10 Rules For Being a Human

by Tarheel on November 2nd, 2013

I am NOT saying I subscribe to this fully, but they are good.

That being said, I am DEVASTATED at #3. I thought that was my very own original but it appears not. I promise, I hadn't read it before I ever said it here. ALSO, I laughed hard at #10.

Consider this for what it is-some people's opinon. I am not sure I fully agrre these are THE Top 10 rules I wopuld come up with. Maybe I will think about it and come up with 10 of my own.

Enjoy this...

Title- The Ten Rules For Being Human

Excerpt- In the past twenty-four years, the Rules for Being Human have circled the globe – photocopied and passed from friend to friend, transmitted via the internet, printed on brochures. However, credit for this masterpiece of wisdom goes to Cherie Carter-Scott, author of ‘If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules’ and also a commonly recommended and referenced book in the life-coaching industry, and in many other areas concerned with self-esteem, self-development and personal fulfillment.

Ten Rules For Being Human

Rule One - You will receive a body. Whether you love it or hate it, it's yours for life, so accept it. What counts is what's inside.

Rule Two - You will be presented with lessons.

Rule Three - There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Rule Four - The lesson is repeated until learned. Lessons repeat until learned.

Rule Five - Learning does not end.

Rule Six - "There" is no better than "here".

Rule Seven - Others are only mirrors of you.

Rule Eight - What you make of your life is up to you.

Rule Nine - Your answers lie inside of you.

Rule Ten - You will forget all this at birth.

Links- http://preventdisease.com/news/13/110113_The-Ten-Rules-For-Being-Human.s...

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Starperson: Rules? We don't need no stinking rules!

Sorry, of course we need rules. Number 4 is my favorite...I'm not in agreement with number 7...and I like number 6.

Let's do it...Let's come with our own top ten rules! I'll start...

Rule # 1: Always...wait, I mean...Never say, "Yes, it does" when asked the question: "Does this make my butt look fat?" There is only one acceptable answer. And in this case, the phrase: "The truth will set you free" will probably do just that.

Ok, there's one. Anybody else? Or is it just me that finds limitless, hilarious potential for this exercise?

obsrvantlouie: Rule # 44

Always butter the pancake before syruping.
#45 - Add powdered sugar

Quinton: I like Rule #1 and #9 on this

I like Rule #1 and #9 on this list. I think people would be much better off if they saw who people were on the inside rather than the outside.

If I had to come up with one rule it would be:

Rule #1. There are no rules

Here are some things I would pass on to others that I have found to be important:

-Love everyone & everything
-Love yourself
-Be yourself
-Believe in yourself
-Embrace contrast & differences
-Be thankful for what you do have
-Look forward to a better future
-Live in the now
-Take action
-Take risks
-Failure is only possible if you give up
-Every problem has a solution
-Every answer is within you
-Anything is possible
-Follow your heart

Tarheel: ...because if they were, they

...because if they were, they'd KNOW that 1 of my Top 10 are, "Believe as you wish, but ALWAYS allow for different realities."

I'm crushed.

Here's my retribution against Star's lash out at me (laughing)...Star's #1 rule mandates subjectiveness as opposed to OBjectiveness.

Okay then , this is applicable Star, :"Know who wears The Pants" should be your #2.

Starperson: The high road

So, you and Quinton took the high road, keeping it real and honest, huh? Now I really feel like a horse's ass. Get it?

Since I'm not a fan of rules, I'm going to call the following "Tips" for Being Human:

1. Don't take yourself or your life too seriously.

2. Laugh whenever you can...but not at the expense of another.

3. Admit when you are wrong.

4. Listen more than you talk.

5. Know when to just shut up, and log off.


obsrvantlouie: Tighten your belt

Nice post...

#1 Rules, constants, laws....there is/are a set of universal laws (laws is my word of choice) although these have been distorted and hidden from most of us. (see rule #9 to find them....and "The Handbook for the New Paradigm"). 3rd, 4th and 5th densities have laws and I would assume the higher ones do as well but I haven't been there yet.
#2, #3 and #4- I prefer experience versus lessons
#5 - 2shay
#6 - I take issue with this, I have definitely found myself in circumstances of "Here" and I would much rather be "There". Why...because "There" would be much more enjoyable to me then "Here". However, I take the disposition that I am supposed to be "Here" having this experience (shitty as it may/may not be) and until it's over and I have learned from it I will not be "There"....clear as mud? ON-GARD! I have a perfect example for this...I disdained reading the aforementioned book/series "The Handbook for the New Paradigm"....and as much as I didn't want to be THERE reading it at the time....I new that in order to GET HERE...I had to muddle through THERE.
#7 - Wrong....everyone is "unique, individual expression" separated by our experiences and knowledge gained transformed into wisdom. Clearly....Bill Nye is not Da Vinchi.
#8 "destiny is what is available to us and fate is the fork in the road" Obsrvantlouie
#10 - Wrong - better said "you have already forgot this at birth" in order to experience fully this world...unbiased.

My #2 = Never say c a n ' t , read e v e r y t h i n g, no one judges you but you alone - proceed to judge no one but you, experience e v e r y t h i n g you can, KICK FEAR IN THE BALLS.

Sky: Starperson. tounds like the liberty bell

I logged on to comment. I like the rule about blogging off especially.

nivine: Here are some of my suggestions

1. One of the greatest mental freedoms is to observe urself without judgement. Being non judgemental will keep us get along with each other.
2. Don’t let the things that u cant change end up changing u
3. We always wonder why cant somebody do anything about it, forgetting that we are somebody
4. Don’t wait, the time will never be right
5. U will never influence the world if ur trying to be like it
6. Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most
7. The 3 steps of observation: what u say? How u say it? And how u respond to what people say? So listen and respond appropriately
8. No reason to be jealous, everyone can do it too
9. Change doesn’t mean ur losing something
10. Learn to appreciate our imperfections as well as others
11. Life is too short to hold the stuff that make u bitter and ugly
12. Don’t stop, just take a break
13. Turn tragedy into triumph
14. Don’t confuse what u think u know with what u really know, Just bz u believe that doesn’t mean u know
15. Keep the wisdom of knowing that every story may have million of sides
16. It’s not about being the best, it’s about being the best u can
17. Don’t speculate about the things u don’t know. If u don’t know it, Just don’t pretend like u do, instead find out the truth.
18. Understand the bittersweet nature of love
19. Face the hardest situations in openness and honesty, knowing that they exist as a part of life
20. Don’t seek power, but understand the dynamics of what makes those who are powerful successful
21. Insight and observation doesn’t need to come from judging past experience or instinct, it comes from a gut feeling
22. Don’t let people hurt u, just let them give u something to think about
23. If people know how stupid they are, they won’t attach to much importance to their thoughts

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