Most Spiritually Evolved Physical Human Aliens
Appear to be the ones that are from the Pleiades and who contacted Billy Meier in Switzerland over a period of many years.
The other supposedly ‘benevolent’ aliens are also, by their own claims connected with the Pleiadeans of the Billy Meier Case, but are not apparently as high in evolutionary grade, yet are definitely by all surface appearances, positive and benevolent in nature, and are the ones under the command of a very tall human-like alien called ‘Hatonn’.
This group or ‘confederation’ also includes another commander called ‘Ashtar’, and are apparently charged with possible earth human ‘evacuation’ in the event of an ‘armageddon’ situation developing on earth, as predicted in the Revelations of the new testament. This group also includes an individual by the name of ‘Esu Immanuel Jesus Sananda’, who claims to be the original ‘Jesus” of the bible returning to lift up (off the planet) the faithful at various points along the ‘tribulation’ period as indicated in the Revelations of the Bible. This lift off and this fellow Immanuel Jesus Sananda are clearly fitting into the biblical predictions, however, there are a few important items to note:
a) ‘Jesus Sananda’ is apparently a flesh and blood physical humanoid alien, albeit apparently operating in a ‘dimensional shift or two’ beyond our ‘dense’ physical.
b) ‘Hatonn’ is also flesh and blood being and is reportedly 9 feet tall. Definitely alien. They do not claim they are gods or angels, but also do not deny it either according to the popular ‘channeled’ or ‘transmitted’ information.
c) This whole group may be part of a split off group from the original so called ‘satanic’ entities who were resident in underground bases on earth and were creating, manipulating and ‘guiding’ multiple religious histories for two thousand years (according to Meier notes).
(Note from LTP: reading this part reminds me of this video I listened to not long ago where an ex-illuminati member spoke about meeting the anti-christ and another fellow who was extremely tall. I’m thinking this Sananda guy is the actual anti-christ and Hatonn the tall fellow she was talking about. I’ve included the video below. I also agree with note c above.)

