10 commandments

1) - I will NEVER accept a popular or convenient belief... simply because it is popular or convenient.

2) - I will carefully weigh the validity of every supposition, fact, or explanation presented to me.

3) - I will ALWAYS recognize and respect the VAST chasm between theory and proof.

4) - All of human history teaches us that 'unknown' does NOT mean 'unknowable'.

5) - If not for those who questioned the status quo, mankind would still be huddled in caves worshiping rocks, trees and weather.

6) - The fact that I, as a thinking being, can cause or alter events... is NOT proof that all events are therefore caused by thinking beings.

7) - Attribution of the unknown to deities or supernatural events... is the definition of laziness.

8) - I will always seek logical and provable answers to life's questions.

9) - I fully accept that many of my questions will not be answered in my lifetime.

10) - I shall die knowing that my time and intellect were not wasted on the primitive worship of natural phenomena.

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bluesbaby5050: Very nicely done Silenci030310..........

I like these MUCH better :-)

Starperson: Words to live by

Yes, think for yourself, always. Excellent guidelines for us all. I'm willing to bet you have at least 10 more. Good job Silenci030310.

obsrvantlouie: Very outside of the box

Thinking. I enjoyed this very much Silenci!

Tarheel: Way cool piece, "Silent One"

You've been working. Keep it up, brutha.

Treat for Silencio...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEShzR-CqRM

obsrvantlouie: Silent one...

I like that one Tarheel....what say you Silenci030310? Would you mind us calling you "Silent 1"for short? Would you prefer to be called something else for short?

I think it helps new members to catch flow of comments when we refer to each other with consistency...no pressure, just a small thought of mine.

Silenci030310: I'm ok with it lol that's my

I'm ok with it lol that's my Nickname lol silent or guero, I'm white skinned and I'm quiet type jaja

obsrvantlouie: THE SILENT ONE

has spoken ;)

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