The African People are " THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN ", the First Pharoahs served Lord Enki.
The Black Race is Genetic Royalty, children of the Abzu.
Lord Enki created all the Animals and Seeded the Trees and Plants of this Planet.
Lord of the Oceans, Lord of Creation, Lord of the Abzu.

Peace and Harmony to the Nubians , the Black Race.

You will never be left alone to slaughtered like Beasts, Humanity will be Loved and Protected against Alien Ignorance.

So says Lord of the Abzu, Creator of all Beasts and Plant Life on Planets , Lord of the Oceans.


Annunaki77: Humanity will know the truth

And the Truth is that Lord Enki is Humanities true Father. The Being that brought Adamu into Existence. Not Lord Enlil but Lord Enki, the Outcast, the Reject and Renegade.
The Genecist Scientist that Brought the Tree of Life to this Planet and Seeded the Planet with Animals and Mining Installations for Sirius and King Anu.


bluesbaby5050: I Am Glad to see your back Again with us Lord Annu77!

It is so Good to have you back with us! I missed you.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Annu 77,Do You have any good news?

You have been away for a while. How does things look from Your Point of View?

Annunaki77: There will be more Tricks by the Cabal

But Humanity will see right through their Tricks.
A New Era has begun.
Any Tricks and they will be caught with their Pants down and Humanity will finally Face their Holy Mission for Space Colonization.

The Vision of Lord Enki will be Realized. You deserve to Travel New Relms and New Frontiers.
I offer Hope , Harmony and Space Colonization for the Human Race.
If they believe in it, it will become a Reality.

Humanity has to Expand their Horizons, to Expand their Opportunities and Dreams for their Future and their Families. That is the Vision of Hope I believe in.

bluesbaby5050: Annu77----

I Share in Your Vision also. I hope I live long enough to see this come to pass in my lifetime.

Annunaki77: You will see Incredible things in your Future

Never lose Hope.
It sounds Impossible but it is True.

Chris: hey kanesh Orion queens and the terra colonies

Orion queens and the terra colonies.
Orion queens
are the Orion queens of draconian descended from the winged Ciakars of Alpha Draconis and also hey enki you siad that the terra colonies are returning why are they returning what is there purpose being on earth at this time.

Annunaki77: Just wait and see for yourself Lord Chris.

Here is a Original Landing Site for Lord Enki's Royal Space Craft. It was Lord Enki's Original Landing Site, and Later a Tribute to Lord Zeus of Olympus.
Zeus was a Friend.

This Site is One Million Years Old.

HebrianDaniel: the Baalbak landing site is 1

the Baalbak landing site is 1 very amazing site. seriously these things are huge i always was wondering who built this huge site. even archeologysts not very sure humen did it they said its not possible for humen to create this huge things. 1 of these make me very curious
the Baalbek Monolite is amazing one by itself. its weight are 1154 TON! you got me right 1154 TON! THAT AMAZING!

Terran resistance: you forgot to mention

You forgot the giant flying spaghetti monster, lord enki and him are great pals and always hang out between 9.00 and 5.00 on a sunday, and always make it back in time from planet zog to planet earth to enjoy a sunday roast.

Its true! the salmon/gods proclaimed it so!.

bluesbaby5050: Yes Daniel----

When people stand next to these huge giant stones they look very small in comparision to them.The Aliens built them of cource! Annunaki 77 said last night, that Lord Prince Inki used the site many times during his lifetime,to come,and go. So did other space crafts then too. This was common back then more then we thought. All over the world these sites were built,and they are still around today,and very usuable!

Annunaki77: Bal Bak

Way Enki's Original Landing Site, Alexander the Great Understood this and paid Tribute to a Friend to Lord Enki , Lord Zeus of Mount Olympus.

So Herbrain Daniel Bal Bak is a Sacred Landing Site of Da Aya Ba El.

Lord Enki brought this Knowledge to Earth after the Destruction of Mount Olympus and the Arrests of the Olympians by the Gods of Sirius and Orion.

Some of your Olympian Warriors like Achilles were given their DNA by Lord Enki, the Greatest Earthly Olympian Warrior.
Hero of the Trojan Wars. Hero of Sparta.