Continuing on…

They are not malevolent now and it appears that both Sananda and Hatonn themselves for that matter were NOT ever part of this group, however, they are definitely being assisted by ex-malevolents (now supposedly benevolent) Ashtar and his group. ‘Ashtar’ according to the 1975 Meier transcripts is the new name for an individual originally named ‘Aruseak’. In fact the full name for Ashtar is ‘Ashtar Sheran’, and whom is cousin of ‘Kamagol’, the evil commander of the Earth underground based malevolent aliens.
Ashtar was in league with these malevolents until only 30 Years ago (Note from LTP: Matrix 2 was published in 1990), when he supposedly ‘defected’ from their ranks with a several thousand sized group of subleaders and others. The Meier Pleiadeans stated Ashtar and his group may have grown beyond their previous malevolence (seen the light) and have rejoined a long standing positive and benevolent ‘galactic confederation’. They are tasked with assisting Hatonn and Immanuel Jesus Sananda in their expected ‘rapture’ of ‘light worker’ on earth in the ‘end times’.
It is a strategy whereby the malevolent aliens are building a ‘faustian’ alliance with the secret government to enable them to effectively claim the earth for their own, with humanities unwitting consent, before any other aliens are able to effect appropriate contact within the constraints of so called ‘universal laws’ to which other alien races supposedly adhere.
It is the Malevolent Alien’s Intent to Ally
Earth peoples and governments to them so completely that humanity will unwittingly attempt to blame (and thereby reject) the ‘benevolent’ aliens for many many things, including AIDS, other plagues, elemental storms, earthquakes, and other disasters. These alleged alien actions will be explained as alien covert or overt earth invasion tactics, e.g. to reduce the population, disrupt normal commerce and life, and generally beat the earthlings down for subjugation and extinction…
…In the only English translation of the original Meier German language contact conversation transcripts that has been done, the editor (Wendell Stevens) has carefully and purposely excised all the most religiously and politically offending data, partly out of unconcealed disagreement with the data by the translators, and partly out of fearing for his life.
The actual original German notes also exist in transliteral English form which contain all the information, about sixty pages or so more, which represent the Pleiadian alien’s carefully laid out indictment of the malevolent alien’s intentions, history, evil doing, names, codewords and deeply rooted cultural and religious deception and control program.
Unfortunately, even some of the positive spiritual information is also edited out.
The Meier contact transcript translators felt inadequate to deal with all the religious and spiritual related data and so kept their noses clean by only attending to scientific, technical. . . information. Fortunately, diligent people can still get a hold of the original transliterals in English which are not edited.
…[W]e are boggled with the prospect that any alien encounter could uproot everything we as humanity hold to be sacred and stable. Under the surface however, the facts are far more shocking.
The Malevolent Aliens Say They Created Earth Religions
And religious figures.
The ‘benevolent’ aliens claim that the malevolent aliens did not create the original figures in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. but DID create, manipulate, warp, and control earth subsequently organized religions, but not for the purposes the malevolent aliens state.
The ‘malevolent’ aliens have claimed their total authorship of the religions as a means to inculcate humanity’s dependence and prospective allegiance to them and reverence of them. Their apparent behavior indicates an attempt to leverage that claimed authorship to their own benefit by placing themselves in the position of being ‘gods’ or ‘god’s divine messengers’.
The ‘benevolent’ Meier-related aliens make it exceedingly clear that the malevolent aliens created organized religions and controlled mass psychology for thousand of years, merely as a means for subjugating, controlling, manipulating and directing earth civilization’s perceptions, concepts and behaviors.
The benevolent aliens (Pleiadians) state the aliens from Orion Betelgeuse and their Gizeh Intelligences counterparts (the outpost control group) – also known as the Kamagol II group (Meier), are all effective allies in a [sic] very evil strategy to ‘take’ the earth for themselves. Some evidence supports the theory the malevolent aliens are using humanity as raw material for their effective rebirth as a thriving race – they claim to be from a dying planet and ‘need’ our help. Their intention actually is to subjugate and control humanity covertly, or otherwise overtly if necessary.
The Stated Intention of the ‘Benevolent’ Aliens
Is only to observe, assist certain especially suited and compliant earth people to become ‘prophets’ regarding the whole problem, support earth independent free-will-based spiritual evolution, execute the ‘evacuation’ of earth peoples in certain circumstances, and help to prevent planetary and possible subsequent interplanetary disaster.
The primary mission of the few ‘prophets’, whom the most important one is Meier according to the benevolent Pleiadians who work with him, is fundamentally to reveal the facts regarding the deeply rooted mass delusion of most religions as a mass control strategy implemented by the malevolent aliens, reveal the malevolent strategy and tactics, and prepare earth peoples to be able to have a choice in the matter of what aliens they ally themselves to, and finally to proffer to humanity the true spiritual wisdom that can effectively counteract the delusionary religions which have a virtually invincible grip upon the minds and hearts of most earth people.
Meier was chosen for this task because he apparently was in a position to be permitted to deal with these facts and this critical disclosure since he once himself in a previous life was one of the ‘evil ones’ himself and has since grown beyond that evil, is closely allied in friendship with the most positive and evolved aliens from the Pleiades, and wishes to make compassionate ‘amends’ for all of earth humanities sake, as well as for his own conscience.
Because of Meier’s supposedly special relationship to earth’s historical events, he was also tasked to bring forth the original, recently secretly discovered and retrieved (from the original burial place where Immanuel was placed after the crucifixion with the Pleaiadians direct assistance) the scripts of Immanuel, who is falsely called Jesus Christ according to these Pleiadians.
The Malevolent Aliens are Depending on Christian Adherence
And allegiance to Revelations end-time predictions, since that falls directly into their hands to be able to effectively counteract the greatest danger to the malevolent aliens – the real truth being told and listened to by intelligent people who are not completely controlled by religious delusions and rampant cynicism.
However, there is some contradictory statements being made by these different ‘positive’ aliens. On one hand the Meier Pleiadians state that Immanuel is Immanuel, and NOT Jesus or Christ or God. They further state that even the very words ‘Jesus’, ‘Christ’, and ‘God’ all hide within them the number (666) and vibration of death, destruction, evil, and eradication of the truth, and claim that the original ‘Immanuel’ agrees with this conclusion.

