Alex Collier - Basic Moon History:

by Chris on August 20th, 2012

Alex Collier - Basic Moon History:

According to Alex Collier, the Lunar Moon is an artificial satellite/base: war-carrier. It was originally brought into this system approximately 11,227 years ago - linear time - from a very large binary star system named in the Orion tongue as "Chowta" (Polaris), of the constellation Ursa Minor.

It was of the 17th planet out of 21, and was 1 of 4 Moons. Its initial mode of transportation into the system was by "latching" on via the tail of an asteroid. This same asteroid circles our part of the Galaxy every 25,156 linear years.

The first place it "parked" itself when it got here was by the planet called Maldek, which is now predominantly the asteroid belt. Maldek was apparently destroyed in a war between some rival E.T. groups.

Andromedan Moon Facts:

[Note: All mention of dates is in our linear concept of time.]

1.) The metallic hollow sphere underneath is 9.1 billion years old, and the lunar rock/soil that comes from Chowta is 6.2 billion years old; rocks that make up the mountains and craters are artificial.

2.) The original entrances into the Moon were at both the North and South poles, Archimedes (near side), the Taurus Mountains (near side), and Jules Verne crater (far side); the New World Order has created many new openings.

3.) The reason why the Moon doesn't rotate is because of weights that are placed at both poles which are magnetic in nature. There are 4 pyramids on the Moon, with 1 being at the far sides equator.

4.) The Moon has been inhabited periodically in its history for 1.8 million years, and was inhabited by 5 million military members of the Orion Group. The personnel consisted of a mixture of humans, reptilians and grays.

5.) The Moon originally contained 9 domed cities on both the visible and hidden sides that were destroyed 113,000 years ago during the Black League Wars. Initial destruction was caused by nuclear weapons. Continuous destruction occurred on the visible side of the Moon as it was being transported here by space debris (asteroid).

6.) Chowta originally contained 47 Moons, with our Moon being one of them. The Moon was 1 of 2 Moons that orbited Maldek, the other was Phobos.

7.) Any planetary body that is 29.3 miles in size and is exposed to a Sun, is capable of a gravity field, even if it is not rotating on its axis.

8.) Our Sun produces a highly penetrating radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. This frequency is approximately a trillion cycles a second. This frequency is located between the lower portion of the infrared and radar band. It is this radiation from the Sun that causes gravity, not the planets rotation.


Chris: hey every one check out my alex collier basic moon history

abou the moon and how its a space ship.

bluesbaby5050: Most Asteroids are used as space ships if they are big enough--

And Asteriods are also used as a launching off pad to Gain speed to make it across space,as in a Space Jump! The Moon is Artificial,and has living ,and moving Humans,and Greys,and Reptoids on,and inside of it.These beings are Controling Humans by their Mental Controling Machines there.These Machines are in the underground bases on the Moon.They are used to send out Wave signals of Great Depression to the Human populace,and to cause disharmonies amoungst the human populations,and cause Hate,and Tensions,and Wars, amount those people living on Earth! There is also a machine just like this Moon based one on the Planet Mars! It is also used in the same ways! The Head Quarters,and the Controllers are also on the Planet Saturn. Saturn is where the Old Controllers are just like in the Movie,"Wizard/Lizards of Oz"! This is where the Heaven Elemental mentality is at/from.The Hologram Machine,is being Controlled from Saturn! This gives you your so-called heaven,and the Tunnel of Light,and This light sucks you into it,as soon as you notice this light! This actually was Established by the Orders of the Queen of England! But, back when these orders were given out,the Queen from Orion was In the Country of Egypt at the time of giving out these orders to the Iggies!! She said to build all this,and to make sure it worked! Well,It Does! She was in CO-hoots with Ra back then! You see she wanted to keep People that died on the planet Earth,to KEEP COMING BACK TO EARTH,AND NOT TO GO ANY OTHER PLANET FOR REINCARNATIONS! This was the queens plan for the Humans! They Nedd Humans for their survial,as this keeps their DNA at a 50/50 STEADY RATIO! Or they will not be able to Control their Holographic Image!! You will notice them shapeshifting in ,and out of the Human body form! Without our Blood,and Flesh they can Not live long! They need to Feed on a regular schedule.To do this they need Humans,and certain body parts from animals.Mostly the animal inner organ body parts.All this is FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE!! They NEVER Wanted the Humans to find this out about them! It is now Widely Known around the Globe,as in the way of word of mouth/verbal- spoken about,and by ways of the Internet,as the Internet was Ment for the CIA to use Against the Humans! It has Now Backfired!! THE TRUTH HAS BEEN OUT FOR A WHILE NOW! David Icke has also given out this information,and so has Alex Collier,and some other Well Informed people at the Top,that wanted all this information to be out in the Open for the Public to Know!! And now we Do! Many Books have already been Printed,and SOLD to the people on this planet,and they are handed out to other people to read for Free! They are NOT THROWN AWAY! They are all in Circulation Still ! THE GAME IS OVER!!

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