[3xDVD] BibliotecaPleyades - Late 2014

by Crackdown on October 29th, 2014

Time to get a new copy of BibliotecaPleyades website ;-)


Why download a DVD copy? It is great for offline reading!
Also, in case this wonderful website will be taken down,
you will have all the gathered information and evidence...

Read the instructions at ReadMe.txt after downloading the torrent

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Tim Lovell: Oh WoW! Really?!! OMG that's

Oh WoW! Really?!! OMG that's why they used apricot seeds to cure all the cancer cases in the world because OMG we didn't know that it cured ALL types of cancer omg wow , now that we know this from this website ALL cancers can be cured! yay! (if only we knew this before guys!) god we are stupid! (Doh!!)

wow , well I guess we know better now!!


*don't forget to forward this important information to everyone!

TillToTheWhen: Damn Tim we like took over

Damn Tim we like took over this site with our arugment war...lol this is not my intention as I said.

This is my last ditch effort to tell you what I know is true- Please at least take it into consideration -

#1- ALL Cancer is the same, they just label it differently. Did you not read that link I sent you to Kelley Ediem who basically proved this? He wrote the book, THE DOCTOR WHO CURES CANCER
He cured his own STAGE 4 cancer! STAGE 4....the kind that is supposedly uncrable. You have the same cancer, brain or not, it's still the same. It's all treated the same way.

You missed my point, THEY BANNED THE SEEDS, why the heck are they going to tell the world about them when they are purposely surpressing the cure? They only want drugs that they can patent and make money from. They know these will NEVER work to cure cancer, but they set it up like that on purpose. And then all the natural, simple, cheap, proven cures, they supress, ban, and even arrest those who sell them.

Just use your brain here. I know the cancer is not eating your brain that bad to not see that simple connection. I am not selling anything. Why would I waste energy and time telling you this, if it wasn't true? Answer that please

Tim Lovell: I have an `Anaplastic

I have an `Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Grade 3) ` that has recurred in the same site it was befor and now also has spread to the corpus collosum( the part of the brain that join the 2 hemipsheres(the part the sever when they do a frontal Lobotmamy)

anyway here is the scans of my first tumor and after surgery..

Tim Lovell: I worked out a way you can

I worked out a way you can see my MRI scans...
you click this link to my facebook page and scroll down until you see the MRI scans ok...


that's all I can do lol...sry...

TillToTheWhen: Tim- Like i said before, I

Tim- Like i said before, I would never go to a doctor for cancer, because they aren't trained to cure it. They have clue what they are doing. They are told that the cures are toxic. Just ask your "doctor" about the seeds and see what he says. The bible even says to eat them (No wonder they're killing christians!)

All doctors are trained in, is DRUGS and SURGERY.....both of which you want to avoid like the plague.

I am not going to get caught in a negative war with you, I have enough of it already. Like I said, I love you. Let's just keep it at that. If you don't love me, fine but one day you will. I don't work for the dark side, I love everyone, including those who are against me. That's all i have is love. I have no friends, no money, no nothing. I don't even know why i'm trapped here in this matrix, other than to suffer and learn the same lessons over and over and over again

Tim Lovell: Its OK TTTW you wont ever

Its OK TTTW you wont ever have that dilemma , because you don't have cancer, and you can thank you lucky stars for this so um well grzz....


TillToTheWhen: Dude, I am not lucky, believe

Dude, I am not lucky, believe me...I have more problems than just cancer. I had cancer and that was the least of my worries...cancer is so easily curable...there is no reason for you to die from it. Cancer is not what kills you...it's the chemo that kills you. I just tried to wake you up but I see that my efforts are futile. They really have a grip on you man. You are my brother right? Why fight with me? We both have our own problems. But I guarantee you that all cancer is the SAME, and all cancer is curable....but your immune system must be strong, your mindset and everything. You seemed like a smart dude....but then you take these drugs (chemo) that kill your immune system, which makes absolutely no sense. That's like suicide, if you know what you're doing. If you don't know, at least don't think I am trying to hurt you...even Edinosik told you to do the natural treatments. We were all trying to help you. I did the healing session with everyone yesterday to send you healing energy. And now tonight I am getting these visions that you work for the darkside (probaly not true, and like I said I deeply apologize if I am wrong, but I had to speak my mind, I have a right to speak my opinion....I hope I am wrong and you are not working for them. But if you even recommend chemo to anyone, knowingly or not, you are working for trhem, wreahter you know it or not. But I know I am getting sucked into the trap too, by arguing with you about it...this is not the way to spend my energy. I just thought you didn't want people to see my posts earlier and that is why you posted all that nonsense, to push it back into the pages, so nobody reads it (hence, if that's the case, then you work for the darkside, straight up)

ps- do you mind me asking what "grzz" means? I have no clue again (See I dont claim to be a know it all : )

