Air Asia Airlines Missing Flight QZ8501 Conspiracy

by bluesbaby5050 on December 30th, 2014

Air Asia Airlines Missing Flight QZ8501 Conspiracy. This Story Stinks to High Heaven ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce December 30, 2014. Third time's a charm for thse freaks, I guess - making it, just "Before the Deadline," within the Lucky "7" numerological year of 2014. This second "dissappearance,"of a Malaysian plane, so far, exhibits about as much randomness as the Sunrise. This third Malaysia-associated plane mishap on a brand-new jet in a thunderstorm, which the craft could handle perfectly well -but from which the pilots were endeavoring to spare their passengers from a rattling ride. Potential wreckage showing the jet's apparent discombulation may suggest that it was hit by a surface-to-air missile. Never forget that the Malaysian War Crimes Tribunal was established in 2007 by Mahathir Mohamad to investigate war crimes in an alternative setting to the International Criminal Court in The Hague (in the ultra-blackmailed Netherlands, which has done NOTHING to prosecute the murder of almost 300 of its citizens in the shoot-down of Flight MH-17), which Mahathir accused of bias in its selection of cases to cover... I received an email from the Netherlands, from someone who knows about this wicked topic than I would ever want to know, that reads: "Aha it was Predicted again on a FALSE FLAG NWO EVENT D A T E! : 15 DECEMBER!!!! BY A LORD - LAND LORD - MESSAGE REPEATED 3 X 13 = 39 times at Chinese FB site 2 weeks before it happened! How convenient! 3 x MISSING MALAYSIAN AIRLINES PLANE. "BY NO. 13 3X. FREEMASONS ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS: "BLACK HAND = HIDDEN HAND ROTSCHILD WHO HAS ALSO CONTROL VIA BLACKSTONE & BLACKWATER OVER WORLD EVENTS. --- I don't claim to know what happened, here - but as a seasoned air traveler, THIS AirAsia story (forget all the other crazy Malaysia incidents, this year) stinks to High Heaven. As Gordon Duff said recently, these recent worldwide events correspond more to CRIME inestigations, rather than war - let alone "accident." === Redsilverj Comments AirAsia Airlines Missing Flight QZ8501 Conspiracy (Redsilverj) The first two were fake and now the third one is supposed to be real?? Yea right.. Missing AirAsia flight is third airplane incident with ties to Malaysia 12/28/2014 -- Flight RADAR of "Crashed" Air Asia Airbus A320 flight QZ8501 Someone in China warned of a AirAisa disaster 13 days before QZ8501 disappeared AirAsia flight 8501 missing Missing AirAsia flight is third airplane incident with ties to Malaysia There is a 0.00001% chance your plane will crash Missing plane likely at 'the bottom of the sea,' Indonesian rescue official says http - See more at:

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