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I found truth control by searching for answers in contacting et's. And im looking for some one to help me come in contact with them so i can ask them to unlock my mind...i wanted them to take me off of this evil world we live on but then i read comments talking about how we are meant to be here and all of that and after reading that i just want contact with them or someone that can train me and exercise my brain to be able to make contact with them with out lights and lasers and to teach me how to use my Esp powers so i can make a differnce and spread word and truth.

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Tim Lovell: hi showmetruth , if you want

hi showmetruth , if you want contact with et`s then what you need to do is form that intention in your mind , keep it as a wish , then eventually it will happen, but be very carefull not all et groups have humanities best interests at heart , if you want benevolent et contact the best group would be either the pleidians or lyrian/vegans but the pleidians ideally as they have most in common with humans from earth , but they are not going to take you off the planet or solve all your problems for you because you are a conscious being with free will who creates its own reality you must take 100% responsibility for your own life first , all they can do is assist or advise and help,

funkadelic_14: go to your nearest project

go to your nearest project neighborhood. once you star to see little black kids in baggy clothes. you approach them slowly. make sure you let them know you come in peace and you are not from another tribe/neighborhood. speak to them let them know you wish to get ahold of marijuana or cocaine. once you have gained trust you ask them for pcp. acid or shrooms. either drug will allow you to meet an ET

Tim Lovell: lol funk but seriously you do

lol funk but seriously you do not need any drugs of any kind to have contact with ETs they can connect either telepathically or not even that way just showing themselves in your life and setting thoughts into your mind without you realising it , but either way if you see a perfectly beautiful blond woman you might be on the way lol..

bluesbaby5050: Telling someone to go the way of drugs, is a very bad idea......

Some people would have very bad experiences, and they would not be able to control their thoughts, and actions with a mind expanding drug, and that drug would make their experience even worse. And one more thing,,,, drugs react different for every person, because the chemicals act differently in people's bodies, and their brains, and some people could even put their life at risks, and the one that gave them the drugs is responsible for another persons death, not only from the drugs, but, if they fell off a roof, out a window, or got run over, or drown in a river, or survived with a body injury. Bad karma etc. That person would go to jail for a very long time, because they gave them those drugs that caused this to happen. And the judges in the courts would also see it this same way too. I know what you think, NO ONE WILL KNOW.... WRONG AGAIN, BECAUSE YOUR ALWAYS BEING WATCHED, AND ALL YOUR BEHAVIOR, AND THOUGHTS ARE BEING RECORDED BY THE DIVINE RECORDERS. Most people are not spiritually mature, and could not handle those drugs. That's why shamans are guides to people that choose to go this route in the first place. Your advice to this person was a bad idea, and these are criminal acts, selling, and buying street drugs, and even to sell prescription drugs is also criminal, and dangerous. You can't mix drugs either, they are chemicals. And some people have to take drugs for their health, to maintain their health and mixing street drugs with them is also a bad idea, and is very dangerous to do so. Some people will have bad reactions to certain drugs, and some people are allergic to many drugs, and their systems will have bad reactions to some drugs, and they don't know this until it's too late, and they need to go to the hospital to have their systems flushed out, and to be watched, and cared for. And Tim is right, you have to take full responsibly for your OWN life, and go INSIDE YOUR SELF TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS, and to find your answers, this route will show you the way. Going OUTSIDE for your answers is not the way, going inside your self, and meditating is the correct way. You will find this advice a lot on Truth Control. And looking for a dark skinned kid in baggy pants in a slum neighborhood is also bad advice, and using street drugs is also ILLEGAL, and that behavior could get you, and that person in JAIL! ( And this is also a racist remark), and some people are very well dressed, and live in expensive housing that also sell drugs. Don't fool yourself, and those people always use guns for self protection too, and to protect their money from their profiting of selling drugs, and to protect their drugs, and their money from being stolen, and to protect them from other street gangs from robbing them, and to protect their home territory, and it's very dangerous every which way, and so is your advice you gave. Weapons are always used by these thugs/ criminals. Bad all the way around. Bad advice!

obsrvantlouie: I disagree

Psychedelics can be and are beneficial in controlled settings; DMT, MARIJUANA, AYAHUASCA....just to name a few. Although I have only ever dabbled into marijuana I have read about the effects of other psychedelics.

bluesbaby5050: I also agree with this..........

