2018-04-28 Connecting Consciousness - Simon Parkes

by Chris on May 1st, 2018

Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness

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bluesbaby5050: Simon Parkes Connecting Conciousness

Simon Parkes is now inderpendant of JP, and is now broadcasting directly from his home. This is great, because now Simon has as much airtime that he did not have before, because JP would interupt Simon many times with his silly needless input often disappointing the listeners, and this showed up as proof in the comments section. Now there are NO breaks for tea time as before with JP, and no more dopey rants from JP either. This behavior makes a poor host on a radio show. Simon did a great job and his show ran smoothly with no more interuptions, and those many technical interferences, and there were many on JP's radio show. Simon answered all the viewers questions fully without taking any breaks. Simon also does his shows live, and now we can view him as well. Simon also records his shows for his listeners for later viewing, and they are all FREE too. By the way, JP didn't dump Simon Parkes. Simon Parkes dumped JP, because of the many conflicts of interests. JP didn't allow Simon enough airtime, because the show was all about what Simon had to say, and the show was not about JP. JP should of laid his ego aside and allowed his guests to have their say. JP does this to alot of his guests, and this behavior is annoying to the audience. I say good for Simon Parkes, he is now in full control of his own show. Thanks Chris.

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