about the jews god and the nazarine

by danfatem on August 15th, 2018

I am happy my views will be read by those who matters , about the Jews god who claims he love by letting the nazzarine die,how possible can he had loved the human race yet let another human die ,how could he had been such QN entity hlwho lies a lot and keeps malice as I am concerned the Jew god has been claiming human race has sin against him in as many years as human has been in existence yet,he still claims he is a god of love as the Christian book will say,he such a tyrant and big oppressor that he tells human not to do what he does and count to be a sin to human, for instance ,his books says don't kill,but he kills at will,he says don't keep malice while he does to man for ages,he says don't covert ,but he ask all human to bring him offerings of what he hasnt worked for ,what a bully ,most of all he treating us of the nazzarine coming ,he keep lying for more than 2000 years now the nazzarine never showed face,he such a fucked up,he says to man kind give to others yet he fucking will stay forever where the fucked he ha choosing for abode and keep smilling to himself playing with millions of silver and gold he keeps to himself and persiving the fucking saints from sacrifices of rams and other animals ,he such a blood thirsty blatant bully racist fucked faced merciless being ,I will understand if I will be blocked for this my words ,but just do me a favour ,let my voice be heard .

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bluesbaby5050: About the Jews and God.....

All the religions have a god that they pray to. But, all those gods in those different religions have the very SAME God! The true name of that God is EN.LIL, and he was an alien that originally came from the Sirius B star system in the Milkyway galaxy where he was in command of a planet called Sirius B where he ruled under his father the king Anu. Prince EN.lil is the god in the old testament in the Christian bible. The ruthless god of hellfire and brimstone, and falling snakes he had thrown down on to his human slaves for disobeying his commands, and many of them died from the venomous snake bites. yet he claimed to love his slaves, the humans of planet Earth. This star system which Sirius B belongs to is also within their kingdom, and it's called the Dogstar. The Annunaki clans/tribes are also from the Brown Dwarf known by different names as Niberu, or the 9th planet that orbits within our solar system. Not all the ANNUNAKI look alike, because the ANNUNAKI have more then 200,000 different looking Humanoids within their many tribes. Niberu is, or was where the father of Prince ENlil resides, and is where he ruled his many kingdoms from while on his throne, and his title is King Anu. The ruling king on Niberu has changed now, and the old King Anu had stepped down in the years of the 1400s, and between the 1500s and one of his great, great great grandsons on EN.lil's side of the family is now the new king of Niberu. And this Brown Dwarf Niberu is also referred to as Wormwood. It has its own planets, and many moons, and it has a long tail that has with it comets, and asteroid s, and dust ,and debris. And the Humanoids from these systems came to this planet, and spread it's colonies on our many moons. Some of them left, and some are still on Earth to this day. One of those was called the commander of the air, and his name is Prince ENlil. Prince Enili was the leader of his crew that had invaded planet Earth, and they had settled in what they named Ur, and later it became known as Sumeria, because of a ancient war that took place there. This first Annunaki settlement in the middle east areas of Iraq was where the ANNUNAKI lived. Later that area was know as Mesopotamia, one of the 8th wonders of this world. They came here to mine for gold, as well as other resources. And then they spread outwards into Iran, and into Syria, as they explored planet Earth in their space shuttles. And after some more time had passed some of them migrated into Eygpt later on in their ancient Earth history.

These aliens were called the ANNUNAKI, they were then, and they still are a warrior race. When Earth was being re-terra formed after a great war that almost totally destroyed Earth, Prince EN.lil had changed the Earth's planetary grid systems, and that's the reason why the animals eat each other, and before this had changed, all the animals were nourished by the cosmic energy. The Light from Source. The animals did not prey upon each other as food before the planetary grid system was changed over. This was done by the royal prince named ENLIL so he could have complete control of everything on this planet. The human race was once connected together as ONE Human Species! Then the humans were divided by COLOR, and then they were taught to HATE others that looked different then them. Then the Annunaki gave humans many different kinds of languages to separate humans farther apart. Then the Annunaki divided up the lands, and the regions to keep the humans separated on this planet. The Annunaki taught the humans how to use, and how to make weapons for the many wars the humans learned to fight in as warriors for the Annunaki. The Annunaki took control of all the continents by using humans to fight their bloody battles. The Annunaki demanded the humans to do blood sacrifices to them, because in the blood it has power. (Black Magic with blood was used on them to control the human populations).
These blood Rituals are performed, and taught in religions by drinking the wine in place of the blood, and to eat the wafer, which is the flesh of the victims. This was then, and still is called Cannibalism to this day. This is wrong! In the beginning humans were used first in the ANNUNAKI sacrifices, and then the animals were used. Wine is being used, along with those white, thin wafers that are used Symbolically to this day, in the sacrifices to their god inside the many churches where they perform their weekly rituals to their god. People need to break out of the " Slave Mentally," or stay stuck in darkness though their religions. And let's not forget the Incest, and the Pedofelia, and the Homosexually that the Annunaki also practiced, and had taught to the the human slaves to take part in. All this was brought to Earth by the Annunaki invaders that practiced Blood Rituals in their sacrifices of human captives, along with their Slave Tradings on, and off this planet throughout the ages to this very day! It's now time to break FREE from the warring lords of slavery on this planet. It's Time to break the chains of human slavery. SAY NO to wars, and say NO to slavery of all kinds, and say NO to all sexual perversions of all kinds. You humans of planet Earth have to break your invisible chains to Freedom! It's your Destiny!

