100% FAKE: James Foley Beheading

100% FAKE: James Foley Beheading.
Truthers: Beware!

Alexandra Bruce
August 27, 2014

From Uploader Xendrius:

"I noticed that the 'death' of Foley made headlines on Swedish news, and those good-for- nothing journalists ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS IS THE REAL FOLEY, so I carefully analyzed the footage, the interviews, and every other piece of data, and concluded, without any doubt, that the person who is supposed to be beheaded, is not James Foley. Because they assume 'Hey, if the US government says it's real it's real.'

It seems that they are using the beheading video, to have 'truther' channels shut down. I have seen 2-3 channels shut down because of "breach of community guidelines" for uploading the full video. In other words, a trap."
- See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/neocon-nwo-ww3/100-fake-james...

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Tim Lovell: hmm I think its a bit

hmm I think its a bit disrespectful of this guy to say that , their is always some conspiracy guy that will say this , they killed him it was real..

UN.i1-PHI: no its just another poor hoax

he's been dead for a year already and the video is fake and is put in scene
check this out if you actually want to know why and how

bluesbaby5050: You Already Did This On Your Own Seperate Posting......

Have you finally got this all out of your system now? You already MADE this claim, with this SAME LINK on your own post. Once should be enough for you. Re-post your own posting if ya still feel the need, and you NEED NOT MAKE ANY COMMENT TO ME ON MY POST ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL EITHER, WHY? BECAUSE I DON'T CARE! AND IF YS DON'T LIKE THIS COMMENT ON MY POST THEN TELL IT TO QUINTON!!


YOUR LINKS ON THIS BELONG ON YOUR OWN POSTING, AND YOU DID NOT HAVE TO CARRY YOUR CRAP OVER TO MY POST WHEN YOU MADE YOUR OWN DAYS AGO. MINE WAS JUST AN UPDATE WITH THIS 'hidden knowledge' ,and link along with it. It was from another news source, and that's my reason for doing it on my own post, and NOT ON YOURS TO AVOID CONFLICTING INTERESTS. DO THE SAME!!!

bluesbaby5050: SEE WHAT I MENT NOW? UN.i1-PHI: Syria: "Journalist James Foley

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT ON MY POSTING. And here is the proof-http://www.truthcontrol.com/comment/27120#comment-27120 , and the date, and time too. I am tired of your BS Uni1, so give it a Rest! From now on REPOST, AND DO UPDATES ON YOUR OWN POSTING PAGE. YOU NEVER NEEDED TO USE MINE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I do NOT USE YOURS, AND I VERY WELL COULD OF TOO, but I am not like you. And your actions only leave more proof of your true intentions on TC. And Quinton, and the rest of us are now on to you.[ I have been from the moment you joined as Avatar-11Orion11.

UN.i1-PHI: i think it is very disrespectful to say THAT, tim

i know you want to respect innocent victims and their relatives, but if you'd really want REALLY to do that you wouldn't jump to quick primitive denial towards conspiracy theorists who claim (for several good reasons) that the death is a conspiracy and faked in the way the MSM portrays it, by going against them and trying to shut em up, you are actually attempting to hinder and stop the hidden truth surrounding the events from surfacing and being taken seriously, by this you are not just mocking/disrespecting the genuine 'conspiracy theorists' who want to bring the real truth,
but also you are disrespecting the innocent victims and their families, but incase the victim(s) (is/)were not innocent, like likely in this James Foley case and he was/is a guilty conspiring part of the conspiracy, you are actually protecting the phoney liars who are whore to the MSM/NWO and guilty in participating in and propagating it,
ultimately you are also disrespecting yourself by letting yourself be easily manipulated and used for propagating the prop-agenda,

again protecting the MSM propaganda and involved (co-)conspirators, disrespecting not just innocent families, conspiracy truthers but also yourself

can you realize what i mean with this, i've been trying to it point out several times in different ways and i hope you don't get me wrong because i do recognize your good intention in it but this is how they abuse it to support their propaganda

the real abomination is humanity being abused (like obama likes to say (but to decieve you further) aping malcom X speeches.. ;) 'Hoodwinked, led astray, ran amok and BAMBOOZLED'
the MSmedia is lying bigtime and it's all been orchestrated because the MSM are the mouthpiece of the NWO and some of y'all have been buying into the crap they present/induce and by that protecting them

bluesbaby5050: I'm just posting the Updates......

