About Werewolves

i think about this that many people reported in europe before 500 years that they seen wolf man.
if is true its possible to be Wolven ET? if yeah where they came and what they doing in our planet. i bet they are Canus Race from Sirius A.
i heard we had many visites from Sirius A mostly Aquatic races that mentioned in somewhere in africa by dogon tribe.


wmarkley: heres one for you

I just watched this video and know deep in my heart that it is true, this video reached me, and answered questions that i always had, now i know who killed Megaladon, and why, now i know why dolphins are friendly with us, This is truely a beautiful documentary, and my hatred of my government and the truth supression they are guilty of must be stopped. the extent of their evil goes beyond our shores and into our ocean family that now i know exsists, i always believed they did, It also answers the question i always had. When i was in the Navy, everytime i was out to sea, i had this overwhelming desire to jump ship in the middle of the ocean, but never did because it would be certain death, or would it? I have always felt a kindred to the sea, i have always been drawn to it. Now i realize that maybe im not a reincarnated soul from another star system, i never did feel that way, I am more sure now than i ever was as to where my past lives were. you have to see this video. http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/animal-planet-mermaids...

Tarheel: The VIDEO has been REMOVED !

Can you tell me what it said, please? I went there but it is just too long and when I tried to catch some of it-it had been removed by user, it said. There MUSTY be somethg really TELLING there.

Share with us, PLEASE.

wmarkley: Mermaids

It started with 2 boys who found mass beaching of whales, and there was a dead body that the navy took away, the NOAA team went out and got one of their sounding bouys and discovered that the navy was conducting new sonar that kills whales, and found another life form in the ocean, it was the one that the navy took away, then a fisherman called them, and a great white shark was cut open and one of the life forms came out decomposed, they were able to recover 30% of it. its dna was human, it had a webed hand and a tail, they theorized that the human tree split in 2, some 7 million years ago we went in 2 directions, there is US on land, and the other in the sea, and how they evolved, and what they look like today, they migrate with the whales, and work with the dolphins for food. they make tools with sting ray barb and bone to make a blade. it was so kool, i was mesmarized by it and know it to be the truth, i feel it, then Big bro came along and took all the research thus supressing even more truth. makes me sick how the government gets away with this. the truth is for everyone, not just a few. we must rise up and get rid of these criminals, put them in the fema camps that they constructed for US.

wmarkley: Video

At the end of the video, the NOAA team went to see the 2 boys, the one boy took pics of the dead body, it was covered by weeds but the tail was clear, it was a bad cell phone pic from 2004. but there was no mistake about the research done from the one taken from the great whites belly, aparently, after the sonic boom under water, one of the mermaids was stunned, then attacked by the shark, and consummed, but the mermaid got 1 good stab at the mouth of the shark, the research team pulleb the stingray barb from the lip of the shark, they also got a guy to rebuild the skull from what pieces they had, took dna samples and reconstructed the mermaid from the pieces of bone they had, it was amazing. when i was in the navy, i saw some wierd shit out at sea, but always figured that it was my immagination from one too many drinks. i always snuck my beer on board the ship before we left, my locker always had beer in it for a cruise, lol i made friends with the cooks when i got to the fleet because i like to eat, lol me and kevin, ( a cook ) would sit on the main deck and get a good load while at sea, and just throw the cans over the side, no evidence.

Tarheel: THANKS for the synopsis! But-you littered?

Or, perhaps you created habitat? Maybe our pals, The Whales/Dolphin and/or Mermaids got some of the backwash when you didnt finish all the beer. You mean, they didnt have beer on the boats? HUH ?

Seriously though, Thanks for the synopsis.

Why does The System NOT want us to know these things? They cannot keep a lid on all this any more.

wmarkley: litter

I saw dudes throw huge walk in freezers overboard, lol the navy threw everything overboard, even florescent light bulbs. i was 18 and clueless, im still clueless, but now i care about littering, lol

bluesbaby5050: I also know about this stuff here---!!