Tarheel: these are the bad anunnaki...

There are good anunnaki here too...just like any nation-there are good and bad.i agree with bluesbaby.

Tarheel: the way

The way around this is to raise your vibration.that is something nobody can stop although they will try to thwart you in your ongoing attempts...don't be denied!

nzi20079: How does one raise their

How does one raise their vibrations, how will I know if I have successfully managed to do so? Is it difficult?

danfatem: annunnaki

Then how to get back to the source the light as you explained and initially in all human there are fragment of doing evil especially when been alone ,now if we seems less powerful to the anunkins, how to do this good of a thing,and where did the source really has come from,just like your explanation seems to correlate with Thor theories ,, exactly in person my view as been always this some months ago before joining this site,I was once a devoted Christian who prayed and fasted and go extra mile in morning cry and place to place preaching,but I fucking was angry my life seems weighted down ,first as I started my high school exams and prepared well for universities, but was dropped down to college ,even at college been an artisan who is vast in the practice of computer repairs was helping myself with this financially,but as I went for a compelling program to move to the second stage in college which was practical oriented and had to leave the school for the time which this program will take place, found out all that I got from my customers as computer to be repaired and those I had repaired before I went on this program as all been burnt down ,getting me into serious set back in this field till today ,OK I got involved in another business agric to help myself during school time but all i planted before harvest time was already harvested by someone else,now the third attempt of transportation which I tried to get from someone as a neighbour who cared was in the said transport businesses and cared to share with me allowed me to work half day with his car,during this time my brother had money issue elder brother and according to the Christian book to always give and help others ,now I gave all I can till my last penny was dropped and during this time I was financially down cause the person that shares his vehicle with me relocated thereby taken his vehicle along no one to turn to as all effort prove abortive ,it was at this stage my elder whom have helped seems to be financially up I asked for help but to my astonishment no was the answer , I went for block moulding although my health no to good for this job as it manual machine ,but because I need money I had determined to get it done as my school delays in releasing result cause this space of time I had finished school at this time when i went into block work ,I got a girl and wifed had a kid cause I was financially a bit up then but to my surprise ,when all money went down as she won't work and despite my effort to help her with trading which she says she is quite experienced and interested in ,she won't accept as all money I gave her she used for something else ,now I have a kid with her ,her family came and took her away and she left with the excuse i dont have money to care for my family anymore with my kid,till today I remain alone and all effort to get myself up financially in this aspect seems abortive as the economy of the country get worse everyday ,now with all I had said I was preaching or trying to tell a pathetic story to the world or reader ,I want to derive a point out which is ,during my time of complete devotion to the Christian God he promised not to leave nor forsake or remember any sin about me or expose me to any dangerous risk and make me over come all ,but lo and behold his lying lips betrayed him, another is this during this time the worshipper of Satan were flourishing till now which I was introduced to very time when I was still a Christian, now I refused them, it was late as they although get more blessings daily as I see them follow their faithful master ,the door seems closed about that they all reject me.now tell me how many days have human got to use in his program in this cosmos at most 969 as Methuselah did used which after him no one hasn't used up to, if we had so little time why do we have to go through pains most of time ,in my 26 years of life from my childhood till now haven't for a complete 1 year been uninterrupted financial graced not in buying cars and the rest,but in having meals to eat ,it was a fucked up thing and a mess world this same situation makes some people here get involved in practices of online scam which as a result makes the world hates this country so much and even the government all practise the Islam religion serve their god and oppress saying youth are not hardworking while his son as a youth I meant the president drives in exortic cars of the finest design millions of British pounds worth and the president himself great just his left ear with so much as a hundred million dollars and so on... they all fucking live a life as there oprresive god of Jew the nazzarine and the Muslims are bringing pains ,saying things they would never do but expecting citizens to do, denying workers who get there fucking money out of the earth of there salary ,and using police to threaten or sometime kill those who protest ,,,now those who fare of guns death in protest die of hunger in the pretence of been faithful to either Jew god or nazzarine or the Muslim god ,what the fucking a hater and a blatant lyer the god of the Jew nazzarine and the Muslims are that they fucking eat human and would not want human happy not a seconds.

bluesbaby5050: About the Jews, and...,.