As they come in, and by some of the different sources too. I remember when they really beheaded the journalist, David Pearlmen back in 2001 or 2002, and they even posted the actual crimeclose up right to the very end on the internet. It was graphic. It was horrible for the people to see, and MOSTLY for the man's family. Now that was very REAL! I don't doubt the beheading at all.

Tim Lovell: who was that other guy they

who was that other guy they beheaded back then I forget his name but it was similar done with a nife just horrendous

bluesbaby5050: This was David Pearlman.......

And it was done from ear to ear, and this methord took alot longer, and the sounds was just horrible. It beheading was in the complete news reports that was viewed around the world. This one became famous, and I along with thousands of people never forgot it. I felt sick to my stomach! [bad] There was another one too, but they did not do it in the same manner as David Pearlmen's. It was done to create fear, and horror in the minds of the masses.

bluesbaby5050: There was 3 men all done at the same time, and it only

Showed those 3 men standing on the ground in a row, and the masked men were with them, and there was a ransome first, or they would face sure death if not met. And the ransome was not met. D. Pearlmen was not with that group of men. David Pearlmen was killed after that. To make a point that they were serious.

Tim Lovell: God I really am growing to

God I really am growing to hate those guys they never stop I know I shouldn't hate etc but they never change and its what they want the reps they stir all this up

UN.i1-PHI: said you're growing to hate...

and you also said
"the next person to say that James Foleys was NOT executed , by hatred filled non humans , I will personally kill you,
you are disrespecting a human life"

now can't you notice something in that wich seems self- contradicting/conflicting tim...

No i/we're not disrespecting a human life by trying to get the truth behind the conspiracy of one who had to die(or not) in such involvement, that agression/hatred comes/is the same sorry for victim mentality to fool people from what really happened that they use, just like they try to say people exposing 9/11 are disrespecting the families of the victims of that event (or other false flags to hook you onto like dat sandy hook, aurora batman / boston bombing / school children fake massacre played by MSM with actors and without real evidence), while they are infact, doing the opposite to get the truth out, but the media goes out and insult these 'truthers' and say that they are an insult to the innocent victims&their families, this is the real ABOMINATION and when people go along with this propaganda, all this according to their tactics/ways
especially if this guy wasnt innocent at all and is a co-conspirator and a just a strawman btw, or shall i say strawmen as you can see different people's faces being in the same clip supposing to be the same man...

this is so fake c'mon do not let em strike your emotions for BS, this only supports their ways of propaganda allowing them act more on it, please take a better look at it and i hope you'll realize you dont have to feel sorry/bad for every sentimental media sensation circus drama, it's all been scheduled/pre-planned and they're playing them cards after eachother, so don't you think all this in sequence is just a mere coincidence, or do you...

so please understand tim, i'm not disrespecting human life, the media are big time players in that so leave it to them, but why don't ya just leave it WITH them aswell!, then you dont have to worry , be happy

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

UN.i1-PHI: just sayin tim

you obviously are 'hating'/blaming the wrong ones by saying that, including yourself in a way you did yourself... this diverted blaming behaviour is deliberately induced by media blinding

real eyes
real lies

but this shit is fake as hell can't believe ppl still buy into the same song tim sorry it's not personal i'm just trying to expose this MSM induced mentality of propaganda

Tim Lovell: omg I just read that they

omg I just read that they plan to start beheading children also, if they do that ... the world will turn on them

dvogel: Well as evil as that is

The European Elitist have been doing this for a long time already as part of either their pleasure or initiation into the higher masonic levels or other cults. So we should probably try to clean our own house first. Though their now is a break through in the "new" pedophile scandal in England, I still doubt that the highest people involved will be punished.

Tim Lovell: no there was a british

no there was a british journalist done like this back in the nougties I forget his name but exact same way just horrible , their hate filled souls should be cast out to the void...

Tim Lovell: I remember now his name was

I remember now his name was Kenneth Bigley


bluesbaby5050: After thought: And the U.S. never followed though....

With any of those ransoms to free the middle eastern policical prisoners, in exchange for those kidnapped journalists.

bluesbaby5050: You know Tim......

That they do this anyways, and much worst to ALL the people in their own country, and age never mattered to them either. Children are used as pawns also.

Tim Lovell: its what the reps want they

its what the reps want they stir up all this stuff like it says in bringers of the dawn ,l to generate fear and negative emotions, they are still at it , they lose tho in the end..

HebrianDaniel: the video itself is fake its

the video itself is fake its easy to see it fakeness. btw its not metter if he died before or not
Extremist muslims does chop heads. and can do really horrible things.
imagine how many real heads have they chopped.
its possible that they can chop American head.
however the chance of this happening is very low
why whould an American will go to Iraq in very dangerous place? what for?

bluesbaby5050: WHY you asked HD?