(Note from LTP: so I’ve never been into numerology and if anyone here knows numerology maybe you can follow my steps and tell me if I’m doing it right, but someone taught me how to take numbers out of words a long time ago. Here is my attempt:
J=10 e=5 s=19 u=21 s=19 C=3 h=8 r=18 i=9 s=19 t=20 G=7 o=15 d=4
First I added normally by word then I also added each word separately by digits just to see what we get:
74 and 29 77 and 41 26 and 17
Now I added each set of numbers separately by digits:
7+4= 11 and 2+9=11 7+7=14 and 4+1=5 2+6=8 and 1+7=8
Keep simplifying by digits:
1+1=2 and 1+1=2 1+4=5 and 5=5 8=8 and 8=8
First off, I found it odd that either way of adding the original numbers comes out to the same answer for all three sets.
2 and 2 5 and 5 8 and 8
Then I added those:
2+2=4 5+5=10 8+8=16
Add those:
Or you could do by digits again
And again we get the same answer no matter which way you add.
Then I went back to the double set numbers and only added the first number of each set together:
Take the original sum of the word numbers which is six and you take the answer right up above of three and you can see it as three 6’s or 666. Alternatively, you could take the original sum of the word numbers which is six and say Jesus Christ God are 3 words, so again 3, 6’s is 666. Just my system, I may be totally wrong but this is what I came up with.)

