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I have no interest in right or wrong, my scale is accuracy.

Caroline Myss / <cite></cite>

Evil is when you use standards to justify your own actions as moral and then when those standards are applied to your own actions, suddenly everything reverses. Because then you can't claim an insanity defense. [...] Enacted and violent moral hypocrisy is to me how you know whether there's evil going on.

Stefan Molyneux / <cite>https://youtu.be/o-WDWSlyCj8?t=1h22m33s</cite>

We would rather forgive the evil proliferating all around us than the rebellion against it,which we mistake for the true evil

Arno Gruen / <cite>Betrayal of the Self (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

The universe is made up of successive gradations of good, these gradations ascending from matter (which is the least degree of good) to spirit (which is the greatest degree of good). In man, his superior nature is the summum bonum. It therefore follows that his highest nature most readily cognizes good because the good external to him in the world is in harmonic ratio with the good present in his soul. What man terms evil is therefore, in common with matter, merely the least degree of its own opposite. The least degree of good presupposes likewise the least degree of harmony and beauty. Thus deformity (evil) is really the least harmonious combination of elements naturally harmonic as individual units. Deformity is unnatural, for, the sum of all things being the Good, it is natural that all things should partake of the Good and be arranged in combinations that are harmonious. Harmony is the manifesting expression of the Will of the eternal Good.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

It is not force or power, but the perversion of force which constitutes evil. The magician says: "Demon est deus inversus." We may say: "The Demon is power perverted." Therefore man, the perverter of power, is the creator of demons, because he is the lowest creature capable of exercising authority from within his own being. The lower kingdoms are forced to react upon group impression and obey unquestioningly.

Manly P Hall / <cite>Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics</cite>

Evil is not a false thing; there are no false things in the creation of a true God. Evil is an abuse or misuse of power. [...] The worst evil in nature can be transmuted into good by the simple process of adjustment. The average intelligence of the consciously functioning man is sufficient to make a god out of any demon by the simple process of inversion; likewise, he is capable of making a demon or evil thing out of any good thing or god by placing it in improper relationship to other things. The word devil is used to cover the two excesses of polarity in nature, for when uncurbed, either will destroy the organism that man is seeking to construct.

Manly P Hall / <cite>Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics</cite>

There is a false darkness and a true darkness. The true darkness is the womb of Light; the false darkness, the perversion of the light that pours out of the true darkness. Natural darkness is the basic principle of things, while the false darkness is the result of debasing the power of the angles of Satan.

Manly P Hall / <cite>Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics</cite>

In Dostoyevsky we encounter the paradoxical notion that those who confront this evil, supernatural dimension, even if they are thieves, prostitute and murderers, are closer to heaven than those whose cosy world-view deliberately shuts evil out and denies it is there.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

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BenjaminFalkenrath: The Fall

I personally believe based on my own experiences and remembrances of the even. That the fall it self, an the fall of Lucifer an his angels; were an occurrence that happened in order to balance the light & the dark. One must go back way back prior in time which there had previously been a balance. What had occurred is that during the development on earth a shift happened.
This shift happened because a particular individual (Jehovah) had the grand idea to introduce a higher percentage of discomfort by means of a level of darkness not to exceed 2%. This experiment got out of hand. An Jehovah refused to see that it was spiraling out of control an refused to accept help!
This caused an imbalance an the dark/light was like a switch going on an off. As the light was on, everything in the non-physical realms was subjected to this force. Light on would cause an up-force light off would cause falling.
Connect the dots, an you see the darkness caused the fall. Lucifer was a high profile being in which was affected by it. He had to fall along with those who fell with him. An he has to be where he is, because if not there would not be a balance. An he has to be perceived as being EVIL in order to maintain this balance.

