9/11, the Ancient Egyptian Connection

Was 9/11 a sacrifice to ancient Egyptian gods by Masonic Skull and Bones the Brotherhood of Death?

I say YES!

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Kim Lawley: As Illuminati started in

As Illuminati started in Europe and the house of Rothchilde is in
London there is very little info on the European family's that I
Would have thought would have control over the Rockafella
Side of the family. What I am concentrating on is their involvement
In England historically and to date can anyone help

Quinton: It's not clear if the

It's not clear if the Illuminati did really start in Europe. There have been many Illuminatis and the most recent iteration, the Bavarian, German Illuminati, is only one of the more recent. But we know the Bavarian Illuminati is merely a more recent form of a long term plan created long before Europe. If you really want to know more on the Illuminati check out the history of the Vatican, Jesuits, Knights Templar and Egypt, in particular the 18th dynasty. That's getting closer to the Illuminati IMO.

As for the Rockefeller involvement, they were financed through the Rothschilds and basically took over American financial operations for the Morgans, who were also agents for the Rothschilds. But the Rothschilds also work for somebody.

Tarheel: You naming any names ?

Re: who the Rothschilds work for...you spilling the beans? If not, how about an opinion or educated guess?

Anybody (Rothschilds) who finances BOTH sides of a worldwide war effort is no friend of humanity-but we all knew that. I felt compelled to say that for some reason (non-topical)

Quinton: There's a good quote by

There's a good quote by Eustace Mullins where he says:

The following year [1823], the Rothschilds took over all of the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church.

And then Avro Manhattan

The Vatican...has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States, it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Banker's Trust Company, and others. The Vatican...has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel,General Electric, International Business Machines, TWA, etc.

So my guess would be the Vatican. And of course the Vatican is the Earth front for the off-world Orion, as well as others most likely.

Kim Lawley: It dose point that way as u

It dose point that way as u explain. I am told prince Philip and
Lord Mount Batten is or was in Illuminati I an also told that they
Started run the EEC and the UN is this correct ?

Quinton: Yes, this is most certainly

Yes, this is most certainly on point. The royal family of England is highly tied to the Illuminati. They trace their ancestry back to ancient Egypt. They are tied into everything that is going on in the world. The Windsors are basically the executive branch of the Illuminati. The Vatican "owns" the world, but the British royals run it. They have deals dating back with the Vatican hundreds of years.

Karoline: Jesuits - Vatican - Rothschilds

I thought the 'Jesuits' controlled the Vatican, wouldn't that mean the Society of Jesus 'owns' the world, financially speeking ?

Quinton: Yes, the Jesuits essentially

Yes, the Jesuits essentially control the Vatican.

Karoline: Society of Jesus:

So if mother Earth is owned by the 'society of Jesus' (Jesuits), then Jesus is a bit of a naughty boy then don't you think? Enslaving Earth and leaving her to suffer (not that i believe he actually existed you understand) - you can't blame people for backing the opposition for instance..

dvogel: And their military division

is called the Knights of Malta, who has their own "State" inside the Vatican.

This order has a member list including all Catholic Kings and Queens as well as top politicians and Nazis.


Karoline: Jesuits adversary:

So without using the words Satan or Pharisee, who would you describe as the adversary of the 'society of Jesus' (Jesuits) on Earth, now? Just anyone who doesn't buy into the story of Jesus (anyone who doesn't believe)?

UN.i1-PHI: including

including those who do believe,but they're less to be 'attacked' because theyre controlled already in certain (religious) ways...so it doesnt matter wether it be believing in jesus, mohamed, satan or buddha, if its in the worshipping way it is one and the same kind of trick, only in a different disguise to att(r)ack(t) all different kind of minds to fall for the same tool; religion
all the good people wether they are religious or not, complying with the 'system'&their ideologies/doctrines or not,sleeping or not, they are targeted for total control and extermination to certain controlable levels

UN.i1-PHI: 'demons and angels' = extra&intraterrestrial/dimentional beings!

