The 5 root races

by Tim Lovell on February 12th, 2014

OK so origionaly there were 5 `root races` layed down in the start of this plan of earth evolution, now omne was homo erectus (humans with the 12 stard dna blueprint -before the family of Anu /Niburu etc intervention) then laid down also was the earth reptilian race by the bird ets, now also their is 3 other root races wich to my honesty I don't know who or what they are lol but the plan was all the root races meet each other interdimensionaly merging and evolution thus happens , now because of the intervention of the family of anu /annunaki the human root race was retarded in its progress or evolution the reptillians evolved faster scientifically etc so they moved interdimentionally to us ok and they saw Atlantis and the great crystal etc and what they wanted was to enact a frequency control system on the humans who they viewed as cattle to feed the fear emotion of which they loive of its not scvary to them its just a very high intense vibration whoich they have lived of since their start , so they saw us ans saw atlantis etc and thought we have to get rid of this great crystal etc its in our way of our plans so they with enl;ils help I might say made the `sons of belial` who were the disperate faction back in atlantis and these group went in and used the great crystal in contervention of the law of the one laid down by the et`s that gave the great crystal to us in the first place , now what they did was overload it until it underwent a cascade failier and it took everyone connected to it the majorily of humanity down to the lower 3rd dimension/density from the 5th dimension where thought created reality and atlantis was, and now we are just coming back up from that `fall of man now`, Enlil thought they wont remember after the fall but I never forgot....

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Tim Lovell: if I had million dollars (again)

If I had a million dollars...

If I had a million DOLL HAIRS (Family guy ref)

id be rich

lets have fun lol.....

dvogel: These are quite different

than the Theosophical root races.

The Ethereal
The Hyperborean
The Lemurian
The Atlantean
The Aryans

But of course, who knows for sure.

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