Alex Collier Celebrity contactee links New World Order to Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

by Chris on March 20th, 2012

Numerous pieces of evidence affirm that alien spacecraft in the form of so-called "Unidentified Flying Objects" or UFOs have visited Earth, and continue to visit Earth.

These include many accounts of alien abductions by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Yet, most people, when confronted with such reports, dismiss them, as the rantings of lunatics. These people then pursue their day-to-day "business of living", without critically considering evidence of invasive alien visitations to our planet Earth.

The very possibility that Manipulative Extraterrestrials may, in fact, be socially engineering the plight of humanity reported in the mass-media and on the internet, does not cross the mind of such people. This plight of humanity includes poverty, homelessness and other social injustice, violent crime, genocide, environmental destruction, racisms, and perpetrated wars.

By arguably the great majority of most people, at least in Western Civilization (and Westernized parts of the Globe), why is there an automatic "disbelief" about any reports of Extraterrestrial visitations on Earth? Meanwhile, the more substantive question, does not pivot on whether or not to have "belief" in the existence of Extraterrestrial visitations.

From a scientific standpoint, the pivotal question on Extraterrestrial reality is what exists. Indeed, whether one chooses to believe in it or not, there is numerous documented evidence and accounts by credible witnesses and contactees. A "belief system", aside from operating as a substitution for the pursuit of critical knowledge, can also be viewed to arise from an expectation context.

For example, if you grew up in the Arctic Circle, without having seen a black or grey/brown-colored bear, without having access to media like television, you might "believe" or expect that all bears are white, like polar bears.

Alex Collier, a celebrity contactee of alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials, provides corresponding insight on why there exists "human disbelief" of UFOs.

According to Alex Collier, Manipulative Extraterrestrials were brought into contact with Earthbound humans, by an apparently tiny clique power hungry humans, who were apparently dissatisfied by the Earthly paradise outside of their control, that humans had created. Through technology this clique of humans caused a breach in the time-space continuum which allowed Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter our universe.

As a result, according to Alex Collier, all of human history was changed.

The Einstein-Rosen bridge connects two different universes.

Einstein believed that any rocket that entered the bridge would be crushed,

thereby making communication between these two universes impossible.

However, more recent calculations show that travel through the bridge might be very difficult,

but perhaps possible.

Human "disbelief" of Extraterrestrial reality could be viewed to be some kind of lag in the human psyche between what "was", and what "is". Manipulative aliens therefore were "not supposed" to have visited Earth, and are not supposed to be continuing to visit Earth, but because of an alleged time-space breach, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have visited Earth, and continue to visit Earth.

The "belief" or expectation context of the human psyche, may very well have not "caught-up" to the reality on an alleged time-space breach, pursuant to Alex Collier's claims. If Alex Collier claims are true, a tiny clique of humans in a "former" 1931, of a parallel time-space, were responsible for creating this "New World" of oppression and exploitation, that Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their human worshippers could "reign over" for their ego.

Alex Collier suggests that oppression and associated exploitation, was "scripted" into the creation of this time-space, as an alternative reality.

An apparent Earthly Paradise in humanity's alleged "native time-space continuum" was to be transformed into an anti-Paradise. Regressive human agents and their alleged Manipulative alien allies, allegedly sought to create a new time space continuum, to undermine and to subjugate human free will, through vectors of what the late comedian George Carlin referred to as, "guilt, fear and shame".

Information about the ancient Gnostics documented by John Lash in explores how regressive aliens that they identified as "Archon", sought to use organized religion in our alleged alternative time line, to instigate a context of "guilt, fear and shame", that could be used to politically control "the masses".

This tactic includes scripting in religion, areas of sexuality as being a "sin", because tantric sexual energy generated from humans subverted the a context of negative-thought energy archons apparently feed on.

Alex Collier says Nazi scientists, in a former (original) "parallel Earth" (relative to the altered Earth in this space-time continuum) let Manipulative Extraterrestrials "through a rip in time."

Because of their ability to time travel, it looks like they have been here thousands of years - they can go backwards in time. If you can go backwards in time you can literally alter the consciousness of any race. You can alter any event. That's exactly what they have done...