There is waaayyy more to the story then this crap! Listen up folks! The truth is, they have mixed human DNA with Dolfins,and implanted it into the dolfins,and it becomes the Aquarticman!! Just like in your Comic books,and in the earley 50's SYFY movies! This is all the truth.Some have actually survived the birthing,and now live with the Dolfin parents!!! How do you like that one??All the truth! I study!BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Also, Mermaids,and Merman are different.

They have ALWAYS existed! They are NOT DNA shared from this century by man.They have always lived in our oceans,and in our Earths history.They are NOT a myth! Guess who the father was waaaayyyy back? A hint!??? OK- The ruler of the oceans-the seas! Guess now! BB5050.

Crigitine: It was totally..Davy

It was totally..Davy Jones...from the disney movie. trololol. Neptune me thinks? I have to have a background and motive check before I get my answers from any great ones :P.

bluesbaby5050: He is a God of many like him,he had relatives too!

They make movies of these Gods of old history of Earth.His name is Posideon! He is King Neptune in the cartoons! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: I had already gave the answer Tar.

You got it.In the cartoons they called him King Neptune,because the planet Neptune is also blue,and they thought way back in the 60's that Neptune was also a water planet maybe?
They did not know for sure,as it looked blue,as water also does.That's how he got his name in the toons.But now they know better,it is a gas that makes the color of that planet.That is also why King Neptune was colored blue in the cartoons.What did they really know back then? BB5050.

Tarheel: Okay..... POPEYE-The Sailor man?

My guess was right for once ! Poseidon. He was a geneticist,too?

bluesbaby5050: Hey Tar?


bluesbaby5050: Tar?

Comments =inb.

bluesbaby5050: Your video has been removed Wmarkley---

Too bad.We did want to view it. This link still has many great sites to go to for reading on alot of related topics.Never stop there because a video was pulled.I kept on reading, and exploring that same site,and liked what it contained.BB5050.

wmarkley: site

that site does have good reading, and their message is good, but im not sure that i trust them yet.

bluesbaby5050: We still have them in our----

Oceans too.Sharks,Whales,Dolfins,and some others.We share very many animals,and plant life with other worlds.They were brought here.Remember? Scientists brought them here. Also,the wolf --man is from Sirius A. They are a little bit different, in body,and behavior.They do NOT make a change like in the movies.They are more human then anything. Ask Kanesh about this, as he is the Real Expert on this topic.BB5050.

Tarheel: Ya know-Im thinkin , maybe a Reptilian gene in the ...

...MAYBE a Reptilian gene in the Wolfen ET made the "Were-wolfman" shapeshift like that. Im certainly sure that NOT all of them are like THAT, and can shapeshift,tho. I think the vast majority are just good pals of Humanity.

What do you think, BluesBaby?

I think this is Anu77 territory.

bluesbaby5050: I agreed with you 100% Tar.

Lord Kanesh will tell you that they are more man then anything else.They are NOT shapeshifters either, like in the dumb movies.That is Hollywood for you,they gotta sell tickets,and make money off from the movies to pay for all the actors,and all the special effects used to make the movie etc. The Manwolfs ET.'S from Sirius A are very tall,like 20ft. on up,and very big,and have very big muscels.They are very intelligent,and proud.They have reason to be.They are very powerful,and a force to reckon with in battle.I want them on MY side! Hahahaha! BB5050.

Tarheel: Dogon Tribe ancestors are from Sirius B !

I believe you will find that the Wolfen ET's are of Sirius A,tho.

Yeah-Anu is your ticket, like BB said. He has the answers you seek.

Crigitine: I saw something about the

I saw something about the mermaids or merpeople or whatever you want to call them. The story presented like BB said was just the tip of the ice berg, but a damn good one. I found this story on GLP (God like Productions, aka pay monthly for the truth no thank you).