This is for everyone. Being spiritual is NOT the same as being religious. Most people make this common mistake. In a person's spiritual development to grow, it's best to ask your Higher Self, that's connected to the creator source for help in your daily life. So as a person goes inside him/ herself for all the answerss they seek, not looking to the outside world for the answers is to mediate, and all this means is to be quiet, and spend some time alone when ever you get the chance to do, and Listen while being quiet without any noises, or distractions , because this is very important so that you can, and will achieve your close relationship to your GodSource--your higher self that stays with the Devine Holy Spirit. Your always connected to this, because it's you, at your Highest Devine Self Awareness of all that is, and all that will ever be. You can change your life, but it will require your patience, and it will require your INTENT. I know, because I've done it myself. If you don't believe this, it will cause you to fail! Don't shoot yourself in the foot, by saying you want change in your life, then you receive the knowledge, and then you defeat your own purpose. The first step is to truly believe in your self. You have your physical self, and then you have your mental self, and then you have your subconscious self, and then you have your light body, then you have your SuperSelf-- > ' Your God Head ' that knows all your past lives, and that knows all your desires, and that knows all your dislikes, and that knows everything you've ever done. because It's the REAL YOU! These are all the different parts of you that makes up the Whole You. Why? How? Because it's all you ! Your not just your physical, dense body you wear everyday. 'Your way more then that. Get to really KNOW your selves. By setting some quiet time aside to mediate and try taking some deep breaths, and relax, and just let your mind go, and DON'T interfere with what you hear , see , just be quiet. This is the hard part
...... don't do any thinking, just relax and get yourself used to doing this, this is the first step. Ask your soul guides to help you in getting to know, and to connect with your Higher Self, and say thank you after. Never say Amen, because your giving your power away to another entity that ROB'S your prayers. And as all that energy is in those prayers to gain strength to exist for this entity. That's why nothing is working for you.Your kept in the dark, because what I'm telling you is hidden knowledge. The occult. That's it's true meaning. You don't need any religion, because all of them LIE to unknowing people just like you. Many members here are here to seek out the real truth about this planet, and about how it's been controlled through religions. All of them priest, ministers, and pastors, many, not all, but many do get rich off of us people, while they in turn some of them will, and have abused, and lied, and stole from us with false pretenses with their FAKE gods, It's a scam to control the masses of people! Now your seeing the truth come out about how the people have been betrayed in the public world media's. It's all up to each and everyone of you how you really want to live your lives. So take back your power, and never give it away again no matter what! ( @ danfatem, I hope I've helped you).

danfatem: you would had done well

Thanks for insecant reply, but you will do well to tell me more of the occult like you explained, and what your take was on it,cause about me when I was formerly in my religion ,I was spiritual to certain level that I say words especially when I am arroused job myself ,and I have seen things. But just like the Christian moses,he wished he had seen the Jew God but never did ,maybe because the Jew God was so secretive or pervert , and the purpose I see to moses decision to see his God head to use your terminology is to inquire so many things ,,,like why will his God head decide to give just a lady to Adam to wife why not provide as many as possible choices of ladies so he could choose,why that it was in that garden Adam was placed why wasn't he given choices of sort of garden and see which will suit him,if man wasn't been imposed on ,as the Christian bible will say he has given them choice to decide for good or evil ,in the first three point ibid ,why was choices absent. Thereby lying and going against himself , .dear blue bay or many more reader ,if you would know to what level of Inuit I have ,you would know I really haven't wished cash ,but how to help raise the standard of life to other and then in the process to myself , as long as my forebares are into Christian god worship the nazzarine which they read about never showed face till date to give them a happy time as they quoted him say...now if perchance I see it a chance I repeat to follow with all devotion as I did to the former Jew god,to serve the true God as I see now Satan is and see a medium to him ,yes will be glad to meet him...in person,, if perchance to be guided with maximum security and be lead to him to ensure I do not abuse the help rendered as peoples fair might be I am glad to gracely abide by all terms...to abide in hell won't hurt,as if hell is real and am able to benefit what it cause may be in positive while in this human program that last but for short time,then I don't really want to care what the Jew heaven has to offer cause ..better to be a lion in the jungle then a dog in the city,better to be in hell with reaches on earth than in Jew heaven with sadness and sorrow on earth .

bluesbaby5050: The Jews god......

@ danfatem, this site is all about the occult. Please take the time to read through the list of categories at the bottom of this site. Each topic is clearly listed to choose from. Read the materials, as well as the comments to help you to understand better. Alot of time, and years was put into each subject by our members on TruthControl. For you, look under religion for your research. This will help you the most. I'm glad that I could help you on your search for the truth.

danfatem: sincerly

Sincerely I thank you for your guide,of really been helpful especially in taking powers and not giving another force my power again. Dear blubay5050 I will come this far to tell you I from my childhood since had been dreaming of myself flying in my dream with little wings but now that I am a bit grown up,I was able to see myself also flying with a matured wings in my dream ,as I grow daily I see my wings growing as well , I knew there is something to this rather than mere dream ,and I have tried flying in real life after waking or perchance performing some extra ordinary in thing with magic or more,but it seems I don't grap the power when awake, can you help me with this,I really want to be fully in control of my spiritual self ,and be a matured soul as one of the material which you refferd me to has stated type of soul and there reaction and ability.

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