What is the overall purpose of those who perpetuate the great deception? The answer is simple: to take the place of the God’s. The reason that all the ancient celebrations have been twisted to represent their agenda is seen as an attempt to replace what is True, such as turning the celebration of Ester, the goddess of resurrection due to the coming spring, into a day of the resurrection of their false messiah, when in fact, Horus already has that title. Just look up the correlations between Jesus and Horus and the comparison becomes not only obvious, but laughable. This is being revealed now due to the vast increase in knowledge with the internet and new discoveries in ancient history. The attempt to cover up the Truth and keep their deception hidden is failing! In ancient times, all that was needed is the willingness to murder and convince their indoctrinated that it is the “will of god”, and things were kept under their control, but now it’s not that easy.

A great shift in consciousness is occurring in a great deal of people all over the planet. The ancient ways are being proven scientifically, such as the vibrational communication between all things, the aura that all living things emanate, and the power of thought and it‘s influence on the surrounding environment. As I stated before, the very word “occult” has meaning in their agenda…they have hidden everything True and covered it in fear to keep the masses ignorant of the Truth. They have taken what the God’s call “the Creator of All” and attempted to replace this Silent Majesty with a god that created one planet and one intelligent race, with that planet being the center of all things. Using this accepted understanding of the past, it is easy to see how it was possible to deceive the people. Anyone who inquired otherwise was simply burned alive! Over the centuries, the “Church” has had to revise their standing over and over to accommodate the new understandings of man about the Solar System and the Universe as a whole, so much so that the Vatican has recently announced what they have always known for a fact as a “possibility” to their followers: the Universe may be teeming with life. It is easy to see how they are trying very hard to keep a hold on the masses.

These “elite” who are behind the scenes have revealed their hand as things such as “chem-trails” as a form of weather manipulation and mind control has quickly been discovered for what it is, and other projects such as “blue-beam” which is a devise that can create three dimensional holograms in order to convince the people that an invasion is taking place, or that their “messiah” is coming. In short, everything they are doing is only able to fool the uneducated now and the uneducated are being educated every day! The Anunnaki, Human hybrids that were put in charge as ancient Kings and Queens of old have survived the attempt of the deceivers to destroy the blood-line and the planet of the God’s is close at hand. The time for the “elite” and their alien masters to pay for their crimes against the God’s and against the human race has already begun. This planet and it’s inhabitants are moving into a time when the greatest of dreams will be realized, and Gaia(this planets true name) will be crowned as the Princess of Life that she is. So do not be fearful of those who preach destruction, it is their own destruction that they speak of !

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Annunaki77: Yes but we must use Wisdom, not Violence

Unless they throw the First Stone.

Silenci030310: Very true wisdom first

Very true wisdom first violence last


So do their Alien Enemies. So I guess we have a Stalemate.
Or Possibly a Checkmate.

Humanity Sandwiched in the Middle.

Aliens versus humans battle happening, US military source - Part 2

Ecbra de Oaoj: always when think give up...

came from Spririt :

- if not you... who will do?

came and say:
- its your time. if you became old so... you rest.

always when I think... dangerous. better if I take a woman and go to ... edge of World live love and... enough...

and eventually I go and... it retruns:

- if not you... who?


if not... we... folks...


For Free Future! with Peace... and Joy...
Respect for Free Will... and Harmony, Liberty, Happiness...


bardofhearts: I wanna fight for that Princess

Maybe karma was once beautiful right? Right is vengeful...
I think the way I understand things need to be fixed.

Ecbra de Oaoj: just sharing link


very interesting
I think all that like study and wanna to learn will enjoy.


Cheers... Independence.

bluesbaby5050: Thank You Ecbra......

This was Thoughtful of you. They are making a movie from what happened during the Montauk Experiments during that project the U.S Tax Payers Paid for.The project took place in Long Island under a Now Rusted Light House. It's also Red in color. I studied the History of this, and it will make an interesting movie for sure. I won't Spoil the movie, and how, and why that Project ended. People will be Fasinated by the events that took place,and the Main Event that Ended it. People will be shocked for sure. Read the Book if you get a chance to. It will have the Complete story,and Nothing will be held back in it.The books are always better.

Ecbra de Oaoj: not ended, baby...

movie or book have a the end but...

never the Story. History. Reality always continues...
caracters can change but there are choices.

Energy transforms it-self with time, travel during space

but no ends, Dear...
always are somthing to lean; to know.

and some means Lessons: Light... was made to cover up the Darkeness.

and Knowledge created to dissolve Ignorance.


Kisses on Heart, Milady...

Strenght and Courage

bardofhearts: "Energy transforms it-self with time, travel during space"

Is it really "energy" that is travelling during(I suppose you mean "within"?) space? Energy is everywhere already.

I haven't learnt much like you, do teach me.

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes; Energy transforms it-self with time, travel during space.

transform it-self with time... (light, heat, eletricity, and... etc). and travel during space (in jorney... trought places).

why? are you... sincerity searching to learn or want mock me or any one that speack; "your language"; with diferent semantic?

if you sincere well... when you ready; master will appear. if... not.

teach you me.


what matter do you sugest? that you are specialist?

bluesbaby5050: Cells are Containers of fluid energy, they have living Memory

Example: A point of time is chosen, and then a person is taken to the area where a portal,or vortex is located,and goes into either one of them,and can travel backwards in time,or will go forward in time. When this happens the age pf that person will stay the same in what ever time frame was chosen, past or future. Energy has movement,and it contains electricity just LIKE YOU DO. This is because the human body has salt,and water and electricity,and this is the MAIN COMPONANTS that make Time Travel Possible.(This is Simple 4th grade Science here.) The human body is wrapped in the FABRIC of time, and it is able to move back, and forth.The cells of the human body becomes a part of this fabric.It will Assemble into the whole fabric, and then it travels to a Point,and will RE-Assemble back into it's original form.This is how it is done. ( I am NOT a Scientist.) A person can also Astral travel though time,with his Astral Body,AND WE ALL DO THIS. This is during OUR DREAM STATE. We go into the past, and can go into the future.Your thoughts in your dreams controls this. People CAN CONTROL THIS, but it takes alot of practice. Your BRAIN IS BETTER THEN A COMPUTER,it can be programmed, and can hold infinit amounts of information. It is also Bio- Physical Matter, and our laptops are machines/metals that have more OUTSIDE, AND INSIDE Componants added to them, to hold more space,and information. I hope this helps.

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