A group of scientists did a story about it on either history of discovery...i don't quite remember, and illuminati elitest actors or not, it left off with the fact that they are out there and they are very real. The scientists explained about they were sent to Africa and were able to do tests on the skull fragments mentioned above and they apparently came dangerously close to finding something they weren't supposed to find because towards the end of their research the police of the town actually came and in one swift operation in the early AM they took all of the hard evidence including the skull samples, notes, and a lot of their work. They were left with only the "Bloop" recordings of the mer-people captured underwater and very very brief fragments of research.

Obviously pissed off they were escorted out of the country and back to the US with their passports revoked so they couldn't return. They did manage to have dna samples shipped to some higher up scientists but naturally as any regular cover up would have it the samples were deemed useless because they had so much human DNA..wink wink maybe? At any rate the whole operation was called to a close but the group was not done. Afterwards they figured these mer-people traveled with the whales and started tracing mating migration patterns of the whales and put 2 and 2 together and also paired these notes with the call-ins and findings of dead bodies washing up on shore. (This led to contacting the little boy about the photo and various cases where the navy was called in to snatch up bodies.)

With nothing but the bloop recording and a dingy, they shipped out to a nearby migratory path of the whales currently in use. They used an underwater mic to broadcast the bloop recording, and they waited and broadcasted for hours on end. Then finally as they began to see something in the water.. agents of the Department of Homeland security charged in and confiscated their broad casting and demand that they stop what they were doing and to come with them.

Elitest falsehood or not it still shows very clear that there so much to be discovered and so much to hide from. There will be no straight yes or no answers on the internet. To truely find it you would have to remove yourself from the grid and then produce your own funds and means of which to acquire such. It's not impossible to find off the record research with a humble regular life like so many of us have now, but the dangers and falsehoods are so much easier to find you by remaining a sheep and still looking. To even do anything outside of the normal now you would have to be with these organizations ie the navy, some form of country military.. the ultimate control the elites have over this world is vast and disgusting. I cannot wait to push their sand castles of control over and to truely begin finding the answers I seek.

wmarkley: thats it

that was the documentary i saw, you hit it on the head, it was fascinating, those scientists were on to the truth, and when they got close, big bro pulled the plug.

Crigitine: Come to think of it, god like

Come to think of it, god like production is kind of like the 4chan for the awakened. Its raw and uncut, its full of people ready to cut the other one down for not agreeing, and its filled with lots of useful information.

I just don't agree with monthly payments to be there, and how faulty their insta ban system is. Granted there are ways to get by it...it's really frustrating to do so..but not impossible I suppose, which is truely a gift lol.

HebrianDaniel: i also wonder if mermaids or

i also wonder if mermaids or meraidmen have interected with humen before.
if yeah i whould like to find one and try interect with them.
if they not dangerous :S

bluesbaby5050: Ok then,You would have to spend alot---

Of your time in the oceans,cause this is where they live.They are NOT land beings,just breathe from the water.They have gills to breathe.Like the fish.You would have to take scuba diving lessons,and go in small groups,and use the buddy system while you are down in the depths of the seas.This method is used for safety purposes.

wmarkley: mremaids

i know that the legends go back for thousands of years, there has to be something to it.

bluesbaby5050: They REALLY DO exists----

They have ALWAYS been on this planet,and always have lived here,but in the depths of the oceans,and in the waters of the underground caverns.It is a whole another water world down there.This is there homes.Like on the land surfaces are your homes.You can go anywheres you want on the lands.They do the same thing,except they do it anywheres in the ocrans.They travel the seas too.

bluesbaby5050: There is also more---

Way more water on the Earth then there is land on this planet.This is why this is called a water planet,a water world.

Crigitine: The sonic boom

So the mermaid documentary came on, as I post this it's playing. Back January and February there cases of beached dolphins and whales (not sure about the whales) but there was an autopsy conducted on a few of them (30 something) and in each case the ears were utterly destroyed. If what the white dragon society, Mr. Fulford, says is true. A nuke going off under water would certainly have the power to do this to entire pods of these animals. I know the cases they spoke of in the animal program is based in 2004. Countless thought vomit I suppose, personally if these arrivals are coming from now until the 6th I'd hope they do it soon.

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