Continuing on…

On the other hand, the other non-Meier-related, self-proclaimed ‘Pleiadians” who are communicating through an individual named “Dharma’, are quite open and affirmative about calling this fellow ‘Esu Immanuel Sananda Jesus’ by the name of ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ (but not ‘God’). In fact they make full free use of these names.
There can only be one of two conclusions to this apparent contradiction…
a) The ‘Hatonn’ and ‘Sananda’ so-called Pleiadeans are clearly needful of having a recognizable reference point that can indicate to the ‘truly faithful’ that this fellow IS the right one, that is their ‘Jesus’ of the ‘second coming’. And so, they are stuck with the fact that these false names are the only stable and recognizable names for most earth people, regardless of the fact of the name’s inherent ‘evil’ vibration (according to the Meier related Pleiadians). It is a case of making do with what they’ve got – the false names have become the only effective means to reference who is who.
b) Alternatively, and more frighteningly, the Meier Pleiadians are telling us the truth and that only the deceptive malevolent aliens would use these names, and that Hatonn and this Sananda Character are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Given the apparently very valuable quality and quantity of information coming through ‘Dharma’, this would be a horror, especially since Sananda and Hatonn seem in all surface evaluated respects to be the real McCoy ‘benevolent’ aliens, and are the ‘leaders’.
(Note from LTP: or conclusion C both groups are malevolent trying to deceive or confuse us. Why do we have to pick one or other? Why can’t we be independent beings who can make our own choice on who, if any, to trust?)
The Meier Pleiadians also tell us that the Christian religion itself is the ‘666’ spoken of in the Revelations, and that an individual who is the ‘anti-christ’ is NOT ‘666’ and will attempt to unite the world in peace and there is ANOTHER fellow who will actually be the ‘666’ extremely malevolent Christian person.
Once again the plot thickens, and we have a confusion developing as to whether the ‘anti-christ’ is actually a ‘good guy’ trying to free Earthkind from ‘Christian’ religious slavery, or the ‘anti-christ’ is in fact the ‘bad guy’ and who may use Christianity as a deceptive deep cover for this ‘works’ or may not, depending on what provides the best cover.
These allegedly good aliens are expecting we should all be bible Revelations students and use the very unclear and cryptic and probably untrue biblical ‘predictions’ as the big ‘truth’ and ‘timetable’. Most truly spiritually developed people would probably rather take the slow boat than have to sit next to some ‘sing song’, arrogant, self-righteous, evangelical extremist on a Christian ‘rapture’ spaceship which may actually be a ‘food or slave harvest’ ship instead (Note from LTP: I have considered this same statement and am very apprehensive about just “following” anyone claiming to be God or God’s people. I feel that if the rapture is real and is by the “good guys” those who are in fact spiritual and God’s people, not the religious fakes who claim to love God, will know the real from the fake. My intuition tells me God will make himself known to his people when and if this happens and/or is necessary.). This is not to say there are no beautiful, devout, and genuinely spiritually growing Christians in the world, nor that ‘rapture’ is malevolent.
Meier could be a key person in the ultimate positive resolution of historical falsehoods of religion, and has and is being helped by the Pleiadians in this task, and the Pleiadians are only permitted to help him precisely because of his supposed integral personal relationship to past historical religious deception. (Note from LTP: Or maybe they only “help” through him because they know he is probably still and will always be evil and further their deception and evil plans? There have been others who’ve used religion to deceive many, why not “help” through them too? Why would “God” use only one person, who isn’t even confident in his own abilities to give this information in it’s entirely to humanity, when God can use many who are, and have been benevolent and are more than willing and prepared to spread the Truth. God has used many different people along with “Jesus” to spread the word, truth, love; why stop at one person here? Makes no sense… I don’t trust either “group”. If they want us to know the “truth” wouldn’t it make more sense to tell as many people as possible, as soon as possible?)
Therefore, in the pro-Meier scenario, the worst enemy of the malevolent aliens and their strategy are the Pleiadians and Meir and others like him who can clearly comprehend and cope with the extremely unpleasant truth in a manner that is constructive and communication mass media successful.
The Pleiadians themselves are not able, by virtue of adherence to certain ‘galactic laws’ of ‘restraint and non-interference’ in developing planetary cultures, to effect mass contact unless the populace of earth clearly requested and was ready for it, thus only Meier and a few others are in the position to effect greatest damage to the malevolent alien strategy. (Note from LTP: I would say a majority of us have been looking and requesting for answers, the truth, and if they are not allowed to interfere and won’t on a mass level, why at all, for wouldn’t that still be “interfering” and going against those same Universal Laws?)
The Malevolent Alien Purpose and Strategy
The malevolent aliens are actually the biological living and breathing devils and gargoyles of past history and myth, and possibly some of the angels and gods as well. There may also be malevolents who are human looking as well. These aliens have also constructed all the major ‘positive’ religions to control earth populace using an ostensibly ‘positive’ cover for their eventual return and re-assimilation into earth culture (or what’s left of it) as ‘divine beings’ and in all respects ‘superior overlords’ with ‘religious righteousness’ and ‘omnipotent highness.’
One of the saving graces in this situation is the fact that now the actual Immanuel original teachings and writings done while he was in physical form 2000 years ago, are now here and available to help reorient to the real truth all the religious people who will find themselves without an oar in a boat in a storm. Christian humanity will be hard pressed to want to abandon the only thing that has kept them full of hope in life – that is – their relationship to a ‘saviour’ unless they can still have their ‘cup filled with wine from the same cellar”.
The items in the ‘Dharma’ writings (1989)…include that the fellow ‘Immanuel Sananda’ (Jesus) states he is NOT able to “do it for people”, he is NOT their ‘saviour’ in the sense of being divine above the laws of creation itself. That is consistent with the Meier transcripts. Also included in the Dharma writings (1989) is the statements by Hatonn that honor Billy Meier and denounce his vocal detractors which claim he was a hoax. Why would these ‘Dharma’ connected aliens support Meier if indeed his connected alien’s statements clearly pull their plug? However, there unfortunately exists the grim possibility that these ‘Dharma’ connected aliens are such expert deceivers that they would purposely ‘support’ Meier to fool people into thinking that they are indeed the ‘good guys’.
It may be that because the original Meier transcripts have not really come to any significant light of day in English speaking countries (due to never being published in English) and that the ‘Dharma’ related aliens had no practical choice (or were therefore not worried about it) but to continue the usage of the inherently flawed, ‘negative’ names of ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ for purposes of effective identification. This possibility exonerates the Dharma connected alien folks, so long as the Meier transcripts continue to not see the light of day, which would cause great confusion for many because of the contradictions that would surface. However, it could be a great travesty to NOT publish the full Meier transcripts if indeed they are bona fide and the related aliens the most benevolent. If and when the Meier ‘unsanitized’ transcripts DO get widely published in English WITHOUT spurious fear driven and opinionated editing, then more people will have a very confusing situation on their hands.
With the malevolent aliens taking credit for the creation (overtly) and guided development (covertly from underground bases for 2000 years – main base approximately 1000 feet directly below the Pyramid of Gizeh) of religion (according to Meier aliens), and the end times predictions being (or playing into) the malevolent aliens central psychological control strategy, it is no wonder that when faced by these claims, that our secret government was effectively stumped, confused, and fearful about what to do.