-- Alex Collier in "Chapter 1: The Extraterrestrial Global Connection"

According to Alex Collier, Nazis through time-travel experimentation, allowing Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter Earthbound human reality from a lower dimensional plane. The result of this alleged facilitated alien intrusion by Nazis in humanity's "native reality" was Manipulative Extraterrestrial temporal manipulation of human history. Mr. Collier further indicates from his alleged contact with Ethical Extraterrestrials that, "I know that there are parallel realities, and I know that several parallel realities concerning Earth are already in existence on higher octaves above us..."

Einstein also theorized on the existence of parallel universes. Fred Alan Wolf, in Parallel Universes raised the specific question, "What is a parallel universe?"

He then elaborates:

Like an everyday universe it is a region of space and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and living beings. In other words, a parallel universe is similar and possibly even a duplicate of our own universe.

Not only in a parallel universe must there be other human beings, but these may be human beings who are exact duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through mechanisms only explainable using quantum physics concepts. .

Alex Collier suggests that ancient atrocities in our human history, including those associated with organized religion throughout human history, and various spawned wars, were inspired by regressive aliens in association with their alleged "Nazi stargate" human allies, that could travel back and forward in linear time from a different 1931, in humanity's "native reality".

The 1931 that is documented in our history was allegedly re-manifested by an alleged human alliance with regressive aliens that had the capacity to go back millions of years in linear time, to socially engineer different Earth, in an entirely manipulated reality.

In the process, such regressive aliens allegedly sought to manipulate human consciousness through trans-temporal eugenic social engineering.

Illustration from A. Cellarius, Harmonia Macrocosma, 1660.


Alex Collier also alleges genetic manipulation by human allies who are in league the regressive aliens, allegedly seek to control and prey on humanity like shepherds over sheep. Collier suggests that this was to be accomplished through their manipulation of this plane of space-time-thought, as a contrived parallel universe.

John Lash's critically documents the ancient Gnostics as having apparently encountered Collier's alleged Nazi escorted time traveling Manipulative Extraterrestrials into the past of humanity's linear timeline. Gnostics document "Archons" as an inorganic "artificial man" that traveled back in time to use their technological capability to simulate reality as a sophisticated artificial intelligence, and to re-create our solar system, in their own mechanistic image.

Earth, along with its biosphere became trapped into an archon simulated solar system, metaphorically like an insect in a spider's web:

Overseen by Yaldabaoth [the "impostor God" that Gnostics allege regressive aliens inspired in the development of Earthly organized religions] the Archons now proceed to fabricate the planetary system from the inorganic elements of which them themselves are composed. As they have no intentionality (ennoia) and no creative capacity (epinoia) of their own, they can only do this by imitation.

The Apocryphon of John (II, 10, 24-25) describes how the Lord Archon "produced for himself cyclic worlds (orbiting bodies) from the luminous spark that still shines in the sky." Thus, he draws upon the vortex power of the central star, the newborn Sun, to organize the matter swirling in the proto-planetary disk.

Yaldabaoth originates nothing, however. He can only copy the model of the Pleroma, without even knowing that he does so...

The Promise of A Lonely Planet - The Shishta - Call to Co-emergence

In the process of simulating reality, time traveling Archons could then illicit humans to worship them, as either emissaries of a God or as gods.

The Gnostics suggest that colluding Manipulative Aliens and Nazi identified by Alex Collier, literally trapped the organic biosphere of Earth, into an inorganic "region" of time-space. Gnostics view Earth as having been trapped into a plastic copy of planetary constellations in the organic reality, and that humanity allegedly originates in an alleged "native reality".

John Lash, and other researchers on alien reality, like Richard Hoagland suggest the apparently "lifeless" planets and moons of our solar systems are actually under the control of sub surface regressive aliens. Additionally, Mr. Hoagland documents evidence of alien artifacts on Mars and the Moon, that are linked to structures on Earth, and that have been created with apparently obsessive geometric symmetry consistent with the "artificial man" cited by Gnostics.

