Above Top Secret - Past Life Memories on other Planets

by Chris on May 8th, 2015

Interview recorded on 25 May, 2014, broadcast on Above Top Secret Live, 02 June, 2014.
Out of the Box Season 4 - Episode 1

Topics discussed:
Past-lives - how a spiritual being will interiorize into a biological body for an individual lifetime
What keeps past-life memories occluded
Remote viewing of an underground mining facility on the moon
Roswell - what really happened
A high-level of technology on Earth 75 million years ago
Mental implanting technology - a primary tool of the enslavers
How governments on many planets have used implanting to control their populace
The Between-Lives implanting operation for Earth
The corruption of the Illuminati was a very high-level counterintelligence operation
The final destruction of Atlantis

Part 1
Recovering memories from past lives
The difference between believing and knowing
My personal mission here on Earth and other planets
Samsara - the repeating wheel of life
How we end up punishing ourselves for our own transgressions
How emotional charge from the past keeps memories occluded
How the enslavers use our own ethical nature against us
A high level of technology on this planet many times in the past
The difference between the brain and the mind
The great big secret which is really behind the UFO coverup

Part 2
Earth has historically been a spiritual prison planet
The between-lives facility on Mars was built 75 million years ago
How a being will live consecutive lifetimes in different bodies
Someone born on a different planet is not necessarily good or evil
Evacuation during the final destruction of Atlantis
Uncovering and discharging implanted memories
Different groups and factions of ETs operating in our system
Ethics are still out on the upper levels above Earth
The Denver Airport murals and the plans of the Enslavers

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