Because these brave people go where the news is, and it's very important that the news, good or bad gets out to the whole world. Those men, and woman are very brave to risks their lives, and they are told this before they leave to cover the news in those many countries. This is their job, and their carreers. They think it is worth it. Even during world WW 1, and WW2 there was men ,and woman that covered the war news right in the dangerous front lines of fire, and fighting, and some did die, or were wounded, doing their service to humanity. They took pictures, and they used sketches, and drawings and note pads to cover the stories. They went without food, water, and sleeping, and washing in many cases, and they ran out of those items, and in other cases they could not do any of the many common things we take for granted everyday, like washing, and wearing clean clothes, and eating good clean foods, and drinking clean safe water. They were caught in very dangerous areas, and could not this these things all the time.

HebrianDaniel: well looks like some people

well looks like some people live on edge.
and have no sense of fear. however its will cost their lives.
that the ADRENALINE baby! when youre on Adrenaline. youre on crazy mode.
you fear nothing. but the steps to death is easy.
because when you fear nothing you don't care about being harmed
because the adrenaline somewhat dissolve youre pain and you feel no pain.
the fear is part of us so we can survive. so we wont hurt out bodies.
however the fearless people I guess are the ones who like to die fast :P
well I envy them such brave people...

Tim Lovell: OK I am going to say this

OK I am going to say this HERE, ok , the next person to say that James Foleys was NOT executed , by hatred filled non humans , I will personally kill you,
you are disrespecting a human life and I will not stand for this, please..

dvogel: To Tim

Please control yourself a little. I have seen several good posts by you in the past and I think it would be a shame if it would all be ignored due to statements like this.

UN.i1-PHI: sentimental sensation psy-op propaganda, yáll be falling for it

don't you see this is exactly how they're programming/conditioning people to react especially when it's being confronted and exposed as a fake/lie and that it's really just another govt psy-op conspiracy (MOCKING BIRD)
they want you to go hate and apparently even go kill yourself someone who is saying that it's a set up fake murder conspiracy, because they gotcha in your emotions for someone you didnt even really know just because they made a media sensation/circus around it so people be just sentimental and naive and fall for the BS propaganda they feed you so your blaiming what they want you to blame and accepting their sneaky tricks as a solution to solve these problems (wich they actually create themselves, over and over, all around the world, same song)

so you tell me tim, isnt it rather disrespectfull to be so naive and blame people who are pointing out the flaws in these conspiracies, and have millions of people believe the intentional lie around one's death so that all goes according to the ones orchestrating it

tell me tim how good do you know this james foley, why do you keep saying it's so personal to you (i assume you really didnt know him personally), and why are yáll talking about executed journalists as hero's here while this is clearly a false flag and deceives the mentality further to support the hoax of this so called journalist

did any of you know he has his connections rooted into the CIA, or rather their new coat for them cons, USAID, please this guy is all involved in the conspiracy and you guys make em look/sound like a hero etc blabla exactly how it's intended to be interpreted/taken by the ppl... media mind control

but if yall really were aware of this i guess ya wont be defending his ass
here take it or leave it, indeed just try to control yourself, yourself

James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA

i only offered you a link to an article b4 wich i already posted that actually explains something about this hoax cause this article really does not much more than stating that statement wich i think is intended to raise emotion/sensation against the 'conspiracy-theorists'(some real ppl wanna bring real info instead about fake ppl bringing fake info) and thus(this article) sucks in my opinion

i did not argue with bb here she just had to take it as a conflict and spin her web around it when i offered the other link here to connect em/provide mo info, while she's the one who usually whines if i posted/asked something she did even if its just a few seconds prior and without my knowledge, now she actually blames me for posting about something here wich i posted already before, and i did it just to provide info on this conspiracy wich this post lacked and to help you make you understand what this hoax is really about

so now again to make my point, you and bb and even HD are talking here about brave journalists etc... this is ofcourse also how they want you to think about these situations and also this james foley in particular but in reality he's been involved with the conspirators troughout his career and its very easily to be exposed, only if, you (d)are to even consider it..! but the emotional sensation blocks people from that and in turn react aggressively, offensed and offensively, intimidated etc agains the ones pointing out that it's a hoax and this makes people worship the phoney 'dead' as a hero while he's just another CON-man to fool and divert/deceive ya, and this type of behaviour/tough pattern is what they implemented/induced upon people so it supports/stengthen the deception around this false flag event in the propaganda movement and also attacks anything that dares to challendge it!

oh mocking bird have you, ever heard,
words that i never heard...