Tarheel: ALL Humanity was blessed by Lord Enki !

Zeus and Enki-a formidable pair! Yet another spankin 1-2 punch. I dont believe ANYBODY would want to challenge that pairing. Wow!

Terran resistance: what are you smoking?

"Some of your Olympian Warriors like Achilles were given their DNA by Lord Enki, the Greatest Earthly Olympian Warrior."

What are you smoking? because I want some of it.

Tarheel: Watch it, TR. You are on shaky ground.

In fact, I believe it may be too late. You shouldnt have offended Anu77. I would drop to my knees and ask forgiveness IMMEDIATELY if I were you.
Do you want to clarify yourself? Im not sure who you are Questioning....Achilles Warriorship or Lord Enki providing DNA, but at any probably oughta apologize. Not only have you challenged The Gods, but you have upset TCers. Act NOW.

Terran resistance: Your preaching to a wall

Your preaching to someone who adheres to the ideology of the church of the giant flying spaghetti monster.

and there are no real gods, and I still want my wacky backy!
Chuck Norris can take Achilles and Enki anyday.

edisonik: No Real Gods Tony?

Shall I give you your Last Name also.
No Real Kods?.
You will taste something , something you have never experienced before.
Little Tony.

bluesbaby5050: Tar---------

I would not worry about TR,cause the Kods/Gods will give this one some hard lessons he/she /it is asking for real quick! Or worst yet,a Curse!

Tarheel: I tried to tell her. She knows NOT who she Qs.

THAT may be The End of The End.

Yikes ! She had better clarify herself or there may be no way to help her.

Terran resistance: a curse

Im up for that

bluesbaby5050: Well-The your sure gonna get it then,and you Were Warned!

YOU want to Fool Around on this forum? Then YOU WILL GET EXACTLY WHAT YOUR ASKING FOR Terran Resistance! WE WARNED YOU!

Terran resistance: thats nice bluebottle

I would preferably choose a curse which turns me into a toad, however My god the giant flying spaghetti monster will protect me however and will probably shove a noodly appendage up enki's backside if enki comes near me though.

bluesbaby5050: You deserve what your asking for---

Mock the Master Teachers all you want, but you will be sorry! YOU HAVE NO CLUE!

bluesbaby5050: You Should NOT MOCK THE MASTERS on this forum!


Terran resistance: I must go

I must ceremoniously empty my junk. cya.

bluesbaby5050: Your Nasty! I AM GLAD THE UK HAS YOU,AND NOT THE USA!

I could Care Less what, and how you relieve yourself!! In Fact, NONE OF US HERE CARE!

Terran resistance: And I wont be intimidated by you crazy cultists

I had no idea that american polytheists were even more annoying than monotheists! You take guillable to a whole new level, do you believe everything you see on the internet?

Trust when I say this there is no such thing as a master teacher because no one has all the answers, and it is very ignorant of anyone to say that they do.

And if you can't take criticism or sarcasm or a joke without threatening to curse someone and getting worked up over what someone says over the internet, then you shouldnt be using the internet.

And turn your caps lock off or I will board a plane, and go to america and pull out your caps lock and shift button from your keyboard.

Also to point out, these self proclaimed master teachers on here talk out of their ass all the time, and provide no real information or evidence for anything they say. If anything they say were even half true, then it would stand up to scrutiny, but it doesn't. Apart from basic morale understandings, there is no substance to what they say, a child can do a lecture on morale understandings.

bluesbaby5050: Hey ! YA You LITTLE TONY!!

COME AND GET ME LITTLE TONY! You go ahead ,and board that plane,I DARE YOU TO! Come FIND Me, LITTLE Tony! YOU WERE WARNED! YOU Did NOT Listen to Us! Now YOU Little Tony,WELL RECIEVE Your Lessons! Hahahaha! my Father has Spoken The Truth Little TONY! The Falcon.

Terran resistance: pfffffffffffffffffffftttt

And abzu is not Africa, it is an aquifer, it is obviously refering to a body of water, its where the word abyse comes from which is also often used to describe a body of water, since most bodies of water contain a certain chaos and nothingness about them (like the ocean since its hard to find the bottom). Also the word oblivion (ab-blivion) comes from it.