But also, I just thought, why is it.....people seem intelligent until I talk to them, then they seem like they just get possesed and don't know 1+1...what is it about me that makes people retarded? Honestly that was not my intention. It was actually the opposite. Maybe the higher power (evil, illusion) is making it seem like I am the enemy when I am your friend. Please don't take me the wrong way. I was only out to help you. I know the ego plays a part in this war,obviously. And it seems like I am just bragging and being a know it all....NOT AT ALL I am just stating what I DO KNOW. I will not come on here and talk about shit that I don't know, and act like it's the universal truth. I just know what I know in my hear and through experience. I know love is the ultimate weapon for freedom. I know that cancer is just a made up name for a fake "Disease" and nobody needs to die from it. If you want to move on to the next life, that's your decision, but I at least wanted you to know that the chemo does kill people. hat way if you did want to survive you might think twice about doing ti and at least try the simple natural cures. You have nothing to lose. I ttakes oinly days too weeks to cure cancer Rarely does it take years, it depends on how advanced and how long it took to develop. Let's say you had a cancer growing for 2 years, it might take a year to totally cure it. And if it eats your organs away you'll have to regenerate them as well once you kill all the cancer cells. Believe me bro, chemo is not the answer. Thi is the last time I'll tell you this, because you honestly have to make the decision. I, nor anybody else, can force it on you

Tim Lovell: Gzzz means grats...

Gzzz means grats...


also if you had cancer and `made it go away , well gzzz to you ` a lot hmm no All OF THE OTHER CANCER SUFFERERS SEEM NOT TO BE ABLE TO WISH AWAY THIER DEATH SCENTENCE ` woops sry caps erm well that....

Tim Lovell: No No Wait! !!! Apricot

No No Wait! !!! Apricot seeds!!

God! why didn't we think of this before!!

Tim Lovell: good god! we wouldn't have

good god! we wouldn't have wasted all that time on radiotherapy and developing chemotherapy drugs omg !

Apricot seeds!!

wow we should have known!

Tarheel: I hope you felt the energies Sat. night.

I surely felt the energies/good vibes this past Sat night. Many people are sending you positive energies. I hope you are open & receiving them.

One thing is for sure, if you don't believe you can overcome it, you won't.
If you do believe you can overcome it-you will. I will continue trying and there are many others here that want you to win, TL.

Tim Lovell: Yes I did feel something on

Yes I did feel something on Sat guys thanks so much for helping me it is much appreachiated ..

Tarheel: What we wanted....

What we wanted was to help you help YOURSELF.
The Power lies w/in you, TL. We are simply assisting.

pasqualie: didnt know about apricot seeds

my suggestion is eat as raw food a diet as you can and try to stay on an alkaline diet.

after you finish your cycle, go on a detox if you can. try to remain calm as well. if you stress yourself out, which is understandable, you go into fight or flight response which releases adrenaline. your body does not heal in this state, so stay positive.

here is a link to apricot seeds, i cannot say either way if they are true but something to read if it peaks your curiosity.


make sure you are taking alot of vitamin c like those 1000 mg ones, need vitamin c to help in healing.

also while you on your treatment dont hang around alot of people, since your immune system is weakened, easier to pick up things off people who have cold and other things.

TillToTheWhen: Tim,


You're just mocking me still and basically saying I am lying about this. I understand it's hard for you to go against your programming and believe in stuff like this...but please just use your brain here. They totally have you under mind control (I hope my words do not fall on deaf ears here) Why are you ignoring all the evidence of the natural cures and trusting the establishment? You do know that the elite are in control of the medical industry, right? You know they are not looking out for our well being, they set up all the wars, etc. They have all the money in the world, they control the media, hollywood, the drugs, EVERYTHING. Why is it so hard for you to believe that they would give you a toxic and ineffective treatment for your cancer?