UN.i1-PHI: oops wrong link - James Foley's Secret life with the CIA / USAID

*the correct link according to that title i provided
( James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA )

bluesbaby5050: There are people that exists as Cons everywhere, and they are

Not hereos in my book, just crooks to screw over other people to gain what ever it is that want most. These are not honest people in my opinion, and I do not support them. But, then there are real honest people that really do go in the line of fire to do the honest work to keep the records of life straight and true, those people are the real heros, and I will support them. As for my backing up, and calling James Foley a hero, I never did any such thing. Now, in my own point of view I believe that he must be dead, faked or not, and who or why does not concern me. He knew what he was getting into when he made certain choices in his life, and he knew the risks. I was neutral in this whole topic on TC, and I never made a stand either way. So do not pass judgement on me, as some here have already by their constant statements in these threads here today. All I did was post the news, and as I HAVE STATED BEFORE THIS, THAT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I BELIEVE IN IT, OR THAT I GO ALONG WITH IT, IT IS WHAT IT IS, JUST MY NEWS REPORTING. It's that simple. So lets keep it simple, and not go off the deep end of reality please.

bluesbaby5050: AND THAT ALSO GOES FOR TIM TOO........

Tim's comments at times, have not made any sense at all, and this makes it hard to understand what he means, and is trying to say in his threads. But, he was getting mad at me yesterday for no reason that I could figure out, and I confronted Tim with this in plain view on this forum. I am well aware that certain people do not like me in this forum, or care for the fact that I am an out spoken person, and this is just the way that I am, I perfer the truth, and not game playing with people's heads to confuse them more. To me this is a disadvantage all the way around. The fact that some people do not agree with me, or even likes me does not concern me in the least. That's just a part of life in general, and is to be expected. It is natural, and not everyone will, because everyone is different, and this I also like. So that's OK with me, and this does not upset me, because I DO UNDERSTAND THE REALITY OF THIS. Just do not make false assumptions about me, without really knowing my true feelings on any topic. I have my reasons for asking certain questions, and this helps me to better understand what is at hand. I hope now everyone will better understand.

Tim Lovell: OK BB I am sry sometimes I do

OK BB I am sry sometimes I do post confusing stuff, but trust me I do not have anything against you , infact I consider you a friend and I hope you still do sry for any recent things , it can get confusing at times for me as you know after my brain surgery my short term memory recall was damaged a lot and I may forget things I previously have said or done and trust me it happens in my real life a lot :( so sorry again BB

UN.i1-PHI: not JF in particular, but y'all did the 'brave journalist' talk

and that supports the sublime of James Foley as a hero, tim made it very clear he believed in him and tough you were not talking anymore about James Foley in particular, the talk about that they're so brave to bring the good and bad news perpetuate the sublime idea of the poor james foley victim journalist hoax being innocent and brave, this is just what i wanted to point out and yes it may go off in the deep end of reality please not tell us not to go there because you may already be influenced just by not realizing that, or not wanting to 'go there' and your comment diverts from my point of CONFUSING a CON with a innocent brave man, and you make it seem as if i was saying that you see someone who you already know to be a con as a hero, this is not what i meant at all, rather the opposite, because you dont know james foley's CIA/USAID shill connections you ppl may assume he's a hero too that just got executed for 'leaking news', turns out it's all a propaganda set-up and the so called victim is not innocent either and involved in the conspiracy, so this gives conflicting realization to the concepts y'all were talking about here

so again bb i did not say you think con's are heros, i meant you went to talk about brave journalists in general and one of another case but this gives an impression in the 'deep end of reality' that supports the (sublime) propaganda tactics,

they evoke this specific kind of mentality regarding this subject with their propaganda and you can see how it had influenced y'all to talk about this in that way u understand?! thats all i meant, peace, theres no offence meant i just try to point it out again because i saw it was pretty much needed here to disrupt their sublime programming

their tactics are not just deceiving in details but in inplemented mental behaviour in reaction to these events, they want y'all to think he was brave or talk about journalists being brave in general etc because it supports the underlying propaganda tactics of media mind control

Tim Lovell: You only carry on the SAME

You only carry on the SAME shit , grow out of it or die in the sam,e shit

bluesbaby5050: Tim WHO are you referreing to?