I have know idea how you got the word Abzu to mean Africa, like in your title, as usual just making it up as you go along............

Terran resistance: And whos gives a toss about the sumerian gods

They are not even the oldest civilisation, their teachings are not even the oldest, so how can their teachings possibly be the most reliable, HECK the bible was based off of the sumerian tablets that should the first warning to stay away from them, unless you fancy stoning homesexuals.

Zecharia Sitchin was the worst thing that happened to the ancient astronaut theory and his theories are not even original, there were plenty of others before him, and I havn't even been interested in the sumerians since I was twelve, SO GROW UP!

edisonik: Terran Resistance?

You have got my full attention, now now little boy, you don't think I know who you are.
You little pathetic fool, you think I don't know who you work for. For several Weeks I have been studying you, thinking you can gain the trust of this Adamu Incarnates and then Insulting the Elohim.

Little Boy, we will show you a few things, we know everything about you, from every little hair on your little head. You mock the Sumerian Kods, you think this is all a Joke.
We will see who will be laughing little Boy.

Our Little Tony , oh boy , little Tony. You will see , remember Egypt little Boy.
Don't be fooling around, this is a Warining, go and find a place to repent Tony.
Are you Freaked out right now?, You should be little Boy.
You little psyop aritist, money you sell yourself with NWO Money , Good Luck your gonna need it.

Terran resistance: You are delusional

My name is not Tony and I have never been to Egypt, you seriously need happy pills, or put into one of those isolated cushioned rooms.

And i have no idea wtf your talking about sumerian KODS? WTF are sumerian kods, as usual just making it up as you go along.

If everyone is adamu why is there different races of humans? as usual talking out of your ass.

Elohim? Thats an old testament hebrew name for the gods, you know?Tthe gods that like to smite people and stone homosexuals to death.

I suppose thats more your thing stoning homosexuals and smiting people is it?

"we know everything about you" clearly delusional behaviour, I honestly feel sorry for you, don't you have folks who love you?, you should really go and see them for help, whoever that may be.

Tarheel: Perhaps a past life Tony? Cultists?

And the Egypt reference....Anthony? Nah...couldnt be. Well, he certainly ain't Toni the Tiger. It's easy to see him as a cartoon character.

We are Cultists? Oh, that's right! We were gonna have a child/baby sacrifice but Tony grew up too fast, at least physically. The mental is lagging somewhat and he is testy. Come on.

Tony's pissed because a Brit didnt win at Wimbledon NOR The British Open(Open Championship). I wouldnt be looking for anything GRAND at The Olympics either Tony. Ya did FINALLY get a Tour de France. We have multi-multi winners of that. It's old.

The tourists are eating all your food? Get some seeds.

Terran resistance: "perhaps a past life tony?"

that is cult like behaviour since no matter what, you will believe what hes says, therefore your cultists because you hang on his every word. My name is not Tony

If hes says jump you say how high? literally!

If he says stick your head in an oven, you guys would probably do it.

If he said jump of a cliff, you guys would probably do it.

You guys remind me of heavens gate, and it always ends badly, always.

Tarheel: Time for a sacrifice...a Brit this time.

"Put on your Nikes and Sharpen Your knives, for The Leader wants a sacrifice!!!" We shall drink the KoolAid later.


Tarheel: THEy, not just HE are Loving and Kind.

They wouldnt ask us to Jump, High or Off a Cliff.
They wouldnt ask us to Stick our Heads in an oven.
They just provide Knowledge which we crave and they ask NOTHING from us but to pass it On and Love One Another and Grow. We Love you too TR, but we wish you'd come around, and grow up and stop harboring resentment, and we respect your opinion BUT we denounce YOu DENOUNCING OURS. We do NOT all believe the same. Most do but not all, and they are cool,too.

We HOPE you find your way, but PLEASE STOP cussing Our Master Teachers, to say the least.