you dont want to use satan but you want to use the word adversary, they mean the same, satan is the title of 'the adversary', that name/title/label was declared on enki, he became the adversary of anu, or actually anu named him satan because he did not comply with his(anu=enki's 'father') demands and commands and went against the orders by helping&improving humanity, wich was to become slave drones, instead of helpful workers spiecies for that moment as the solution, just like enlil did hate(&envy) him, enlil who was the lord of the command because anu said so,he got control of the gold mining operation on earth wich was first ran by enlil and his annunaki workers&geneticists team, because enki was having too much pleasure with re-creating the earth and its species and threating them well so that they even kinda enjoyed working with him, but his ways didnt supply anu with enough gold at an fast enough rate, they were in a crisis;need for gold because of nibiru's atmoshpere eradication and because the orion queens were demanding gold as they were using the territory they first gave to someone else(alalu,ex king of sirris, banished by anu), enki did a lot of things that went AGAINST 'the system'/empire, and so he was the adversary of their king, his own 'father' rejected him for this, and his 'brother' too, just as all the anu-ite/enlil-ite annunakis and even the humans were told to reject anything that had to do with him and fear him for he is de ea ba-el, , diabolo,the devil, demonized just as the word 'demonized' itself, but much worse in many ways ofcourse, not to compare with a mere word...the bringer/bearer of light/knowledge (to the humans and earth) just as the 'latin' word lucifer defines it, however because they called him like that because of enki's benevolant ways was not wished by their own cruel ideologies (to humanity), does not mean the he really is 'lucifer' or the 'devil', as it is nowadays interpreted in ways of complete propaganda as these stories of lucifer and satan are long not anymore what they used to be, they are re-written, twisted and lied about troughout time to cover the real events wich occurred in ancient history and to cause further mis-interpretation of these scriptures so that the real truths and realities about them are hidden and twisted, mainly to keep humanity asleep of its extraterrestrial reality of tyrannical control in disguise of something pretending to be benevolant... and so even these lied scriptures had to be re-written oftenly to cover-up 'extreme' subjects/topics to be addresed as wonders and miracles of demons and angels, wich were all about extraterrestrial activity, but people nowadays can read all about it in their religious books without even notice what they really imply tough its lied about in a tisted composition for grand/mass deception...
jesus itself is a 'composite character' just as well as lucifer/satan, but actually they are one and the same person! to split humans minds into extreme conflicting polarity of their history and their benevolant ancestor, enki, and not to forget/surpress/leave out his 'sister' 'ninhursag' the female counterpart in humans creation, who beared the first adapa wich was artificially inseminated and without wouldnt result in the adamu like it did, of course there were many more genetic manipulations and interbreeding afterwards(&before) wich resulted in the many so called 'races'/humankinds = humanity!

UN.i1-PHI: Reject/OutCast Rebel

enki was banished, punished and demonized for his love and (com)passion for humanity, his divine creation, he was the REAL REBEL, REJECT/ OUT-CAST, but the real 'dEVILs' were IN-CAST,IN CASTRAE(army/(military)camp/field/fort(ress)/ war service=the empire), IN CHASTE('morally pure'(according to the tyrant systems morals) from latin Castus='pure') , they were loyal and obedient to the system/empire, whose emperors/kings etc were ('our' definition of) tyrants, the real (nowadays 'evil definition')"SATAN" is ENLIL&ANU/YAHWEH, and the real "LUCIFER" is PINDAR, they are the REAL BAD GUYS playing earth here and a lot more!


Karoline: Enki means something to you:

UN, obviously Enki means a great deal to you and several others. To me Enki is a Sumerian Myth - not a real character, so we'll have to agrea to disagrea on that one. I just want to know who is in direct opposition to the Vatican basically.

UN.i1-PHI: i say it like this

because i believe he does mean a lot to all humans,in certain ways like their origins & existance and the different intentions, ideals and agendas in diverse polarity playing here on earth and other planets!
the vatican is working for the malevolant empires/systems, we're all their 'opposition', we(good intended humans) all are their target is what i tried to imply, but we have to turn this around and 'get em back' for the deceptive carnage/tyranny they have done!

ancient history became legends, legends became myths, and myths are now what..? science-fiction/faction?all to hide the alien id-entity, but of course this is difficult to deal with due to the deceptive twistings and lies, but you can deduce how they operate and it becomes clearer, and more 'managable'

anyways i agree how getting 'bigger picture' is certainly more important than some details correctly
you're doing a good job karen keep on learning about the NWO and how to stop&change it by firstly raising awareness to its denied existance and implied innocense for yourself and others, as in a way we all 'need' eachother because we're all in this together! :)

Tarheel: Yes, En Ki does mean a great deal to me.

