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UN.i1-PHI: why and for what purpouse would somebody feed on fear you ask?

Well there are several reasons and purpouses involved.
First of all there's the need to feed, no need in explaining that.
So ofcourse they do it also to feed themselves as they would gain energy/power from that.
Second, why fear? what will they gain by using/consuming energy in this form of emotion?
Well there could be specific factors/circumstances/situations involved that they would 'need' or prefer consuming energy themselves.
That could be issues/aspects that have to do with their (hive of) mental and social behaviour/style and diet, but also with their physical & non-physical nature, adaptation and makeup.
The purpouse is to gain and keep power and control over humanity.
They gain power by feeding on human energies especially when in the form/range of fear is suitable/preferred.
So obviously they try to keep humanity in fear to keep the control as they keep humanity low so that humanity won't rise above.
Like that, with their fear tactics, they can keep feasting/leeching on humanity while holding them hostage, ignorant, and in fear, as the parasitic bloodsucking vampires they are.

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