No Cult here...just THANKFUL People seeking truths and helping one another. We also recognize Greatness when we see it, and we honor it and we love it.

bluesbaby5050: Nice loving words Tar ,but---------

I think they just fell on deaf ears,Or does it have visible ears? Nope! Lizards do Not have any ,JUST HOLES!

bluesbaby5050: No Tar-----

Not THE ANTHONY,AND CLEO! NOTT! He is speaking of All the Frogs,and Bugs etc. He Needs to figure this one out for his own SMART-ASS SELF! I AM NOT Helping HIM on THIS ONE Tar.

bluesbaby5050: HEY TONY!!!

Like My Father said to YOU,Remember Egypt! Do You Remember what happened there in Eygpt Little Boy Tony? Stop,and Think!! Now Your Gonna Learn real Quick! You were WARNED,AND YOU would Not Listen,Instead ,You Chose to MOCK THE KODS/GODS!! That is a NO- NO! Little Boy Tony! God Luck YOUR Gonna to Need It! The Falcon.

Terran resistance: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

TONY! HAHAHAHAHAHA, thats great! thats not even close to my name, im from the UK, the name Tony is probably not even in the top 100 names, its a hilly billy American name.

Try again!

Your full of shit as usual, im still waiting for my curse you little kids, summer time is nearly over and your be back to school.

Funny that you should both have birds as an avatar, same person? I even noticed you changed your avatars at the same time once, Then quickly changed bluesbaby5050 account avatar back to normal. SEE I notice these things! Either your the same person or bluesbaby5050 is just a brown nosing little kid.

Wheres my curse then.

bluesbaby5050: I have had a few avatars here-------

But,YOU WERE NOT AROUND TO NOTICE THISLITTLE PSYOP ARTIST TONY! YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN! AS USUAL! WE are 2 individual separate beings! You Nerd! And we ALL CHANGE OUR AVAT ARS ANY TIME WE WANT TO! WE ALL DO THIS! Except for one! We are Not Little Kids either. Some of us are very ,very Old!,as in Ancient!

Terran resistance: wheres my curse then dick heads?

the kods can suck my noodle
the kods can suck my noodle
the kods can suck my noodle

edisonik: The Kods will Eat your Noodle

You Foolish Child.
You are living on Borrowed Time.
Soon you will see the Light.

Remember the Borrowed Time Part.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Edison----?

I know this video was ment for TR,but why the soap? The connection? Was it the time it's self,as in borrowed time?? Could you explain ?Thank You.

edisonik: The Net is still Active , only the Chosen will be Released

The Reptilian Net is still active , only the chosen will be released from the Reptilian Net.
The Net that prevents Human Souls from Reincarnating on other Peaceful Planets.
So in Essence all Human Souls live on Borrowed Time and then end up in the Net set to Reincarnate here on Earth again to Labour Hard for Food and Shelter.
Earth is still a Plantation and it's People are still being held as a Commodity .

Even on Olympus the Mortals were a Commodity for the Kods for Spiritual Prayers and for Entertainment.

You will always be " THE CHOSEN FALCON GODDESS ", others will not be so fortunate.

bluesbaby5050: Ok I see now. At first I saw the soap,(and laughed hard)--

And I knew it had Great Meaning! I understand how the Net works,as I studied about it. I knew this. I could not make the soap connection,except I knew it was concerning Time.Thank You. I am Glad to Know I will be Getting out of the NET! I want to be with You.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Edison---?

Will this Net be dismantled at, or during the 5th dimentional shift? Just curious Sir.

Terran resistance: "The Net is still Active,

"The Net is still Active, only the Chosen will be Released."

Heavens gate.
so whens the next mass suicide then edisonik?

bluesbaby5050: TR-You Really are Ignorant!

Come ON! You Really don't know what ,and who controls this net? The Reptilians do,and You of all people SHOULD KNOW THIS! Read Up on the net,IT DOES HAVE A Ancient History,and IT IS FOR REAL! Learn all About This Net! It goes to the planet Mars,and To the Moon Too!

Tarheel: OMG ! What a mind bender! A true cobweb shaker.

"Like sands of the hourglass.....". Yes, indeed "the clock is ticking". One of THE Best openings of all time.

I will say this, "Father forgive him, for he knows NOT what he does." Perhaps there is some good in there. It will not be my call(I tried), and I am sure you know better than I what to do.

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