We cannot safely say yet as to whether the malevolent aliens do include ‘Hatonn’s’ group and ‘Sananda Jesus” and the ‘Ashtars’ of the skies as their covert allies. Is it possible that these folks are not in reality a counterforce at all to the really malevolent aliens (grays and big noses and Gizeh intelligences), but are in fact a malevolent force that began its covert operations as apparent ‘positive and benevolent’ agents almost 30 years ago when Ashtar’s group ‘splintered off’ from the malevolent Kamagol underground group.
The ‘Dharma’ connected aliens may yet be found to be relatively positive and benevolent though, despite the sensibly derivable doubts that effect detailed here. In that case, it may be concluded that ‘Sananda’ is indeed the (reincarnated?) ‘beloved Immanuel’ (aka the original Jesus of the Bible before given that name by Paul long after Immanuel was gone). If that is the case it can then be concluded that the Dharma related aliens are not in fact that ‘alien’ but are our positive and benevolent spiritual ancestors whom we had better damn well start paying very good attention to now that they are here to physically ‘re-connect’ with and ‘assist’ humanity in the so called end of millennia transition period.
There is another possible logical and evidential bases, though, which can undermine the credibility of the ones called ‘Hatonn’ ‘Sananda’, and ‘Ashtar’ (but again there is still another loophole to alleviate this doubt as well). These three are ‘space brother’ aliens who were intimately connected in the Richard Miller Solar Cross transcripts that were remotely popularized in the book called ‘Star Wards’, published by the Solar Cross group in 1979.
That group, especially Richard Miller, their key person, apparently ‘disappeared’ shortly after 1981 when certain major horrific predictions regarding total earthquake devastation did not come to pass. The people remaining at the Solar Cross group headquarters in Middletown, California stated that Richard Miller had become involved in imprudent and ‘evil’ sexual activities and “ran away to avoid prosecution and the law”
The Solar Cross group may have been infiltrated by that point and Richard Miller got the hell out, and a secret government operative plant devised the sex story as a practical means of explaining Richard Miller’s disappearance, while continuing to ostensibly maintain the group to ascertain the extent of their adherents and information.
Now the problem is not that the predictions did not happen, but that the predictions were so completely vehement and inflexible, I was stated as a foregone conclusion that the massive quake WOULD happen no matter what, but it did NOT happen in fact. Now, this year, 1989, through Dharma, Hatonn (who in the Solar Cross group days was not the earthquake prediction maker – that was a fellow by the name of ‘Soltec’. Others in this grouping included Hatonn, Mon-ka, Lalur, Korton, Ashtar, Sutko, Katonis, etc) is making the very same doom and gloom predictions, albeit not the Lake Elsinore part, but definitely the part stating that California would soon be in rubble, sustaining a 10 point plus quake along the length of the San Andreas fault.
If it is NOT correct because these folks are full of bull or are sincere but just mistaken or are deceivers then spiritually developed people should not necessarily get too worked up or believe all the information and predictions coming forth from this Dharma person’s writings!
However, it is possible that BOTH are true, at least to some degree, by virtue of the fact that for some, they will become true, and for others who will be in a more positive global earth reality dimensional ‘split-off’ (no scientific basis here, only acknowledgement of possible hypotheses based in macroscopically applied quantum physics principles scientifically repeatedly verified over the last 50 years), these things will NOT come to pass.
In YOUR Reality the ‘Predictions’ May be Minimized
Or found UNTRUE and there will be NO need for rapture, NO nuclear holocaust, NO massive wipeout of mankind from AIDS type diseases, NO comet turning our skies red, NO second star coming into or appearing in our solar system, etc. In fact we could move into a ‘new age’ that is beautiful, loving and productive by the actions of those whose intelligence, compassion, and consciousness is determining that it BE that way. The entire fear inciting predictions may be part of a cover alien indoctrination operation designed to get people to BELIEVE and therefore CREATE them happening for unknown alien control purposes.
How Will the Dire Predictions NOT Occur?
First of all, don’t hold as oracle or absolute truth anything any alien says. Just because they have advanced technology does NOT mean they are spiritually developed any more than you, nor that they can know all possibilities of the future. They may have an agenda that fits their spiritual limitations.
Even if they were indeed slated to occur for masses of those adhering to the collective or consensus consciousness blueprint for the future, it could only be through personal productive and objective conscious choice and personal conscious spiritual dominion that they would NOT occur. We are talking about the power in each individual to decode for themselves, consciously, spiritually and honestly.
What IS clear is that if both can become true in at least two diverging global realities, is that RIGHT NOW (November 1989), and through to the end of the next decade, we are in a nexus of reality where they have NOT wholly split off yet and of course there is a CHOICE in the matter…
Those of us who would create a world where the biblical end-times ‘horrors’ will NOT happen are just getting heavy exposure to the collective or consensus consciousness blueprint adherents who are in compliance that the horrors WILL ALL HAPPEN, exactly according to the biblical schedule, aided by aliens who are in that same reality set.
Things are not destined to go the way of Hatonn’s 1989 predictions for everyone, but may indeed come to pass for many, if Hatonn and his aliens are real, and are accurate. If that is so, then it is important that the existence or REAL CHOICE in the matter be totally clarified, rather than once again like in 1981 be laid forth as absolute, inflexible, and foregone conclusion. There are lots of ‘if’s’ here, and it is expected that there is a high probability that this entire discourse is a flimsy house of cards. Regardless, quantum physics holds that human conscious expectation and choice and imagination can immensely impact what happens, and that there are options being broadcast and attempts to narrow the field of possibilities to singularities for humanity, based on the biased preferences of the alien broadcasters.
It is also important to therefore become conscious and determined about developing the requisite degree of personal spirituality such that you can be in the reality ‘set’ where these horrible worst case predictions become failed and forgotten predictions. It could be up to you, individually, to choose what ‘reality’ you want to believe, adhere to, and thus experience.
The malevolent aliens succeeded, at least initially, in the implementing of a grand deception for the purpose of taking root on the planet by receiving assistance from the secret government building bases in the U.S., obtaining biological supplies for their genetic experimentations (maybe to eventually produce a more human looking alien that will more easily ‘fit in’ on earth) by abducting humans and animals to help effect their genetic transformations.
The malevolent aliens may have set a monstrous strategy in motion, which originally began thousands of years ago, when all alien colonists mutually agreed to leave earth and its peoples to their own evolutionary development, but the malevolent aliens did in fact subvert that plan and established a number of very secret covert operations bases underground on earth, which exist and are operating to this present day.
The alien strategy’s primary fulcrum rest on the malevolent aliens’ ability to gain psychological control and allegiance of the majority of humanity as a populace before any benevolent or competing malevolent aliens have an opportunity to develop similar allegiances.
On this basis these evil aliens can effect 1) a covert subjugation of earth secret government, and 2) a mass overt colonization of earth with earth people’s consent before thinking humanity actually recognizes their fundamentally evil intentions and goals.
There are spiritual dynamics at work here that indicate that we don’t have to put our heads in the sand, but we also don’t need to buy the ‘line’ either. We can create and choose and generate a ‘line’ of reality and future that eliminates their influence as a concern.