A composite of John Lash's research, and of Alex Collier's testimony, suggests that the entire solar system that includes planets like Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury, and Earth's Moon, that our biosphere has been allegedly "trapped" in metaphorically, like a operating "spiders web", has been simulated by a mechanical consciousness of inorganic regressive aliens.

The Archons relative to humanity's own "native reality" could be viewed to originate from some kind of "parallel" "anti-universe", ruled by an demonic aspiring imitator of "God" or "Lord Archon" of "pure ego", that pursues a rivalry with the true cosmic God of humanity's native organic reality.

John Lash documents these Gnostic insights in

Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, "counterfeit spirit." (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.)

The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term hal, "simulation." The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern.

Typically, the Archontic framework of the planetary system has been depicted by "armillary bands" that surround the Earth. Taken in many esoteric systems (Hermetics and Rosicrucianism) as the preeminent image of cosmic harmony, the model of the planetary spheres reflects a mindless imitation of divine design, not the living reality of the cosmos.

Yaldabaoth, the presumed all-mighty creator God, really creates nothing; instead, he copies from "archetypal" patterns in the Pleroma.

The planetary stereoma of his making is like a plastic copy of an abalone shell. Only someone who does not know the reality of the abalone shell, and what living miracle of nature is required to produce it, would accept the plastic substitution. Here again, the cosmic-noetic parallel applies: Archons simulate in the cosmos at large, and they also simulate in the human mind.

This is a key indication of their effect, a clue to their subtle intrusion tactics.

Alex Collier further alleges that over 100 billion human beings exist in separated region of thought-time-space, that our own Earth has been separated from, under the predatory manipulation of regressive aliens, with alleged support from Nazi stargate architects.

Dr. Michael Salla documents alleged attempts by some of these human looking beings from a different time-space-continuum, as also visiting Earth as representatives of a "celestial peace corps", under the watchful eye of what Gnostics referred to as "Archons", with their human allies.

Gnostics further observed that the Archons' frustration with lacking the creative capabilities of a "divine soul", has led them to pursue genetic experiments that seek to assimilate organic life into their purely ego-driven cyborg-like mechanical consciousness.

The main cosmological texts in the NHL (Nag Hammadi Library), On the Origin of the World, The Hypostasis of the Archons, and The Apocryphon of John, are consistent in describing how the solar system arises as an inorganic simulation of the living pattern of the eternal Aeons.

Here is further insight into "the generation of error." One might be excused (but just barely) for mistaking plastic for pearl, but it would be terrible ignorance indeed to be unaware that it takes an entire ocean and a living, symbiotic biosphere to produce a pearl. Yet such is the ignorance of the Archons that they cannot comprehend the living miracle of divine order, rooted in the Pleroma, even when they are imitating it.

The "stereoma" of the Archons is truly a grandiose accomplishment, rather like the many-roomed Venetian palace of a Mafia don afflicted with religious grandiosity and a militaristic sense of the command chain:

Now the prime parent (archigenetor), the master breeder of the Archons, since he commanded vast orbiting worlds, produced heavens for each of his offspring... beautiful dwellings, and in each heaven Yaldabaoth produced glorious decor, seven times excellent: thrones and mansions and temples, and also chariots and celestial virgins... consigning to each one its own heaven-like realm, and providing them with mighty armies of gods and commanders and messengers and overseers, in countless myriads, so that they might all serve and be served.

On the Origin of the World, 19.

Readers familiar with the archetypal psychology of C. G. Jung will recognize in this passage all the elements of the heaven archetype common to the mainstream religions:

heavenly mansions

celestial armies

cloud chariots

virgins on order

choirs of angels arranged with military precision

The stereoma is loaded with spiritual kitsch. If anyone needs evidence of how the Archons can infect human imagination, here it is, seven times excellent.

Simulated Order - Jehovah - Yaldabaoth

It may come as a shock that so much of what human beings have imagined as heaven is an Archontic fantasy, or would be so regarded by Gnostics. It is rather as if our idea of heaven (the realm of the Afterlife) were based on a Disney theme park. There is indeed something Disneyesque about the Archons, and there is in turn something distinctly Archontic about the Disneyfication of our world.

