528 Hz Meditation Tool for Healing & DNA Cleansing

by moonsstarr923 on February 4th, 2014

Has anyone every tried this 528 Hz Meditation Tool for Healing and DNA Cleansing???

In case it DOES clean out your DNA and help heal you then, , , , , I guess it doesn't hurt to try it!
For those who may have trepidations, , ,no worries, , , I'll try it soon myself and let you know what/if anything good or bad happens/results from the 528 HZ meditation tool.




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obsrvantlouie: I just came across this last week

Synchronicity....I' m starting with the "om" meditation first. I'll let you know what I find.

Crackdown: Sound could have different applications, - could harm or heal ;)

Great article, I wait for these articles from ETs, if they read TC
Sound could be used to heal or harm.
Infrasound (low frequencies) could harm humans :

Sound of specific frequencies could cause real physical damage to reptilian body.
Weird source shared the information regarding the necessary properties of sound,
and also some other means of attack / defense. Don't know if this information is correct,
I will post it a bit later for your review (sadly not much time I have there) Perhaps,
it could be verified on domestic reptilians, but I don't want to harm any live creature
just for testng purposes (call me weak if you want)

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