I never made that remark. The video is what they are saying is faked? I personally did not care to view another death video. I have seen enough of it, and just the thought makes me queasy in the gut. So I CHOOSE NOT TO VIEW ANY OF THEM. MY GUESS IS HE'S LONG DEAD-PERIOD! Remember that the news MEDIAS HOUNDS LOVE TO FEED OFF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, AND I REFUSE TO FEED THOSE ASSHOLES!

Tim Lovell: No BB im not referring to you

No BB im not referring to you , just the idea sry , don't take this personaly, the idea that James Foley was not executed strikes me personally as very vile and I don't like it, I don't care what you think but if you disrespect him further I will respond sorry, don't talk shit please

bluesbaby5050: I never did dis-respect Mr. James Foley........

That was reported in UNI1'S POSTING. I just updated the news, and passed it along. I never did post my personal view-point at all. Until just now! So that's why I asked WHO do you mean by your statement in the first place. Do not get me mixed up with other narrow- minded people on this forum, because I am FAR FROM NARROW MINDED! Just have a look at all the forum topics from the past in to the present time that I POSTED. I brought very many topics that others in this forum could not tolerate even speaking about. Look at my past history since I have been a member, because all the proof can be found in my OWN section Under My Avatar of Bluesbaby5050. You will notice a wealth of topics that vary widely, and they are very taboo by nature to mention, but I dared to do it because it was HIDDEN FACTS THAT MUST BE EXPOSED, AND TRUTH CONTROL WAS JUST THE SITE TO DO THIS KIND OF WORK. So Please ADDRESS THAT PERSON THAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT TO AVOID FUTURE CONFUSION. Thanks, BB5050.





dvogel: Definitely fake and a hoax

If people have watched the video or the photos, please do notice that it's completely fake. I wonder how many terrorists shave the hands, arms, legs, and feet of their victim before they kill them? They have now become so nonchalant that they don't even do a big effort to make it real anymore, they know that the zombie nations will swallow anything they are fed.


Tim Lovell: so it looks like the Christ

so it looks like the Christ put in a position

UN.i1-PHI: ???

now why would you say that..? ^^

Tim Lovell: OK sry Uni what I meant was

OK sry Uni what I meant was James Foley did die and I just think its a bit disrespectful to him and his family who ARE grieving ok, and all these people on the net suddenly say 100% FAKE etc imagine how his wife would feel if she ever reads this regardless if she would view this site or not (which of course she would not) just try and refrain from turning his tragic death into another 100% TRUE reason for the deceit of the American government against its own people, have some respect for gods sake I am sorry but I do not approve of using his death to promote your theories sorry and that's the end of it.

UN.i1-PHI: MSM is using their death as to promote their propaganda theories

dude tim, tough i told you already, again this kind of statement of yours promotes the NWO and its false flags without you even realize,

yes i know what ya mean it would be sad for someone to hear from others that their relatives are not dead IF they INDEED REALLY would have died normally and there was nothing more to it,
but since this really is a conspiracy you still do not know what really happened, now you got even the united nations confirming information that this james foley was dead for a year already, yet this still does not means it coulnd't be otherwise, as you know dem are known for lying and misleading, they do false flags and the real mystery is what really happened to the victims that supposed to be dead, haven't you been paying attention tim
the media USES ACTORS AS VICTIMS PARENTS TO ACT POOR ON MSM all to support the false flag, and you just bought into it

please tim haven't you heard about this already?
you know they do this especially to discredit the ones that want to get the truth, and they play on the peoples emotions to keep em stuck in the propaganda mindset

you know the flight MH17 that supposedly was shot down in ukraine, this was a big time set up involving MH370 and other same planes too, it was all set up from the wreckage to the blame, there are flaws all over and people are noticing them in honor to the truth and also for the victim's
the bodies that were at that crash site were drained from blood and reeked of decomposition, indicating they were dead already a few days, however, i/we havent really seen these supposedly mh17 victims being there and now they're already supposedly broght back to holland from there, so still the bodies could be older bodies of the previous gov't highjacked plane mh370 with executed and tortured bodies pretending to be those of MH17, and so you dont really know what happened to the people who were to go on board of mh17, they could be highjacked/kidnapped aswell and also even tortured before bringing em back to holland, so they might have not been there at the crash site at all, and it was used to dump the older plane and passengers, now what an abomination is that, just the same as usual if you haven't noticed, these are the ways of the cabal, not of people seeking the truth