There is at least one pivotal implication of this time-space continuum having been allegedly created through Nazi "stargate" intervention that sought the support of regressive time-traveling aliens in a joint bid to create a "New World Order" fantasy in their own image for prospective control, and conquest.

Our current time-space as a broadly scripted continuum, is "doomed", unless humanity wakes itself up to a complex reality, which apparently includes sought contact with us, by both Manipulative, and by allegedly Ethical Extraterrestrials.

Gnostics had sought to inspire a higher consciousness among humanity, which would then enable humanity to build defenses in the human psyche, against alien intrusion. In the process, Gnostics sought to affirm human free will, that would enable humanity to fulfill its destiny in the universe, freed from being trapped in the simulated reality of Archons.

This includes humanity freeing itself from the technological Disneyfication of our world, that operates away from a higher organic consciousness.

A manipulative alien inspired Nazi agenda has apparently sought to re-create human history, to support parasitism and also the creation of an alternative reality to achieve dystopia [the opposite of a utopia] driven by a combined clique of human and allied regressive alien megalomania.

If this is what has occurred, it is perhaps understandable that such an originally human instigated alteration of time-space in an "alternative 1931" would affect many different worlds across the universe and dimensions, and will attract various alien spacecraft, with aliens of varying hostile or of benevolent agendas and would generate UFO sightings that have been witnessed by Earthbound humans.

The apparent prevailing insane direction of courses of social injustice and of environmental destruction appear indeed to be reinforced by the presence of a demonic consciousness of the sort that was observed by scholars like Dr. David Ray Griffin and Dr. Kevin Barrett, in the article titled "Twilight of the Psychopaths".

It is apparent that Earthbound humans need to critically wake up to the reality which confronts them, which is undermining free will under an apparent elite agenda.

Lash and Collier imply that humans need to re-inspire their vital organic consciousness of empathy for each other and for nature, while also seeking to critically affirm their rights and freedoms as a sentient species, against an oppressive inorganic technocracy alien to human origins. Humans need to begin to repair their collective consciousness that may have very well been socially engineered by regressive aliens with the support of alleged human ego-driven cliques, Gnostics has warned us about.

Otherwise, humanity in the current alleged "New World" of an altered time-space continuum, will allegedly become fully assimilated and conquered by a demonic transdimensional agenda.


wmarkley: intervention

So much for the law of non intervention.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley----

This is the purpose of us humans being here now in this physicallity.We are here to wake up the masses, so that the humans do NOT go into extinction! The good aliens are here for this also.This problem was created by the human man.This was CREATED by the MALE Genda Gone to EXTREMES.They went out of Balance. And took their ideas to EXTREMES also,Creating Artifical Life Forms! This is what actually happened to them on these Earth's planets.(The aliens need our help,this was NOT created by them.) And mankind still wants to do it here too,and we all are very much aware of this..Here is one example, Artifacial body forms as sexuall objects, for starters.SEX WITHOUT the bother to get to know a human being,and the involvement that goes with this.Certain men WILL actually put out good money to do this. There is a profit to be made.Cyber sex.They are doing this already with porn,and the phone sex etc.There is a small demand for this type of life form.This of course is artifical.And some men are attracted to this idea.This is a prime example of this type of work.They have been working on this also for a long time in this time and space too.It is well known ,and not a secert.This is why Annu,and Edisonik are Always saying people NEED to wake up here .This is a really big problem. Interventions need to be implemented here,and soon.We need to find a way to re-program them somehow?? All ideas are welcomed to be to explored here.BB5050.

wmarkley: cybersex

Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession, i dont personally partake in the solicitation of it, but i can understand it does serve the lonly man or woman with needs, as for cyber sex, i dont know much about this, and was never curious, nor interested enough to check into it. but masturbation is an area that i believe most humans are familliar with, most of us have partook in this event at some time in our lives, i always associated masturbation with free will and passion in a safe fassion. i always figured it was a way to not create life forms, lol maybe i am confused about what you are saying, i always figured that it was harmless. and porn has been around since man drew woman on cave walls. lol


Not about porn IN Itself.Please re-read what I had stated Wmarkley.I was NOT Being specific about porn.This was only One small example on how this can take off like a roller coaster without a stop button.The science of the artifical heart was used before the real one could be developed enough to be used safely.This was Good in this case.This did not get out of balance here.I was talking about Balance here in the game of duelality.BB5050.

