The 4th Dimension and Forgiving the Illuminati?

Not sure if anyone's posted these yet but I found them helpful. I thought it was completely crazy to forgive the Illuminati, but it makes sense. When you think about all those children who went through the MKUltra program, they didn't choose to grow up that way and become who they became. Sure now they do have that choice, but just think for a second, maybe they don't know anything other than hate or even if they want to, they can't get out anymore. Even Britney Spears who is definitely illuminati, has rebelled in the past against them as Tupac, Lisa Left Eye, and others have; at that point what other choice do they really have when they've already sold their soul? Probably the best they can do without getting killed themselves is subtly tell people what's going on like in this interview with Dave Chappelle, whom everyone thought left comedy central to go to Africa because he was selfish but did it to get a better understanding of what was going on and his role in it. He doesn't come out and fully say what's going on but he does drop a lot of hints without making himself more of a target. By the way, if you guys watch Lisa Left Eye's last documentary, she knows she's going to be killed by the illuminati just like Tupac knew. At the very end right before the crash she points at a Coca Cola "bag" that she had just supposedly bought, look at her eyes, its like she's saying they "U.S." is going to kill me. What is more American than coca cola. She is the only one out of 5 in the car that dies in the crash. They all knew they were going to be killed because they spoke out about the illuminati. Enough of me talking, here are the videos. The 4th dimension one is really long but worth listening to.

This is the one on forgiving the Illuminati as a way to fight against them.

Here is the Dave Chappelle interview, the second one is the one where he really gets into it.

This one is on the 4th dimension, very informative.

And here is the documentary of Lisa Left Eye if you want to see for yourself what I'm talking about, you can decide. Just skip to the very end, but I suggest you watch the whole documentary so you get a general idea of how she normally acts (very spunky and happy then at the end before she dies she is very serious and quiet, big contrast in my opinion). Ask yourself, what is the reason for this part of the video of her showing this coca cola bag? It just seems so out of place, like it is emphasized before her death.

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M3RT0M: Thanks for the message

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Arianne: Hi. I just joined this

Hi. I just joined this website to mention this. It gave me no password so I'm not sure what my password is, and I really don't care. I just wanted to point out, that upside down, CocaCola is Arabic for, "no Allah no Mecca" It only takes a slight alteration to make this. That's probably why Lisa pointed to the CocaCola bag.

Arianne: Also I recall in her movie

Also I recall in her movie that she kept talking about numbers. Numerology and the math of god maybe. The fibanocci sequence is supposed to be the math of god. When this sequence is present, God is present. However there is a "Lucifer's experiment" that breaks this sequence in equal halves, but always fails and has an end, somewhere at some point. Lucifer's experiment never goes to infinite. Maybe this is proof that evil never wins, its not mathematically possible. So right now, we are disharmonious. We are in the midst of their experiment. We need to do EVERYTHING in our power to communicate with people across the globe, to unite as humanity or else we will not over come this. Just my opinion. Love and light to you and Anyone who reads this. Good luck..

Doobz: good post I'm not sure about

good post I'm not sure about forgiving the illuminati, of course the puppets and frontmen in the beginning don't have a clear understand of what they're doing we can empathize with them but the real illuminati, the old white men running the concil, we cannot forgive them. they kill innocent children, steal hardworking peoples money, they've caused all the dark in the world

Quaesitor: I love this post

I think there is real value in learning how to do this. Love and forgiveness. It's something they can't fight. I am learning the power of this in my own life now.
Here is a vid I would like to add.

obsrvantlouie: The 4th dimensional shift interview with Val Valerian is very informative. I think youtube cut parts of it but it's still very current and contemplative. With regards to "forgiving"....I agree that this is a good aim. Once you make it past forgiveness, self realizes that it's just an experience. We couldn't learn all the righteous and virtuous teachings available to us without the oppression. However, there are lines that can be drawn and pursuits that can be fomented; elimination of fluoride from drinking water, awareness of GMO, awareness of other things.

Passive intelligent resistance....rioting doesn't solve shit.

UN.i1-PHI: denying peaceful revolution makes violent revolution inevitable

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962
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