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bluesbaby5050: The German Transcripts WERE Translated............

Into English while ON THE SPOT IN Billy Meier's own home at the time of his being interviewed, by a 2 men that did the translations. There was 1 set of German done, and 1 set in English done at the same time. There were actual witnesses present during every interview when they happened, so as to be sure that this was being done correctly. There were actual Video recordings done during those interviews too, in Billy Meier's home during those interviews, and these facts were not included in this report! I have watched those original videos from Billy Meier's interviews, and I saw the translators in the videos also. These facts were not included in this report above. Of course they are in English, Spanish, and other languages, and they have been recorded on video and shown repeatedly on YouTube for the world to view them. All of this was done exactly as Billy Meier requested this to be, OR HE WAS GOING TO REFUSE THE WHOLE ENTIRE INTERVIEW. All his interviews had to be done in this manner as Billy demanded them to be, and he made sure of this. And as for the " RAPTURE".... I personally would advise NOT to Follow into this Trickery, because this is exactly that. ( Nice Post)

bluesbaby5050: This is just a Reminder......

That the above thread of information was in the year of 1989 at the most, and this was 24 years ago. And none of that did happen. Like it stated in that post, There will be a "split off " of dimensions = Time Lines, for people according to what their frame of mind is, and where it's at during these critical years of 2014 -2015, because during the end of 2015 the dimension will become LOCKED into the dimension of peace, OR chaos, and war for some people. That what a persons thinks during those times is of the utmost importance. What your living, and thinking will be the reality people will be in. Many dimensions co-exists of many different realities all at the same time. And this is why time is only an illusion. It is a MAN-MADE creation to measure certain points for reference. Remember, events are always subject to change. We are individuals, and we have our own personal choices of what we want our future to be like, and the ones that mesh together for the betterment of all, will be the point where most of us will be located at/in. Religions will mess this up for people, and keep people held back in a False Ascension/Rapture, and the religious people won't like the outcome. Religions are a prison to keep people held back from progressing in their spiritual evolution, and this is all about the souls of woman, and men.

LoveTruthPeace: my mind keeps being blown...

