2013 Marks The Peak of the Sun's Solar Cycle

The Flipping of the sun's Magnetic Field mark's the Peak of the star's 11- year Solar Cycle, and the halfway point in the sun's " SOLAR MAXIMUM " peak of it's solar weather cycle. The sun's polar magnetic fields weaken, go to zero, and then emerges again with the Opposite Polarity. This is a regular part of the Sun's Solar Cycle. ( You can view this complete story, and view the video at,---- www.SPACE.com

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bluesbaby5050: Here is Another Point of interest Regarding our Sun..........

Our sun has a Huge dark hole in the Top of the surface, from a gigantic amount of Plasma Shot outwards from the surface of the sun, and tt is headed our way at a rapid speed,according to Nasa experts. Nasa said that this huge dark hole in the surface of our sun can fit a million planet Earth's, or more inside of the hole! This video of the dark hole on the sun, can also be be viewed at-- ----> www.SPACE.com that has been

bluesbaby5050: Nasa also claims that there is..........

Nothing to worry about when this huge Giant solar Flare of Plasma hits Earth's Magnetic Field. Other's are saying that there is a likely chance that this could cause a complete shut down of our Electrical Grid here on Earth. That means everything that runs from an electrical current, that needs electricity will not work! No Computers, no water pumps, no gasoline pumps, no oil pumps, no Subway- Trains, and the lists goes on, and on. Will this month of August be the month this Solar Flare could hit Earth, and is this what we were told to be prepared for? This event could possibly collapse the Power Grids around the world. When Nasa says nothing to worry about, we should do the Opposite as we were taught by Edisonik, and Annunaki77? ( I'm hoping nothing drastic happens.)

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