Annunaki77: Sex is a Gift, Enjoy Sex

Sex is Beautiful, those who Preach it is Evil are Hypocrites.
You all need Sex because it is good for your Body and Spirit.
Sex is a Gift that Pissed Off those who wanted control over the Beasts ( Humans).

No Regrets Boys and Girls.

Fal: I Don't think that law ever

I Don't think that law ever existed. I believe we were just denied, and then it was played off as a "non-intervention law".

bluesbaby5050: This law?

I know there are laws having to do with intervention.I think they could not because of gaining karma from interfering.This could have caused them some karma.This is what they had said.They had left during the destructions of Atlantis.They Should of Stayed and helped,but left them during this time then.They( the Pleadians) had realized they had made this mistake when they has reflected apon this action.They are back now ,but can only help in a limited ways now.They/we all have laws of the universe /cosmic laws to live by,they are limited by these laws.They can only help us in a limited fashion.They Can Not take total control here.This will cause them More karma.We do not attend these meetings when they discuss the problems with the group council.All problems have to be brought before a group council of Elders that do the deciding here.This is the chain of command.One group can not over ride another group here.All matters are decided though a Group whole.Not a single being.They have to take orders from a higher chain of command before any actions take place on anything.This is how it is done.

bluesbaby5050: Here is some more material on the --

Manipulative groups that will show up with their own Agendas. This should help.The older posts have all your answers that you want to your questions.No one has lied to anyone here.The Galactic CON- FEDERATION HAS YOUR ROGUE PLEADIANS IN IT.PLEASE READ IT THOUGH.Study Them. Falcon G.

bluesbaby5050: ET'S

Thanks Chris.

bluesbaby5050: Here is another thought!

Can mankind handle this ? We all have actually incarnated to combat this problem here.We came here to change this.We Have Gone BACK in Time, and Born Again to Solve this Problem Now! If we do not,we WILL go into extinction for real ! Some ,of you people here will choose NOT to believe this,as this is your right to do so.So why don't we ask Annu ,and Edisonik how to go about changing this problem before this repeats itself again. And it will just keep repeating itself untill we find a solution to this here.This is up to the Humans to do this,and I am sure the aliens will help us with the new ,and advanced tecnologies that they have to help us to solve this problem.Before it becomes too late here.

bluesbaby5050: Alex Collier was right ....

He was told why//and how this had happened to mankind in the first place.The Nazie's went all though different time and space continueums.They went into the past from the Earth's future to change the events in the history of the humans races.They wanted to Control the masses. And they did! They did this on MANY planets of Earth! We ARE Living this right now!This is a prime example. This will come as a shock to most humans now.They can not handle their reallity right now,and will not be able to handle this truth now either! They will need to expand their minds first ,before they will be able to find a solution to this serious problem here.We are all facing this now.Now what are we going to do about this,as Alex Collier has said?

bluesbaby5050: I do believe this is ONE of the-----

Many reasons we are here on this planet now.Our PURPOSE is to SAVE the HUMAN RACE AS WE KNOW it to be.A real ORGANIC LIFE FORM! NOT an Artifical life form.We can reproduce,and they can NOT ! This is why they are NEVER satisfied.They can NOT just enjoy their lifes as it is.They can't.They have this Need to Control life.The Greys are facing this same problem too.They can NOT re-produce either,and are trying to use,and harvest the human races here now to help them with their problem,or face their extintion too.This has also been an on going problem here on this planet.We Need to face these very Real facts here.All help will be welcomed.

HebrianDaniel: so much information. now my

so much information. now my brain is confushed too much info.

