The 7 Superdomains

The 7 Superdomains. [click on to image to enlarge]- T-BOUNDRY Pictured. Organization of the Unum superdomains as an ovoid-shaped metastructure presented here as a 2-dimensional image of a superdomain 8-dimensional continuum. 4. The Super Domains:

The Unum consists of 7 Superdomains in total, formed from within the T-Boundary (Thought Boundary), which is the term for thought implication on top, moving "downward" through the LOMs# and Superdomains to manifest in explication in form and matter. The T-Boundary can be depicted as a fuzzy "shield" around the egg-shaped Unum. Each of the Superdomains has its own ratio of space and time, and now we have to stretch our imagination:

The various Superdomains have different ratios depending on when and where you are located. In reality, each of the seven domains are completely interconnected, but at the same time work as unique superdomains in and of themselves. This, in an attempt to explain this in simpler terms, can be compared to us humans, who are also connected with each other and everything else in the Multiverse, but depending on where and when we are, we experience ourselves as separate beings at the same time as we are ONE. [see image above] The Unum, as depicted in Figure 3, has an ovoid (egg-like) shape with an onion-like, layered metastructure with fuzzy boundaries, separating the domains. The entire Unum is a limitless plenum (the combination of space, including matter) of energetics organized as a super-continuum. Thought, as energy and infinite potential, can via emotion (which is a form of energy as well) and intention work itself in interconnectivity and, in singularity or in unison respectively, manifest in matter. The denser the energy, the more work to make it manifest. On certain levels, you create what you want with your thoughts, emotions and intentions only, while in our dense reality here on Earth, we often need to take additional steps to make things manifest in the physical.

To understand how the Unum works, we need to take a tour into each of the 7 superdomains, one by one, to see what is there and what is its function. This has been done via ENS, and with help from certain extraterrestrial beings, and the following are the conclusions made by the scientists involved. These experiences more often than not show to be very coherent with each others, and if six to seven people perceive and experience the same, or similar things, the evidence after a while will be considered quite solid:

4.1 The Prime-Causal Superdomain

This superdomain is the outer shell of the Unum, and it's function is the creation of thought, with two other additional functions:

◾ Manifestation of thought-matrices

◾ Transform downward-causal chain

Thought-Boundary (T-Boundary) information is thus sent through a downward cascading effect, which is applied equally in the next 5 "lower" superdomains in the following order (each of them will be looked into separately in sequence as well):

◾ Thought (B)

◾ Unisonic (C)

◾ Logomorphic (D)

◾ Syntonicdiffusive (E)

◾ Templaic (F)

What a thought-matrix would look like at its inception point and the result and thought-essence it is producing at the time. The effect is instantaneous, and will be explained in more details in the next two sub-sections:

Thought-Matrix at inception point and its result in the two next Superdomains.

4.] 2 Thought Superdomain:

The Prime-Causal and the Thought Superdomains work in unison to creative impulses which become thought-essences and thought-matrices simultaneously, in parallel. The two primary functions of the Thought Superdomain are:

• Take an accurate "photo" of the thought

• Record sound associated with the thought

This Superdomain also has as its function to invest in "creative impulses", originated at the Prime-Causal or 4-space/time superdomains. This creative impulse investment has the quality of making a distinguishable and coherent "whole", so that it can be understandable as a concept. In simpler words, this means that a thought is sent down to the 4-space/time, for example, being processed there, and sent back up to be processed. Once an accurate "photo" is taken of the original thought, the second primary function kicks in automatically. Then the thought is instantly moved forth to the Logomorphic (morphic meaning "form" or "shape") and Syntonicdiffusive (syntonic = adjusted to the same, or a particular frequency) Superdomains.

Figure 4-B above illustrates how the enfoldment fields of the thought domain appears as a plain surface with no major characteristics other than the marking of the thought essence that can be seen as a line through the Prime-Causal and Thought Superdomains. In general, this process can be likened to a computer hard drive, recording a file onto a disk.

So, in summary, as we can see, not only do the superdomains work themselves in a downward fashion, but the thought, as it's being processed through the domains, are then manifesting in its lowest Superdomain (4-space/time) and is sent back up the domains again after have been processed, manifested and acted upon. Hence, one single thought eventually becomes experience, and this experience is being part of, shared, and accessible to any entity evolved enough to receive the information (in any of the 7 Superdomains, not only 4-space/time). Metaphysically speaking here, if I may, it means one has to be on the same frequency or above, to be able to receive and interpret the thought.

Another important role of this superdomain is to function as the ultimate "back up" domain. Any thought that has ever been thought, and every action that has even been taken, is stored here, like in a super-giant Akashic Record. Here is the story of the Unum, preserved forever, way after a 4-dimensional Universe dies, and anyone living in the Unum (or potentially elsewhere) has access to this ultimate "library" if they are evolved enough. We are using it on a daily basis without knowing about it, but as we evolve, we can more consciously access it and "visit" it. Then, in a downward fashion, each planetary body has its own "Akashic Records", which includes any and every thought and action made within that planetary body. More about that later.

4.] 3 Unisonic Superdomain:

This Superdomain is apparently the one that has been the hardest to decipher by the neurosensors. Its main function is to bring the information on the "disk" (the thought/sound signature complex), and propel it forward (or downward) on its way to becoming a 4-space/time object or form, making the refinements required; almost like adjusting the quality of the contents of the disk before bringing it forward to the next step in the process of getting the "final product".

