Alex Collier on Soul Trap.

by Chris on February 16th, 2015

Q: There has been various discussions regarding what happens after death of the body. Apparently they say that the light is seen, and many sources have suggested that we go to that light. Have the Andromedans told you anything about this light? And suggestions as to what to do after we become disembodied?

A: As a matter of a fact that was one of the very first questions I asked as a kid about that. And significantly I had asked about it a lot after my mom had died. According to the Andromedans, what we know as the Van Allen belt in a higher frequency is basically a place where the souls go to be reprocessed. Now lets me explain that first before I tell you what they said we should do. Yes there is a tunnel of light, and essentially the souls that are on the Earth are constantly being brought back. They’re kind of being recycled. Now I realize that sounds a bit wacky, but the reality of it is; those souls that we know as ourselves are essentially being used to animate the body. It is the body that they are really interested in. But they themselves cannot animate the body. Only we can animate the body, you know the soul. So basically what they do is they shoot us back down into the bodies. It would be similar to bleaching, they erase our memories before we come in. And essentially I do not know the process on how they do that; but that is how they compared it to, and that is bleaching. They basically hit us with so much of a low frequency, that it erases much of our genetic memory.

Q: Sort of like reformatting a hard drive almost.

A: Exactly. Now what they said we should do: The Andromedan perspective is that instead of going up into the hole, what we all should do is turn around and look behind us. Because according to them if we could do that we would not be recycled and we could literally take ourselves out of the Earth’s reincarnational cycle. And we could see the entire universe, and we could go anywhere we wanted to go. Now the soul can travel anywhere in an instant. Their impression is, is if we did that as souls, we would instinctively know exactly where to go because that’s where we came from. To add to that in their situation where the soul passes over and comes back, where the soul comes back and reincarnates back into their physical form, it’s a matter of choice. Now they also have a choice not to reincarnates back into that society because they don’t have the white tunnel. They can choose to leave, or they can choose to wait and come back, to choose a physical form. But they come back with their full memory. So lifetime after lifetime they are fully conscious of the lessons they learned in the lifetime before, and who they were in the lifetime before. Therefore that is what they call the Law of Consistency. Every lifetime the soul evolves, it never has to start all over. And this is why many societies and civilizations are far more evolved then we are. Technologically we are evolving quite rapidly but on a soul level we are stuck big-time.

Q: How does it bring into when you are saying to turn away from the light when in the video (Dallas Workshop) you mentioned that on all the planets that at 19.5 degrees North and South latitude they have structures that are, if I remember correctly a direct antipode to who we are as spiritual beings and is designed to keep us with in this solar system?

A: That’s correct and it is an electric light it’s like a fence. I do understand that that’s a contradiction. I acknowledge that that is a contradiction and I honestly do not know how to address that question. That is a question that I have had and it’s not really been answered yet to be honest with you. That was really smart of you to put that together.

At the end of the tunnel is light. It is a reprocessing center whereby our memories are wiped clean. Because we only have 2 strands of DNA in our current genetic makeup, we do not have the cellular memory to recall past lives. At the moment of transition we will have the choice to go into the tunnel toward the light, or to look behind and see the whole Universe. If we decide not to go into the light then we will go home. We will be off the reincarnational cycle of Earth. Also at the moment of transition you are not sucked up like a vacuum. You will come to a place where you go into the tunnel towards the light or to look behind you to the whole Universe. If you make the decision to go home, and tell yourself you want to go home, then you will go to the density and planet from where you originally came from before you got stuck in the reincarnational cycle of Earth. You always have a choice.

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