3 UFO's in Formation caught by Intl Space Station-WAY LAME excuse given !

by Tarheel on April 12th, 2012

I dont know whether to laugh or CRY when I saw this ! It is funny!


NASA chic says in that Houston Control voice-"Its some kind of metal fabric". ...DO WHAT !!!


Fal: I have some metallic looking

I have some metallic looking cloth. I save it for those warehouse raves I go to... It moves in formation to the beat.

Tarheel: Its not the clothes.

It's what you are taking when you are at the raves.

Laugh .....................NOW.

smayer: I find it quite disappointing

I find it quite disappointing that people of a stronger stature cover up on things that are to be deemed as different by the lay. I would understand if they are to cover the stories from the younger people just to take away that level of fear that they may have brewing but it is totally different when you are talking to people who have a working and thinking mind. Why is it so hard to accept that there is life outside ours anyway?

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