EnKi is no myth.

Believe as you wish and I will, too. Agree to disagree is fine.

Peace !

Tarheel: Most of us fit into that category.

The Vatican is as dark as it gets as far as I am concerned. I know there are many others who feel this way.

Karoline: Jesuits (as head of Vatican):

What i mean is - if the Jesuits are head of the Vatican and the vatican owns the Earth and Jesuits means 'society of Jesus', then we're talking Christianity. Mohamed and Buddha are not associated with Christianity. The members of the Vatican are 'human beings' alive today (not ancient Sumerian myths). So when i say who is the adversary of the society of Jesus i'm refering again to 'human beings' or 'a group of people' alive today on Earth ? If you MUST use the word Satan then, who are the Satans cos they've got my vote?

UN.i1-PHI: who do you think owns the vatican etc

and why do you think they are just 'mere' humans, just because they appear to be, or that this whole elaborate agenda/system is created by just greedy power hungry HUMANS?,

i know you have a hard time seeing the 'proof' for extraterrestrial intervention/influence, but the proof in such circumstances are sometimes hard to define as a 'fact' or proof, it is not something you can just graps by JUST some single piece of direct 'evidence', it is about connecting the dots to see the bigger picture of their role even tough they have done a great job of hiding and disguising this, but not for long anymore, it all depends on how we interpret the things around us from the reality we're living in...when you see the 'ET connection' it becomes obvious, tough you may not find immediate direct proof of this,
so its my personal opinion is that once you see that/how&why these so called gods and angels&demons are actually persons who most probably are NOT from terrestrial origin, as it explains most of the circumstances from ancient history written and rewritten in doctored versions to the very day we're living in now, it can help explain 'all' the problems we have to deal now with on earth and other planets, wether seen or unseen, extraterrestrials are actually not a big deal to graps, they are persons just like you and me, but from different lifes on different planets, times and dimentions, but they can also intervene in our planet, time and dimentions, especially when they got all the time before earth even existed to develop interstellar travel and advance technologically at the least, but this is not the need, as spirituality can beat technology in any aspect to the point it is not needed, spirituality is needed to control technology and materialism,, anyways i'm drafting off, and sorry for being somewhat 'off-topic', but it certainly is all connected

i wanted to state that one of my points was that there is a huge/elaborate diversity in so many aspects of life, or what we think its part of life, to create an illusion of seperate and innocent entities/facilities/programs who are all part of an elaborate big 'unified' scheme/agenda to enslave humanity even by their own choice/ free will! from all forms of religion to sports and other entertainment to (divided&/united) nations to concepts of races and evolution without extra intervention to the persons&programs you see on the tv or in politics or goverments=gover-minds!

i/we do not want to 'enforce' you to believe anything or anyhow, we're all sharing our minds in this reality, it is good you do see/acknowledge the malevolant agenda/tyranny on earth, but you deny its extraterrestrial origins not that much of a 'big deal', because wether it be humans or et's THIS CARNAGE MUST STOP,
you do this out of lack of direct evidence/proof, that is all right we're all in this, its very good how you question everything, but i and others do that too, and i wont hold back just because something has been structrually denied of its existance/reality!

you say that extreterrestrials or earthly evolution originate from meteors containing survived dna ,this is/could be probably quite possible,but did you notice this is the way is mainstreamly taught,what they want you to think of our origin/evolution and to deny intervention/et-alteration,but from an deeper perspective due to all 'weird' circumstances, its quite unlikely the case on earth that there hasnt been more advanced forms of intervention, well these metors must have come from another planet with life already on it, but its just as possible, if not more(/or less), that there came life to this earth in more sophisticated ways and means, and for certain agendas manipulating others around them

last point i indirectly tried to make and now repeat for ppl to please watch out with labeling/generalizing, without explaining 'your definition' , words confuse people and their intentions because of the different interpretations, wether conditioned in certain ways or 'purely self interpreted/directed', i tried to show how wrong it is to use the word satan as the truth does not have to be in a single form, but in an overall diverse perspective on that certain thing, i tried to explain the different perspectives and intentions/origins of such terms/titles because what we call good or bad for one may be the opposite for another, it depends on trough whose eyes/perspective it is perceived and with what intentions for another...

