The 3 major western religions

by dvogel on November 30th, 2013

The 3 major religions of the western world behind the scenes.

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dvogel: I'm unfortunately named after the god of Saturn...

EL (Daniel). He is the Phoenician god and adapted by the Jews as EL in the bible and is part of IS(IS)-RA-EL

Tarheel: A nickname..wait

I too have a nickname referencing The House of El...Cal El.

Wait. Maybe it was just a dream.

No, it's real.

Sky: This is a fine chart dvogel.

This is a fine chart dvogel. I thought Jewdism had the Solar cult of Aton Sun worship. I wager that Saturn is the DARK SUN THAT IS WORSHIPED of Aton worshipers. I believe I answered part of my inquiry here. Also that Jewdism has a history of lunar worship perhaps during Babylonian captivity to appease/ integrate with their cultural despisers of MONOTHEISM. I recollect Jordan Maxwell saying in his DVD on MOSES (something to the effect) the Vulcan God(volcano comes from where?) as Jehovah or the Elliohm composite where Moses is breaking the law (ten commandments derived from the 48 commandments of Ancient Egyt) in the house of the Ram since worshipers celebrating the wrong house of Taurus to worship were worshiping the BULL astrotheologically speaking (aka raming the law that is perhaps etymological derivation on the Ram being house of Aries). Any Ideas let me know for clarification.

dvogel: I unfortunately haven't

studied that particular part, but I know Jordan Maxwell writes about Moses being the leader of the Lunar cult. Moses (Musa) is a very big person in the Quran. Just look at all the signs in Islam for Moon worship. Ramadan starts a day after the astronomical new moon and they only eat, drink and make love when the sun is gone and the moon is up during this period.

From Wikipedia "Laylat al-Qadr, which in Arabic means "the night of power" or "the night of decree," is considered the most holy night of the year. This is the night in which Muslims
believe the first revelation of the Quran was sent down to Muhammad stating that this night was "better than one thousand months [of proper worship], as stated in Chapter 97:3 of the Qu'ran.",
"The holiday of Eid al-Fitr [(Arabic:عيد الفطر),(Bengali: ঈদুল ফিত্‌র)}, "festivity of breaking the fast"] marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the next lunar month, Shawwal. This first day of the following month is declared after another crescent new moon has been sighted or the completion of 30 days of fasting if no visual sighting is possible due to weather conditions"

dvogel: I have looked into this some more

and here is a part from Tsarion's book Astro Theologi, which decribes the unifications of the 3 major worships:

"Apparently, time itself was divided to commemorate the unification of the great Cults. The year was subdivided into twelve months to honor the Solar Cult. Their god was the sun and his number was twelve because he passed through the twelve houses of the zodiac. The next division of time was a month, and as the etymology indicates this period was assigned to the Lunar Cult whose chief tutelary deity was the moon god (Min, Khonsu, Jehovah). The next division of time is a week in which the seven gods of the Stellar Cult are honored. The worshipers of the god Saturn were given Saturday as a feast day and, because their god (or more correctly tutelary planet) moves so gradually, the longer cycles of time were associated with his rulership. The veryword year comes from the Egyptian yehrah. This word signified the lunar year. The passage of the moon was observed closely by the Egyptians. Even during the Atonist period the moon was considered important. It was referred to as “silver Aton.” Flags contain stars, moons and solar orbs. Islamic and oriental countries portray crescents and stars that clearly indicate the true origins of their religious institutions"

Quinton: This chart says a lot.

This chart says a lot.

This is why Christians worship God on SUNday and Jews worship God on SATURNday.

And I agree with you Sky, I think during different periods of history the Jews have worshipped different Gods. There was a time when the Jews were a lunar cult and worshipped God at night because that is when the moon came out. I also believe that Islam is closely connected with Venus as their symbol can be the crescent Moon or Venus. They also have their version of the sabbath on Friday which is the day of Venus.

Also Sky, great point about Saturn being the dark Sun. I've never thought of it that way and it makes a lot of sense :).

People like Jordan Maxwell really stress the Saturn aspect of Judaism because all of these aspects of Saturn are still heavily present into our modern day society. Astrologically speaking, Saturn is the planet that holds people back, Saturn is the law. That is why all our law and courts follow esoteric Judaism. Judges wear a black robe because they are ruling for Saturn. Our law comes from Judaism which comes from Saturn. When people get married and use a wedding ring it is a symbol of a ring of Saturn. When people get an ear-ring it is so that they can hear better from their God -- Saturn.