freedmftr88: Very interesting subject

It's definitely two different splits. Though separating Satan vs Lucifer I never thought of it that way and a very good observation. Though I have seen a similar split separation on the topic. Anton Lavey and Satanism for example is not Devil Worship but a philosophy of individualism , ego? and defiantly without a doubt the worship of human nature . Kind of like half parody religion such as The Church of the SubGenius and The Flying Spaghetti Monster but at the same time a philosophy taken seriously , and I think they did take it seriously as a religion. What do I mean ? Well as a parody religion they satirize fundamentalism and the "Normal" sensor ( in MBTI terms ) society and belief systems but in Satanism's case it's a direct reverse of Fundamentalist Christianity. Even rock musicians questioned this . It's kind of like from their prospective responding to religion like " Your villain is a rebel who wants to be free , and your calling nonconformist free people sinners and are going to Hell ? Well Hell must be a nice place then. I want in !" And then there was the 1980s Satanic scare. This is where I would say there is a difference between " DEVIL WORSHIP " and Satanism. And no matter how many times Satanists including Anton's daughter was interviewed at the time , they were ignored and booed. And of course who's going to take Bob Larson seriously , a guy who turned his religion into a money making scam and having actors playing sinners in his badly acted exorcisms ( which are hilarious and how can anyone take his staged garbage seriously ? Nonsense ! )
Anyway... There's history of Anton's daughter quitting Satanism and later became a Buddhist and got into more light spirituality and things were getting ugly between her , the Lavey's and The Church of Satan. Rumors said that Anton was being attacked by dark entities and crying out to God which were his final words.

Which brings me to the very point. Do I believe that there is a Hell ? I do not believe in the biblical versions of Heaven and Hell because I believe those can be achieved on Earth right now , and perhaps we have both now. However perceptive you want to look at it. If it is what it is or if it's a spiritual fight of good over evil and that's why we are here... Everyone has an opinion on that.
But I do believe where there is spirit guides , universe , angel numbers .... there's dark entities. I EXPERIENCED THIS PERSONALLY when me and my Twin Flame started having problems ! I got wrong advice from false Twin Flame guru scam artists online for one. Then I read the books "Dark Side of Cupid" and "Alien Love Bite" and all of this energy was hurting my Twin Flame. Also I had a neighbor who I think was practicing Black Magick and had a dark spirit try to choke me with a necklace that shattered in my hands... It was scary ! But my spirit guides helped me around Christmas eve a few years ago.
Perhaps as a lightworker / Twin Flame it's common.

In conclusion the original Holy books need to be translated for modern times as literature , philosophy , history and perhaps whatever could be found like spirituality. But of course there was bad people that hacked into the book. I believe that Jesus Christ was a spiritual teacher , philosopher but not this magical humanoid that church talks about. lol It's almost like that a Monty Python and The Life of Brain situation , tell people philosophy at that time and they would think your God or related to God. But maybe as a lightworker ... but the so called founders of religion ( which didn't come until after his murder on the cross right ? Christianity ? ) That's the thing . However there are cult leaders who want world domination , perhaps they feel that evil is the easy way. Perhaps these kind of psychopaths / sociopaths are the very leaders of the secret societies related to The New World Order. That I would call a human version of Satan / Lucifer.
Though that's the two human versions of that.
I say it's low energy and high energy of love is stronger than hate and fear. :)

freedmftr88: I can discribe evil using only one word

Hierarchy. But at the same time , sometimes there's things that can't be best described into words like love.
It's a feeling , it's an energy , if you experience it then you know what it is.
So " Fear " would be another word I can describe Evil because it's an energy that's uncomfortable and not made from the Soul's pure divine energy which is love , total opposite.
And what's interesting about hierarchy is that it can be expressed in any way. It can be justified in any way to make someone believe that it's good. But what makes hierarchy bad is that people want to be free. However probably since the time of the Eqypt pyramids or even beyond that , hierarchy has been justified.

According to the Anarchist FAQ , it says that the suppression of sexuality is a key factor which relates to psychological unbalances such as anti-social behavior.

So it kind of seems like Authoritarian / Totalitarian is very cultish as hierarchy is as a whole.
For those who want to gain power must feel powerless.

Because if all souls are attracted universally to positive higher vibrational energy such as love , peace , freedom , etc and all their needs where meet then there would be no need to be submissive or dominant.

Ego is of unconscious low vibrational energy so instead of being independent, they will take it from others if submissive or dominant. Like an "Energetic Vampire".

Perhaps where there is spirit guides in higher vibrations , there are so called demons and low vibrational dark entities which are just stuck in that vibration of bondage. All like an energetic collective of spirits.
Maybe the same goes with extraterrestrials. Not so much duality of Good vs Evil but polarity energy of Love / Fear .

It's like animals , fight or flight. Cats can love humans and sharks just care about their basic needs.

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