by Annunaki77 on September 18th, 2012

Do you believe?, I know you believe because this is why I am here.
Tarheel , Bluesbaby, and many others Worldwide.
Please do not fight each other over silly Issues.
I am here because I have chosen to be here, not many people understand the true Reality of Everything on this Planet.

Just remember these Words, I will keep this simple, I Love all of you.
Some Extraterrestrials want to Blow Up Isreal to start World War 3 with the help of their Shadow Government Pukes.
But this Plot has been found and there will be no such nonesense here, as long as LORD ENKI is here.

Teach my Children , Love One Another.
Love & Destiny.

Tarzan Boy (HD).mp4

With the Genes of your Primates Lord Enki has designed the Human Race, and Beautiful Race it is.

Peace & harmony.

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bluesbaby5050: Dear Annu 77 your so Right as usual.....

I just think it is wrong when someone makes negative remark under the guise of friendship,and then trying to hide it with a laugh,and then calling them a brutha,this is uncalled for. Why do this to people here? We are all here trying to help each other in the first place! We can live without the sneaky meaness!

Tarheel: Anu77-you know me and nothing is hidden.

Anu77 sees thru the lies and attempt to deceive. There are underlying issues.
I have never hidden anything because there was never any reason to.

Silenci030310: Just like everyone else we

Just like everyone else we need peace and harmony thanks for the wisdom

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