Saturn is also where we get the word Satan from. Satan is presented as the "adversary" or the "opposer" in the Bible, the same qualities as the planet Saturn. Lucifer, in contrast to Satan, represents Venus and sometimes Mars. These planets all have unique qualities astrologically speaking which are portrayed through their characters. And of course the Sun has unique qualities which are portrayed through the astrological, metaphoric story of Christianity and Jesus.

This is a very interesting topic. Thanks for sharing dvogel :)

Sky: Quinton. I liked what you

Quinton. I liked what you said about Jews worshiping on Saturday with SATURday having a derivation with the word SATURN. Jordan Maxwell also had a fantastic DVD (I OWN EVERY DVD SOLD FROM HIS STOLEN WEBSITE JORDANMAXWELL.COM). The DVD is called LUCIFER BRINGER OF THE NEW AGE. The DVD explains how the NEW AGE comes from the bible under the obscurification of the word AEON. Jordan says this is due to fundamentalic religious persons arguing that MAXWELL is a "NEW AGER" in a derogatory manner but due to their ignorance do NOT realize that NEW AGE is the word AEON that refers to the MAN CARRYING A WATER PICHER in gospal of LUKE, I beleive, it to be (unsure Bible verse-- youtube would have the DVD entitled LUCIFER BRINGER OF THE NEW AGE for the readers clarification). Furthermore, getting back to what you QUINTON were saying about Luficer. Jordan Maxwell basically is saying JESUS is LUCIFER BRINGER OF the light. Perhaps Luficer is a mythmonger's way of saying Jesus being a rebel at Mesoda (temple of Jerusalem destroyed in 73AD and also FLAVIAN TITUS COMPOSIT character sorta like what Constantine did with Jesus. Anyhow how did Luficer get a bad rap? Why is Michael Tsarion in current talks using the words LUCIFARIAN to be a bad thing. FYI--JESUS would have been even more LUCIFARIAN after turning over the Money Changers stock, to have then said MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY BACKED BY GOLD AND DON'T PAY TAXES TO CEASUR who by the way sole my identity--WOW! How about that?

Well, hope that can be followed since I DON't want to do more editing to express myself better. If not, then again. I ask what is wrong with being LUCIFARIAN. When Michael Tsarion says so & so is LUFICIAN, I suspect it's not a compliment.

Crackdown: About fantastic DVDs

If you like those DVDs, it would be great if you copy them and release as torrents, so that everybody could download

obsrvantlouie: Project Camelot Interview

"Norman Bergrun - Ringmakers of Saturn"

I think some of you will find this usual you have to get passed Cassidy's erratic and wondering line of questioning.

Terran resistance: I have to disgaree with this

There are many gods in the bible, Qur'an and Torah:

dvogel: Indeed there are several "cults"

in the major religions like e.g. what Quinton posted some time ago about the mushroom worship
However these shown here are meant to be the main cults within those religions. Try replacing Jesus with "The Sun" in the bible and it will actually make a lot of sense. Just out of couriosity, did you make that page yourself?

Karoline: The blood red moons 2014/2015:

The blood red moons of 15th April 2014, 8th October 2014, 4th April 2015 and 28th September 2015 are apparently significant occurances for the Jewish community. According to Jewish tradition, a lunar eclipse means bad things for Israel, a sign that war is coming, IF it falls on any of their special feast days. Which in this case will be their Passover and their Sukkot. Their Jewish Talmud says 'when the moon is in eclipse, it is a bad omen for Israel. If it's face is as red as blood, it is a sign that the sword is coming to the world.' The David Wilkerson prophecy, predicts riots, fires and looting in cities worldwide. There was a blood moon eclipse on June 15th 2011, so i looked to see if anything noticeable happened in the world on June 15th 2011. Apparently Canada had the 'Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot' complete with fires. So lets just hope the Jewish Talmud is wrong and that April 2014-September 2015 comes and goes without anymore blood shed in the world. Have added a link, even though i dislike religion:
Note below: Apologies re Sukkot 2014 ammendment (Americans write the month first eg 10.8.14 and Brits write the day first eg 8.10.14)

Tarheel: 4/15 could be right

It's when taxes are due.

Did I just say that? Dude.
We better check this w/ MS923.

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