Alex Collier Latest – Update Letter 2 – November 2014

by bluesbaby5050 on November 18th, 2014

Alex Collier Latest – Update Letter 2 – November 2014. We have received a new message from Alex Collier regarding what is happening in the world right now… Alex Collier, I want to expand if I may on my last letter to you all, and share more of my prospective on what’s going on around Earth. And there appears to be quite a bit. However, is it all on purpose? Or is it really just so corrupt that it’s falling apart on the weight of its own deceit. It’s probably a combination of both. In politics nothing happens by accident. I would like to say that in no way is this situation hopeless, or incurable. Of coarse if we the people of Earth had been or were more self reliant and protective of our liberties and managed the national governments we most likely would not be in this position. But regardless here we are. So how bad are we going to let this get? Is everything so bad that the PTB only solution is to remove 2/3 of the population? No. Not even close. And why would we ever buy into such bullshit? Take for example the Earth’s space fleet. It’s international in scope. It required the talents and resources of the whole planet to pull it together. The planning and building of such crafts. The reverse and engineering of the technology to make any of them get off the ground is nothing short of remarkable. The training of different types of astronauts’. The training to live in space. The new medical processes needed to maintain health in space, healing, operating, etc. The propulsion systems and fuel needed to generate space travel. Hyper dimensional travel and its affects on the body and the mind, the type of food that will grow in space and or zero gravity, the logistics of just about everything that would be needed to sustain a daily routine apart from Earth. The protocols’ needed in approaching a planet, the science and geology of planetary systems and of coarse the protocols’ of contact in space with other races. Entirely new sciences, logistics, engineering, training, spirituality, genetic sciences, etc, were all created in the last 75 years and almost entirely done in secret. This is the most remarkable achievement of mankind in the last 9,000 years. And we were not invited to the party. Why? Simply put, Rogue groups of ET’s are using Earth as a base and everything on it and in it as a natural resource. I have shared this before. If we are capable of creating this completely new off world paradigm in just 75 years, why is the surface of the planet so screwed up? Because the PTB want it this way. They want us distracted, and in a powerless position, because they fear our true power. They are doing everything they can to convince us all that we cannot manage or govern ourselves. So that when the day comes to ask and or insist that we as a planetary races surrender our freewill and sovereignty, we will have been beaten down into submission, by our governments, religions and environmentalists that are blaming humanity and that we are a plight, a mistake, and sinners in their kingdom. This position of there’s, is of coarse all bullshit. These groups have lied, murdered, and destroyed our history as much as they could from us; they have committed treason against all of humanity both past, present and the future of us, for power and control. They could at anytime have come clean and changed how we all view ourselves. They could have instilled a pride and pioneer spirit that would have renewed our ability to believe and empower every single human being on this planet. But they haven’t. I say that’s enough. We can believe next to nothing of what we are being told by the corporate media. They are willing and naïve pawns in this game to claim earth away from us. It’s coming. But, only if we let them. Almost everyone now see’s the contrast, of what they don’t want and are really beginning to think about what they do want. In other words the automatic pilot is coming off and people are waking up. This is truly an exciting time to be alive. So, why all the secrecy? Why the erasing of history? Why the lack of true spiritual teaching? Simply put they the PTB (ET included) do not want us empowered. They want our frequency vibrating at a low level, so we can be managed. Why the full court press at this time? Because in the next several years, we will be entering and crossing the Plasma field of the Galactic plane. I would encourage you to research this. Many very talented and wise speakers are out there sharing this info. It’s nothing short of a spiritual and holographic dimensional Paradigm shift. This is why the PAATAL are here. They this collective group of conscious beings have incarnated here to hold and guide us back to the frequency of love though all of this upheaval we are about to experience. That’s their job. To hold the vibration of love. You see when the regressive ET’s quietly invaded they began to shift our planets vibration. Because of their own deep intense dominate and control consciousness, they changed everything on the surface over thousands of years. We would have had a different future and present had they not invaded. But that’s another story. The Paatal are here to put us back on track and it is working. Do you again see the contrast that is all around you? Its rather amazing when you start to really see it and empower yourself to change from what is, to what you really want. It’s not about power. Never was. It’s about being who you are and being supported by the spiritual power of “ALL THAT IS” to support you in becoming who you are. A generator of dimensions. Do you recall my sharing about being in nature? Nature doesn’t lie. It’s steady, quiet and very grounding. I don’t mean that you have to become Grizzly Adams or Daniel Boone. Just take a little time to quiet your mind and body, and feel your own frequency. Allow yourself to remember what self love feels like. Your body will remember. Just give it a chance. I have all the faith in the world in you. Freedom to unconditional be responsible for oneself, without being coerced to accept some higher authority. You are already what you have been searching for. Love to you all. I will send another letter soon, Alex To those few who have helped me ,You forever have my thanks and gratitude. Bless you and those you love. - See more at:

