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UN.i1-PHI: Scottish independence: "Election falsified evidence of fraud"

Scottish independence: "Election falsified evidence of fraud"

Scottish police in Glasgow launched an investigation into possible election fraud in the referendum on Scottish independence from Thursday. That said a spokesman for the city of Glasgow Friday against SkyNews.

According to Colin Edgar, there are ten cases in which someone would have voted for the second time. "If someone wanted to vote said the person his or her name. That name was then removed from the list, and a ballot paper distributed. It was then found that that name was mentioned, "said Edgar.

The suspect ballots are handed over to the police. "We know which boxes that notes are made, and we know the numbers on the bills," said Edgar.

In the run up to the referendum, people were threatened, journalists had to be secured and politicians received death threats.

Also Russian observers have observed that election fraud. According to the Russians, the space in which the votes were counted was too big. The voting process was different from the generally accepted international guidelines, said Igor Borisov, in the city of Edinburgh was present at the counting of votes.

Due to the size of the spaces it was "impossible" to keep all the scrutineers eye Borisov told the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti . "This is a hangar for aircraft, which is about 100 by 300 meters. It is impossible to follow what's going on. Where polling came from is unclear "

He added that the ballot boxes were kept in an unlocked room. Borisov said that the United States, Britain and other Western countries have little confidence in the development of Russia as a democracy, but London and Edinburgh in this case quite inadequate.

Russia Today was surprised by the high turnout, which was "North Korean proportion. Also from People's Republic of Donetsk - the Ukrainian enclave that is largely in the hands of pro-Russian rebel - sounded the election in Scotland was falsified. There they accuse the West of double standards: Scotland gets a referendum, Donetsk and Luhansk not.

Going on the Internet some movies around which would be seen that there is electoral fraud. In one of the videos is a vote counter to see that according to the man who made the pictures yes votes on the pile of No votes explains.

In another video, which was broadcast on TV, is a vote counter to see the fraud allegedly committed by filling yourself. Ballots Others made their discontent known via Twitter. "All the Scots are robbed, there has to be voted on again," tweeted someone. Someone else posted a picture on Twitter of a yes vote in Dundee which was counted as a no vote.

Euan Reid @johnlennon___

Rigged. Fixed. Bribes and power. Brace yourself Scotland. We're going to be raped for years to come.
9:41 AM - 19 Sep 2014

KING KHALID @khalidhussaindj

willing to put a bet on that #Westminster has rigged the election. #indyref

WeArePurple4 @Sean_A_McBride

we all wasted our time to vote for it to get rigged!! was going to be a no from the start.

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