so what i meant to say with the mh17 passengers (if it really was that plane because the serials doesnt add up and they(MSM) photoshopped pics etc)
is that yes, these passangers/victims (unlike foley), were innocent people that had been targeted for this false flag, but the truth is, you dont know what really happened and if they indeed were dead at the moment of the announcement of the crash or that they've been kidnapped and other older bodies and wreckages had been (re)used in conspiracy wich there's much more real evidence to support that

do you understand that these false flags would be more far fetched than you think even to have SOME actors acting as parents, well thats not far fetched at all that is a logic way of controlling the cover up and it was all aranged in advance

so tim maybe this helps you imagine how much deeper, and in another direction these abominations really go, when i saw the mh17 shit on MSM, i knew it was another false flag, and i knew they're always tactically lying, so imagine how i feel with my skepticism, someone i knew who used to be in the same class on school with me was one of the victims, i knew it was a false flag but i did not know what really happened to these people because you CANNOT TRUST MSM, again these bodies could have been other bodies, and the current victims still being held hostage and probably going to be killed soon anyway, can you imagine how i would feel about these LIARS supporting the cover up on this false flag, sure the relatives of the victims should be respected, but trying to expose the cover up is not disrespecting them, that is what the MSM wants you to think so you stay away of it and believe their lies and fall for their manipulation

the true innocent victims of every cover-up false flag are being disrespected not only by the lying MSM, but also by naive people who JUST buy into MSM lies about their real death,or whatever happened, what a disrespect/ABOMINATION is that! and then even go to threaten people who want the real truth!

btw you can say sorry for that, and not to me tim, i'm just trying to raise awareness to this 'deep' issue, but i know you mean well, however this does not matter for the pre-planned perpetual propagating political propaganda phenomenom

Tim Lovell: hmm well I get what your

hmm well I get what your saying Uni , I just think that even tho that may be true it is in bad taste , james family certainly arnt in on it and I personally would not be using publicy as an example of what they are doing wait for other things I dunno man he may have been decapitated a year ago and photoshoped into the background or whatever but still id just not use this kind of tragic event as an public example but that's just me ..I am still just so sicked at these type of horric events I mean how the fuk can one human do that to another its just unbelievable those perputators arnt human they are less than pond scum minds ovberloaded with delusional fanatical zeal for a purpous that has less true meaning than the air in outer space , , could you saw of a fellow brother humans head with a army knife whilst he struggles, screams begs for life then gurrles to his death then sever his head from his spinal cord, .... no only an animal could or would do such an atrocious act , and the guys who got upto 4d look down on the `monkeys` and `bears` in 3d and spit on them they should concentrate their evolutionary preduace and hatred on the killers of james foley there are some TRUE animals, god this world sometimes sickens me , and its true the ETs or `aliens` have FAR more humanity in them than most of us `real` humans its funny which is the real alien , earth = anti sense ....

UN.i1-PHI: that's because its all orchestrated by the inhumane CABAL

and yes there are brainwashed people dumb and inhumane (conditioned) enough to support and join them, just like the thing with ISIS is that it's controlled by the West and the USA&Israel, but that they have the potential to actually recuit extremist (&religious) people to join them, but the real story is that those recuited arent the ones who make up the master plan, but rather just follow it, and theyre being used to execute them orders and as a pawn, also being used to catch the blame and association so everyone think that isis are just extremists islamists who gather and fight war for an islamic state, while this is just what they want you to think, and probably what the pawns themselves think they're doing, while it really is controlled from higher ups the pyramid who are orchestrating this all and also are orchestrating the so called fight against terrorism, so they control both sides and continue attack eachother wherever they like to kick up some dust and chaos to bring order, so this serves as a perpetual machine that pretends to solve the problems but it also is responsible for creating and orchestrating the problems and the reason is to deceive the people into buying into their act of solution, yes problem reaction solution all over us so please watch out with the MSM because they want to turn us all against eachother so they think the problem lies at humanity itself (and you actually pretty much stated that, that humans are like 'animals') while this is a divertion because yes, there are people that go along with the flow even to the extreme inhumane, but i tought you know just as well as i that normal humans aren't the ones responsible for orchestrating it, but the CABAL(tough, pawns for the aliens aswell), only some people participate in it, may they know it or not... there are lot of layers in this tactical game of manipulation for world domination

The MOTHER Of All False Flags In The Making?

oh but..
"You will have a right future" (poster portraying prison bars and a hand holding onto it)
"Society is not to blame"
oh yeah right...?
well i dont think so!!! we all better wake up quick and recognize who is really to blame, and finally do something about it, so we dont have to aswell blame ourselves for ignoring and buyin into the happy horse shit

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