Okay so the aliens are saying they "genetically manipulated us" and it seems to be this is what they are trying to do. But if this second video is correct, I'm thinking that after the days of Noah, the aliens/demons/fallen angels could no longer mix their genes with God's people's genes and create "hybrids" like they did in ancient times, because "God put enmity between" Satan/fallen angels and woman and between his offspring and the offspring of mankind. So Satan tries another tactic to create aliens (which remember are containers being controlled by him or his demons or evil entities) that look more and more human so that they can come on earth and pretend to be just like us and gain our allegiance, or the allegiance of certain individuals that have the power to be persuasive, and manipulate us and the outcome of things. While also continuing to possess others who are already living human beings but are susceptible to these things because of their weakness in God. Also was thinking while watching this video that the real '666' or 'beast' is not some entity or animal or anything physical per se, but just a metaphor for a "psychological machine" or in other words their grand psychological deception.

LoveTruthPeace: sorry for all the subsequent posts but I keep realizing things..

I was thinking maybe that is why our secret government won't fully come out with all the information or even aknowledge that there are UFOs or aliens. Because for one thing they are obviously already infiltrated by something demonic which is the same source which started this 'psychological beast' the aliens are using. But UFO's and aliens themselves are not real physical things they are holograms and again just containers. So how is our government going to come out and say "yes they are real" but then when we ask for the alien bodies they found in Roswell etc. or physical evidence it's going to prove to be a complete scam because they can't materialize anything acutally physical.

LoveTruthPeace: Wow this is reverse

Wow this is reverse psychology taken to the extreme. Make up a lie, pretend to not agree with it to spark curiousity in humanity and get us and our thought process going down that road while at the same time manipulating other areas, keep us in a state of suspence with no disclosure as to what is really what, also at the same time pretending not to be working with that group but are that group, make us think they are good to follow them and make the good guy look bad, then turn it all upside down. Also remembered in the video above, or maybe in the extended interview, where Carolyn Hamlett talks about how if you search on any search engine "ascended masters" that they often depict "Jesus" as looking closely to them (the other ascended masters or really fallen angels) so that when the real Jesus comes we will not recognize Him and when they bring their Jesus it will look like the typical Jesus picture you normally see but it will be the anti-christ. This also explains why they have us so focused on physical apperances as opposed to who a person really is in spirit. They've been training (brainwashing) us to think this way all along. Wow this whole 'beast' is a real mess, very intricate plan.

Tim Lovell: aliens arnt holograms, they

aliens arnt holograms, they are real physical enties and there are also non physical ones also , the government knows this.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, this is true Tim...........

Because I have had first hand experience with some of them. The honest ones don't have any reason to hide their true appearances. They come as they are. While others will not, and ask yourself why that would be so. I have even met the reptilians on the other side, in the astral plain, and they do disguise themselves their too. This is a long story, but a good one, and I might share this with you all later today, because I had learned something first hand from that experience, and I had to recover a few hours from that when I got back. My sharing this with you would be only so you would be very aware of what it is they can do.

Tim Lovell: I also have seen them , I

I also have seen them , I have seen the pleidians about 3 times in the physical and ufos flying right over head so I don't `need` to believe I know first hand anyway I am so far past believing I `KNOW` :)

bluesbaby5050: LOL ..... I Know what you mean :-)

A lot of people don't need convincing in this area now because....... Seeing IS Believing!

bluesbaby5050: I was never.........

Abducted. I was always asked first, and my oldest brother went with me on one occasion during a visitation we both shared. The visitations I had were pleasant, and not scary, or frightening at all. I KNOW WHO MY Star Families are. And some visitations were not family related, we just shared in some common interests, and we worked together to accomplish our goals. I am still in the process of working with them.

LoveTruthPeace: I have "seen" them also and

I have "seen" them also and had them "abduct" me before as well. I know they are not all fake I was saying that their spaceships are holograms or aircraft made by governments. Just because you see something does not make it "real". And just because some are real aliens, meaning physical, does not mean they are actually from outerspace or actual ET's, they are containers made with biologicals taken from humans and animals for negative entities to use and come onto this physical plane. Agian believe what you want and take from my posts as you want... the subsequent posts were my opinion and this seems to make the most sense to me as of right now.

Tim Lovell: yep everyone has their own

yep everyone has their own point of view, though the human type ETs are from other planets and do come here they are on our roads driving, on our beaches enjoying the sun.

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