Alex Jones FIGHTS with Piers Morgan on TV (video)must see!

by Tarheel on January 8th, 2013

Fiery confrontation ! Gun Control and NWO attack on Piers Morgan by A.J. \

I like AJs passion for the anti-gun control. The NWO attack made me laugh but it wasnt actually funny.

Check THIS out...

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Annunaki77: Good Work for Alex Jones

Alex Jones no Longer Fears the Cabal. He is doing what Heaven has decreed, Justice to Adamu.
He is fullfilling his Destiny. I am very Proud of Alex Jones and all who take the Torch of Liberty to all 4 corners of this Earth.

wmarkley: good clip

good clip, they will never get our guns, not without a fight, and they know it.

Terran resistance: alex jones did an excellent job

hes drawn attention to the subject, now it will be impossible to disarm america XD
he did exactly as I would have done, tactics, tactics, tactics!

Annunaki77: Alex Jones is a DIVINE INSTRUMENT

Sent forth by Heaven.

Quinton: Great stuff :)

I love it!

Tarheel: Piers Morgan is EXPOSED, and tried to look "in control".

Piers tried to take the high road and make Alex Jones look like he was a radical, but WE ALL KNOW who the good guy is and who the bad guys are.

CNN= Clown News Network
AJ rocks

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