I'm seriously starting to think that there is no possible way to help. I mean, you remind me of the demons I fight on a daily basis. They are using your mind just to cause problems here and steal energy. No reason at all to make jokes about something this serious. You still never were able to answer the question as to why I would make this up. I swear to you, I had skin cancer, and I did the seeds and it was gone within 2 days. Your cancer would take longer, yes...but all cancer is the same. It doesn't matter what they label it as. You gotta stop trusting the drug pushers and trust in nature.

You seem to ignore all the info and just keep posting like this is a joke. It's not. Either you believe the illuminati, or you don't. The illuminati runs the medical establishment. Did you think they didn't??

They banned the seeds for one reason and one reason only- Because they kill cancer. They eradicate it. They are so good for you. I ate like 50 of them a day and had absolutely no bad effects. When you first start though, you want to start small and work up. And those who dont have cancer, will want to eat 7 to 10 per day. This has been proven to prevent cancer. They said it's impossible to get cancer if you eat 7 a day. There is scientific proof, I have a video which proves and shows how the seeds work. And you also want to take proteolytic enzymes with them for maximum effeciency. Although I did not do this and my cancer completely disappeared, it's highly recommended. Just do your research. I guess if you're unable to take this seriously, it may be too late for you, because they have a hold of you so strongly. I am wondering if it was the drugs that weakened your aura that caused you to become under this form of extreme mind control, and you are not even aware of it. Does it make sense to you, why you would deny the this and go with their chemo? They are never going to find a cure for cancer, because they purposely supress it. They know that drugs will not cure cancer. Drugs are counter productive and they CAUSE Cancer....so their treatments will just make you worse.

Pasqualie- Yeah just trust in your heart what is true, it's good that you dont believe what you read at face value, but this is common sense that the medical industry is a scam. Drugs weaken immune system. Immune system cures disease. That's all you need to know and you'll know that they are a scam. As I said, I have no reason to lie about it. I have experience with it, the cheap seeds got rid of my cancer. And it never returned.

They will tell you the seeds are poison and that's why they banned them. Come on now, you can't really think a healthy food like an apple would have poisonous seeds in it?! Lol the apple seeds also contain the amaglydan...but in lower quantities than the apricot kernels.

TillToTheWhen: ore thing Tim brother, before

ore thing Tim brother, before I am out= Ask yourself, why did you answer the pointless question about what does "grzz" mean, but you totally ignored the important question as to "Why would I lie about this?"

This is either a case of willful intent, or extreme mind control....either way I'm out! Best of luck to all of you here at this site, I'm done here, I tried. Didn't work out, maybe someone, somewhere will take the advice and save themselves a life of suffering. That's how I got rid of my cancer, was because I trusted in nature and tried the seeds. So, I know others have the ability to do it as well.

Thanks to everyone for contributing here. All should do the release technique PAsqualie recommended. It works wonders. Just tell yourself you love yourself each day, every free second that you get. Results come quickly.

contactorion: cant see it.

How do you download it to a tablet?

pasqualie: You can either go to youtube and look up

release technique, larry crane, or hale dwoskin, sedona method, or lester levinson

you can look up those names and words also, you may find some programs on the internet.

the calls that are recorded are at releasetogether.com, you listen along the recorded calls from people who call in with issues they having, you release along with them on your own issues.

Crackdown: Possible oversize problem with DVD 1

A problem was reported about the big size of DVD 1 ISO file - it didn't fit a standard DVD disk (only double-layer)

Why it happened :

If we wouldn't count DVD 3 with external references (e.g. PDF documents hosted at other websites) : BibliotecaPleyades fits on two DVDs , DVD 1 and DVD 2 . I wanted to pack DVD 1 so tightly, in order to maximize the number of articles which are not affected by that splitting, so that you could use DVD 1 in a more autonomous way...

During the creation of DVD1, UltraISO software told me that there are ~6 MB free space for DVD1 ISO file.
However, I have forgot two very important things:
1) DVD+R is slightly smaller than DVD-R, about ~7 MB difference
2) some DVD manufacturers are making up to 5-10MB smaller DVD disks

I am very sorry about oversize problem, and will leave more free space at DVD 1 for next release, so that it will be compatible with any DVD regardless of type (-R/+R) and manufacturer.

Next release is going to be Early 2015...

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