But, I did disagree with the advise to go to a gang to buy illegal street drugs, and I stated why. That's why I did mention the shaman, and that he is a spiritual guide while doing the strong drugs you named here. The shaman advises to go though a cleansing of the bad spirits that follow a person around first, and this shaman will do this FIRST for each person before they go into a trance state while they are experiencing the first stages of the drug. The shaman also tells that a person will see many reptilians, and serpents while under this drug, because they are in the higher dimensions and to be very alert when this happens. Other beings will also be there as well. He tells them how to react, this is so they won't go of the deep end, and the shaman will stay close by but, he will not interfere with any person, unless they need serious help. Caution is always advised by those shamans, and he tells people before they take this drug what could possibly happen to a person while under the influence of them. A person goes though a very physical purging of the body, for about 3-4 days while on the mentioned AYAHUASCA drug, and it's done usually in the jungle not too away from the villages. The drug is pretty heavy on the lower intestinal track, and a lot of vomiting is experienced also. But, some people will stay and do this drug repeatedly, and when doing this most people will have a long stay, and in those cases it is advised to go off alone to experience the effects while on their journey. The people involved have quite a journey from the material that I have read about. It's an interesting subject to study.

showmetruth: i am aware of all this drug talk

Ive been raised around drugs all my life so ive had a shroom expererience and it was amazing....my sister had a bad trip.but anyways no worries blues baby im not going to go out and get all drugged out and die...but you did make your point.that wasent good advice to give to people.allthought i would like to come across some dmt. I heard people have very religious experiencies on it.

showmetruth: thanks tim lovell

Ive got it set in my mind that i want contact.have you ever had contact with them and seen one with your very own eyes? Im aware that there are good and bad et's so to speak. Has any one here personally came in contact useing the spot light and laser pointer techneque?

Tim Lovell: Hi showmetruth I have seen

Hi showmetruth I have seen one with my own eyes even stood right next to one but like Tarheel says you don't need them to tell you the truth, they wont do that anyway ever, you have your own truth and spark inside of you always follow that

obsrvantlouie: I have heard of this method

Although I can astral travel so I haven't the need for verification in my physical body. The safest way to accomplish what you are looking for is to work on astral travel/out of body experience. You have to ask; pertaining to the 'physical realm' why would an alien want to come in contact with you? What would be their benefit?

For books that will aid you in an "out of body experience"

Journeys out of the body/Far Journeys/Ultimate Journey - ROBERT MONROE (highly recommend).
Astral Travel: Your Guide to the Secrets of Out-Of-The-Body Experiences [Yvonne Frost, Gavin Frost]

Welcome to TC!!

Tarheel: Showmetruth-the answers you seek are here (below).....

Thinking an ET is gonna show you the way is risky business. Avoid that at all costs.

....LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF. All your questions will be answered. THAT is a sacred truth.
Happy searching!

showmetruth: thanks to all of your advise

Id like to get into meditating and learning Esp powers such as astral projection,telekenesis,telepathy,and all that jazz but i want guidance like a imstructor someone that is already advanced in these skills or somewhat advanced...i use to be able to see auras and practiced telekinesis with a friend and was able to read certain peoples minds...i know having a loke minded partner helps with the self doubt...with the encourage ment and daily practice...

pasqualie: show me truth, if you want to

show me truth, if you want to meditate, you just have to meditate, set aside time each day and find the stillness inside you, Your first step before anything should be becoming aware of your ego, and begin the separation game, because its the source of all fears and negativity. Then you begin the separation game from the ego when you are aware of the ego and realize it is not you. You have to get out of judgement of all things, to get out of duality, or good and evil consciousness.

Myself I was meditating 4 years, before I had my first metaphysical experience like 6 weeks ago. Was jolted by electricity in my forehead twice and started seeing green vortexes. Ever since then hear high frequency and at times while i meditate, feels like my body is vibrating. Been hearing voices in my dreams as well that wake me up because i guess i am startled by hearing a voice. Its like i am in a dream, become aware i am in a dream, wondering whats going on, and then hear a voice that is not mine in my head.

Also release as much baggage and fears as you can before you start doing any of this stuff, cuz if you let your ego or imagination run wild, usually its not a fun experience.

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