Karoline: Terra firma and spirit V ET:

Well thanks for attempting to answer my query, i just like to know what's what and who's doing what to whom, why, when and how. Perhaps if these ETs that you all seem to believe in, didn't have ancient Sumerian mythological names and were simply referred to as 'spirits' i'd find it easier to entertain the possibility of their existance. I don't have a problem believing in the spirit world because it's something i have experience of, but again, i find no reason to suspect that any of 'those' are extra terrestrial in origin either. Thanks anyway :)

UN.i1-PHI: there are real beings,spirits,souls behind the names/TITLES

maybe not all and probably not everything humans use to term them, as many can be made-up and twisted/doctored, but actually most of them origin way back to the actual entities and their activities etc..

anyways i think we use these names to identify/distinguish who we're talking about and in wich form/body tough there are many different names/titles for the same extraterrestrial beings, you can see them troughout history in different forms in different cultures and in different scriptures, most of these are not just names but titles, but they are a way to identify these beings, and they were given to the people/populations who had to deal with these gods, or some gave them their own names in a more indirect way, but its all more complex if you consider that these et's actually founded these civilizations with languages, systems etc, and not just depressed/surpressed humanity but also 'uplifted' them in certain ways but also including the negative influences/consequences and shortcutting/changing their evolution... evolution is not just linear you know, all sorts of beings alter/influence eachother with also huge consequences, wether it be in a microscopical level or marcroscopical, theyre all tied together actually... these titles were actually not their real names, but a way to define them troughout history and also usefull nowadays, i dont like generalization as there comes a lot of confusion when the intentions/meanings are not explained properly, but we have to use them in our languages/talks as a way to define things quickly, like when saying/using terms like jesuits or NWO-minions, humanity or certain groups defined by a term for their culture/race or so called gods/ets etc...

dvogel: Its hard to say

since its all in secrecy. I think they mainly are busy with keeping people's faith in them, so that they have the power. This is e.g. done by putting up Christians against the muslims, since many Westerners are not really Chrstians, but they for sure are if they meet extreme muslims. As well I think they are busy to ensure that powerful business men and top politicians are indoctrinated in their system and will do their bidding instead of their own.

Tim Lovell: heh I used to live in the

heh I used to live in the royal yaght squadron in cowes isle of wight , my step dad was the secretary so we had a flat there, and one day prince phillip came there and I was drinking a beer and looked out the window and he was right under me talking to my step dad , he is quite small :)

UN.i1-PHI: 2001 'Year Zero' @ 9/11 Ground Zero ?

(to make up to TR for writing so much somewhat off topic in general here on his 911 Egypt topic, ... :P)
heres an interesting article with footage of the ground 0 ceremony and an intruiging explanation of the 'business term': 'Year Zero' indicating a new begin after trouble, so called revolution, but we know that they're stagin this all... lets start our own independant revolution and not get infiltrated lol:p

The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up.


remember that the year next/after '-1' was '1' (AD or somehting) skipping zer0 , so perhaps 2001 was the first 21'th century in whatever ways/terms, implying the 'zero00'?.. anyways we got a fuctup irregular calendar(gregorian i think its called) i really 'hate' it actually, i even think i still cant actually name all months on chronological order correctly becaue i never wanted to really learn it or something :P

dvogel: Ground Zero

also refers to an explotion underground often a Nuclear explotion


Like Dimitri Khalezov stated


Karoline: Enki was the planet Mercury?

The true nature of the Anunnaki gods and goddesses was known in ancient times. Only modern revisionism has turned them into flesh and blood beings. Presumably agenda driven like the motivation that produced the Bible. The Sumero Babylonians themselves, said the gods were the planets and their stories - myths. It's like people thousands of years from now believing in the flesh and blood existance of Harry Potter. In fact one day, if humans don't get erased all together, i reckon the stories of 'Harry Potter' will form the new Bible and the 'Lord of the rings' tales will become the new Qur'an. So we really are going to have to agree to differ on this particular subject if that's ok with you.