Crigitine: There is said to be a time

There is said to be a time travel device in the middle east, The Atu-waa. I remember reading a little bit on it before I found truth control

bluesbaby5050: Your right about this--

This is a star gate,and is also well guarded by the military, in the middle east.I believe I saw this a couple days ago.

wmarkley: Atu-Waa

This stargate was called the Atu-Waa, the Annunaki reptillians have it and it dont work, GOOD, i have read the pages and even though it was interesting reading, it was pretty deep, even for my open feeble mind. i have read so much stuff, most of it is way out there. i do believe that we create our own reality. my reality is that the evil elite is going to get their asses kicked, and humanity will become free. if the elite go to their bunkers then it will be their tomb. we can weld the door shut and put cianide into their air intake, or many other good things to mess with them. could be fun having the upper hand. but i will not fear the future, nor its outcome. death is in my future, what ever happens between now and that day is little peanuts.

bluesbaby5050: Ya -you got it----

This is the one I talked about.They planted it here in an artifical dry spell that has been going on for quite some time.It has to be in a constant dry /arid enviroment in order for it to work.It has now been raining,and has 10 inchs on the ground,and it is soft now,instead of hard,and brittle.It has been raining off and on.The weather in this area has changed over time.Before it was placed here the land was lush,and green,and had plenty of water.(They also have one, and it is exactly like the this one,and it is on the planet/star ship Niberu.)They put it here for future use. It does Not work, your right about this.Cause of the water. I also say GOOD too.Thank Gods/kods for the rain.Keep it coming.They can not use the one on the starship,as the people have changed,and have begun to waken.The incoming light to Earth has also played a part in this.Alot of changes are still taking place too.This is all good for us,and Not for them.BB5050.

Crigitine: This device from what i

This device from what i remember is a (the) the time control device.

bluesbaby5050: I went back and looked this up again.

Everyone in this forum,Should read up on this time device,and all the very important information this has.This is what Everyone really NEEDS to know in order to fully understand what is the true cause of humanitys plight,and the the root race involved here.This is a MUST read. You WILL learn alot.Do yourself a good favor.You will learn the INNER workings on how the system,and this class of alien race here has took advantage of us.The Atu -waa, is the name of this time re-starting device machine. This is a real eye opener. Thank you again for posting this to the forum Crigitine.BB5050.

Crigitine: thinking out loud

If when we die, we have the opportunity to say yes I have learned what i want from this dimension I am ready to move on, or no I want to go on the ride again....what the hell is offing 90% of the worlds population going to do? Won't they just come back angry as hell? Or is this a plan to have a master genetic world race?

I can see how it would be easier to control if they controlled the means of which people incarnated by, when the 500,000 people they control like puppets they could easily start the brainwashing at birth. And thus control everything from that point. I suppose it would be easier for the kods if no one reincarnated at that point and just took the planet over via warfare. Another thing that does strike me as odd is that they want to track everyone and everything, why go through all the hassle of putting chips in people if they are just going to kill 90% of everyone..ramble ramble ramble

Ecbra de Oaoj: oi bluesbaby

i think you are correct when say that we are here (on all matters) for some proposite. our meet not just merely random.

there are so many facts and opinions, theories and hipotesis, faiths and particular sures concerning these stuffs we are studing. Maybe exists risk of madness if do not have suport from inteligences benevolents while digesting because point of view is very diferent whose we learn in sciency or religion usual.

said that, well, do you refer "thought forms" when speech about pornografy and artificial life forms? I wold like perceive more clear that question.

very att

bluesbaby5050: We have to be careful of---

What we think about.When we think,we Can actually make these thoughts, ideas manifests into a reallity.This is how they become real.We have to be careful of the topics when we think.We have to be very aware of What we are thinking when we Do think.This gives energy to everything we think about.This is how inventions begin to become real.These are laws of attraction we work with.We need to remember this,and this is so important.We can not feed energy to bad ideas.This can make them real,and this works in ALL things.Thank you for your responding to this posts.BB5050.

Ecbra de Oaoj: thoughts and reality

I was on room; after understand some things that i guess but; now have sure. and...
in superiors corners; were forming... shadows; as dark... beings; well

quicly i said to them: get out! and whit hands, did slaps vanish all smutt! and...
the place rest clear and nice... i smile to someones that i dont; remember exacly who was... and... wake up!

i think this dream; keep relaction with my lessons learned; maybe in true i knew yet but; im able now to aply, therefore.

thanks Milady for you respond my post


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