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This is a RE-POST to explain to the forum just what the PAATAL is, because Alex Collier does mention the PAATAL in his most recent message to all of Humanity for November - 2014. A MESSAGE FROM THE PAATAL, 12TH DENSITY COUNCIL OF THE ANCIENTS JUNE 2011.
by Annunaki77 on June 22nd, 2011.

I have recieved a message from the 12th Density Paatal Council, I am greatly honored.
Here is yet another message from the founders, creators of Lyran Civilization.

Your Human Bodies are an incredible marvel of Biological Genetic Manipulation and Genetic Royalty of many Alien Races, this is the Humanoid Body of the Gods, beware and dread to those who seek to manage Humanity like a Resource. Beware NWo, beware because the Ancient Spirits of Eternity has a sacred Pact with the Creations called Humanity . Humanity is evolving and their bodies are evolving and becoming stronger, their Minds and their Awareness is also becoming stronger.

Many of our kind has fallen back into the Concept of Time, many of us are of the Group Mind of an Ancient Race you would consider Extinct, but yet we exist, we have seen all and known all for Trillions of Years we have been and are the Founders of a Species you spurn with your Arrogance and utter ignorance and contempt for Life.

Humanity is to be left alone , Humanity is to be Mentored by a Wise Race, the Andromedans will take this task of Mentorship for Humanity, it is a Wise Decision and a Noble Task from the Andromedan Council.

Being taught the ways of Benevolant Concepts is what the Humans need to make it to the Next Level of Love and Eternal Awareness. Technology is worhless when Humanity has no Concept or is Ignorant in the Ways of Spirituality and is unaware of the Eternal Self Being , the Light of their Souls and the fact that they live in a Holographic Universe and that their Universe will change because nothing ever stands the same. Enviroments change, Cycles change, Planets change, Star Systems change, Galaxies change, Multi- Universes change, everything changes.
Your Journey will change, Lifetime after Lifetime.

Your Lives are extremely brief so don't bother accumulating Material Assets and miss out on the opportunity of Spiritual Growth. Gather the knowledge of Spiritual Growth and understand that helping others on your Holographic Planet is what is most important. The Love you withold will be the Hurt and Pain you will Carry Lifetime after Lifetime eternal Humans.
Love Humanity, do not consider your Species a Parasite or Scourge that must be destroyed, this is Evil Hive Minded Alien Grey thinking, this is not Human Collective thinking.
Protect Humanity with all that you are because there is no need to feel Fear, Fear is an obstacle that will screw up your progress so put fear aside and embrace Love and Understanding.

Unleash your Inner God, unleash your inner Creativity , call fourth your Dreams, unleash the Impossible!, make the Impossible , Possible, Create a Planetary Republic like no other.
Create a Global Republic that will make Humanity Colonize other Star Systems.

Call fourth New Levels of thinking, call fourth the Power of the Ancient Patal.
You Humans are Horrifyingly Awsome, show the Malevolant Horde of Reptilian Scum what you can do!, call fourth your God Like Powers, Create New Domains of Knowing, call fourth your Divine Right to Exist. Nothing can stop you when you believe in yourselves. Absolutely Nothing become Heroes like the Ones you read about in your Comic Books. Make your will reality, make Humanity Free and Independant, make Humanity Awsome Once Again!.

The Ancient One has Spoken. By Annunaki77.

Tim Lovell: were the Patall not the

were the Patall not the founders? who setup the star gateway portals ?

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