On a lighter note: I do like pissin about with numbers - do you already know about this one. The number 9 is the only number which when multiplied by ANY other number, the numbers will then add up to 9. For eg 9 x 39928 = 359352 then 3+5+9+3+5+2 = 72 then 7+2 = 9. So if you give a multiple of the number 9 to every letter of the English alphabet eg A=9, B=18, C=27, D=36, E=45 etc, then the name JESUS adds up to 666. Well you did say the society of Jesus owns the Vatican. And the annoying prophetic last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, who some say, was never intended to be a part of the Bible, in Revelation 13:17,18 it says that 'And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.' I did a study once and found that Atum-Ra, Jesus, Lucifer, Damuzi, Y'shua, Gospel, Cross, Messiah, Joshua, Muhammad, all added up to 666. Funny ay? :D

dvogel: I'm not sure if he is Mercury

but it could be. Jesus is e.g. the sun and Satan is Saturn. 666 as you mention is the number of the beast and actually man. We are 666.

"Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666 – (John 13: 18)"

Karoline: Planet Enki:

Thoth/Hermes, the messenger/scribe is defo Mercury. Thought Enki was associated with Mercury too but Enki is no doubt Earth. Really should do a study on this one, as to exactly which planets the Sumerians were refering to when they created a story around them. Looks like you've got your beast men though - Jesus, Muhamed, also i believe one of the popes names added up to 666, just can't remember which one hehe

Annunaki77: Karoline

Is your Life a Myth?. You exist , do you not?.

Karoline: Yes I exist:

So does the Moon, but it's not made of flesh and blood. So does Harry Potter but he's not made of flesh and blood either. Oo, am i in the dog house again? Tiz no place for a cat :(
'What is history, but a fable agreed upon?' (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Annunaki77: Yes you Exist

Enjoy your Reality , this is what Life is all about , it is about Discovering your World.
The Watchers ( Good Ones ) make sure you live a Good Peaceful Life Karoline.

As for me I am just a nobody , but your friend believe it or not.

Wake Me Up -- Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc Lyrics


Karoline: I am a watcher :)

Beam me up Scotty, going to bed, night all :)
Ps i do like that song, very catchy.

Tim Lovell: hehe she is really still

hehe she is really still asleep as to the ET reality I guess :)

obsrvantlouie: 2shay

Laughed many times at that one, thanks Tim.

dvogel: It for sure seems to have an Egyptian connection

As stated by Albert Churchward in Arcana of Freemasonry

"These old Mystery Teachers first divided the Heavens into two parts, the North and the South, which they symbolized by two poles or pillars... These were called the two sustainers of heaven; also they represented the two gods of the Pole Stars, and later, in Egypt, were named the two Tat Pillars. These two pillars were always placed at the porchway entrance of every temple in the world, and represent J and B in our Masonic Temples"

UN.i1-PHI: Boaz and Jachin

i went look up why they call them like that and i translated it like this from nl wiki

‚Jachin’ is an Hebrew name and means ‚founding father’ or he will confirm
Jachin was the name of the son of Simeon en one of the 70 souls who migrated to Egypt with Jacob
Jachis was also the name of the first high priest of the Temple of Salomo.
After him, the right one of the copper copper columns, which were set up at the front hall of the main room of the temple of Salomo, was named after.
The left column had the name Boaz, and means „in Him is power”
(besides that he occurs as one of the principal figures in the book Ruth in the Hebrew bible of the Bible which i skipped to translate)…
Boaz is also the name of the left copper column in the Temple of Salomo, which were set up at the front hall of the main room. This name is probably an abbreviation from an inscription that went like: „In the Lord is power”, The right column/pillar was named Jachin
[for english versions of the article change the nl. into en. in the links]

if anyone has some deeper/more 'secret' symbolism/knowledge about this pls share, i bet/guess TR will have something to say about B&J if he didnt posted it before...

here's some comments quinton posted from Manly P Hall

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