Interestingly enough, as a side note, already as a young adolescent, I intuitively "knew" that the Universe was music in its purest form, and that it was held together by frequency. When I looked at pictures of the Universe and the giant galaxies, the stars, and the planets, I could hear in my head that each heavenly body was playing its own instruments, had its own sound and contributed to a larger symphony, which was that which was played by the whole galaxy. Other galaxies play other symphonies and I could imagine how the whole Universe was one big super-symphony where everything is playing its part on God's complex, but yet so simple, musical sheet.

Although there is much more to it than that, the feeling I got from experiencing this phenomenon just by looking at high resolution pictures was almost overwhelming. I also realized that music is universal, and those of us who are able to create our own music, like I have done, are basically "downloading" bits and pieces from the galactic symphony, creating something unique and personal from it with the purpose of having an emotional experience/impact on self and other-selves, and then add this minor composition to the already existing giant overall symphony of the Milky Way and the Universe as Infinite Potential and thus change the super-symphony with a few notes; or rather, add to it. How successful we are depends on how much "in tune" we are with the Multiverse. Thus, we can compare classical composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc., with a "death metal" and low frequency music composer. Who is most in tune with the Harmonic Multiverse; who of the two is more in tune with God/Source?

I also realized that each one of us is playing his/her own melody constantly, but mostly unconsciously, by just being a body/mind/spirit complex (biomind). If we are able to perceive this, we can recognize each other merely from the unique "song" we are constantly "playing" for our environment. This "song" is ever-changing as our frequencies change; it's even changing from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute... Each one of us is not only one frequency, but we exist in harmonics of different frequencies. The more balanced we are, and the more evolved, the more "beautiful" the harmonics we emit are perceived by the Multiverse around us, and we are perceived as more "pleasant" by people in our environment.

Consequently, the more in harmony and in balance the inhabitants of a certain galaxy are as a whole, the more harmonic and pleasant is the overall symphony of the galaxy. So potentially, by becoming more aware of being multi-dimensional and being able to consciously experience that we exist in many places in space/time and time/space simultaneously, we can also "feel out" a certain galaxy before entering it. How harmonic and pleasant is the symphony played by that certain galaxy? Not so pleasant? Well, if I enter, I'd be more alert than if the symphony is perceived as more pleasant to our sensors. Same thing would go for feeling out a particular planet. This kind of thinking, of course, is limited to one perception only (sound frequency), when the Multiverse can, and should be, perceived multi-perceptional, but the thought in itself is fascinating and mind-boggling.

4. ] 4 Logomorphic and Syntonic-Diffusive Superdomains:

The Logomorphic Superdomain has as its function to install "rules of operation" and "rules of manifestation" when comes to thought, to prepare for entering 4-space/time. The Syntonic-Diffusive Superdomain is actively assisting in the creative impulses from the T-Boundary of the former superdomain (in the same "downward" fashion as described earlier). Its primary task is maintenance of functionality; to keep the thoughts stable on their way down the Superdomains. It has an "indexing function", which can be compared with registering property with the Library of Congress or similar.

But the Syntonic-Diffusive Superdomain also has another different function, which can be likened with branding livestock, perhaps. It established a "homing" function to know where it came from and where it needed to return to once its function(s) were fulfilled at its intended destination.
4. ] 5 Templaic/Quantum Potential Superdomain:

Much of life physics lies in phenomena between 4-space/time and the Templaic Superdomain, or what is now referred to as the subquantum or the vacuum. Here is where all creative impulses take form before they enter 4-space/time, where we perceive ourselves to be.

All quanta, in whatever role or conformational function they may be, know all 4-space/time rules and have access to all 4-space/time points. The existence of 4-space/time rules are predicated on the existence of its mirror template and quanta support ranges in the Templaic Superdomain.

4.] 6 4-Space/Time Superdomain:

This last superdomain is the innermost of them all in the Unum. The first six superdomains have as one of their common functions to project, foster, promote, and support the "lowest" of the superdomains. It is here where all creative impulses, originating in the Prime-Causal Domain, move through an instantaneous process to become a templaic conformation, and ultimately an object or a "thing". We often refer to these objects as matter, which in certain terms is a bit misleading, as matter in itself does not truly exist, and in reality matter is just a range of energetic frequencies which our senses interpret as being more or less solid.

There are numbers of "natural" phenomena manifesting in 4-space/time, including; Astronomical, Astrophysical, and Cosmological. Astronomy is concerned about celestial bodies, such as galaxies, stars, planets, comets, nebulae and so on, while astrophysics is dealing with the physics of the universe, like luminosity, temperature, density and chemical composition of celestial objects. Cosmology is more directed toward the study of the universe as a whole as it is now, including humanity's role in it.

These three areas form the natural basis for 4-space/time as one superdomain of the Unum. Important to realize is that objects in 4-space/time are actually macro-quantum objects, and therefore available to the biomind by their "quantum-numbers". This plays an important role for the biomind; in fact, any biomind has access to any object's quantum number as it exists in the Thoughts Superdomain as an upward chain from causality (from here to Source or T-Boundary). Hence, you basically know everything about everything instantly. CONTINUED IN 5.The T- Boundry.

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