4Chan trolls utah

by Crigitine on February 29th, 2012

If at all you see something on the news about countless ufo sightings in utah, know that the majority of them are fake. 4chan is starting another prank war.



Tarheel: 4Chan will wet drawers when The Star Nation folk arrive!

Do not make fun of your Galactic neighbors.

Fal: Don't even try to find the

Don't even try to find the bottom of that iceberg, mentlegen. A specific section 4chan may be swelling with "newfriends", and "cancer", now, but they, the people who have lurked there for many years, totally oppose the corrupt systems in this world. Although, I believe they have ulterior motives at times, and also yes they do things just for a rise.

They have plenty of small time "white knights" in their ranks as well. Sure, they pull pranks on people, corporations, hell even government divisions, but it isn't "just for fun". Its a message to the leaders that you cannot stop everyone, and if you do, shit happens.

4Chan, at times, is actually helping in their own way. If they were to ever seriously organize... There isn't a single thing the E.T.s could do to stop them.

They do not forgive.
They do not forget.

Fal: Also, rules one and two.

Also, rules one and two.

Crigitine: heh

it hit close to home, as funny as it would be seeing my new friends here reading about this mislead of information.

wmarkley: 4chan

what is a 4chan?

Crigitine: a breeding ground and one of

a breeding ground and one of the many homes of anon and various others

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