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As of 1878, the Coat of Arms of Geneva has included part of the seal of the Jesuit General—”IHS.” Thus, we understand why Geneva is one of Europe’s foremost banking cities, and why Switzerland is virtually immune to any continental war. The pope’s bodyguard protecting the Sovereign State of Vatican City is recruited from Switzerland and titled “the Swiss Guard,” also prominent in the movie [Angels & Demons].

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...the Jesuit Provincial at Stonyhurst controls the Archbishop of Westminster who in turn rules the country through the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the British parent of the American Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) likewise controlled by the Archbishop of New York. The Empires of both Britain and America are in the hands of Satan’s Society of Jesus!

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History would prove that the reign of Elizabeth was the birth of the mighty Protestant British Empire. England’s first century as a Protestant nation produced the world’s greatest Greek scholar and father of the Protestant English Bible, William Tyndale (John Wickliffe having previously translated Rome’s Latin Vulgate); its greatest poet and abstract historian, Edward de Vere, (alias “Shakespeare”); its greatest scientist and mathematician, Isaac Newton; and its greatest sailor and naval commander at the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Francis Drake.

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Who was this Edward de Vere, Queen Elizabeth’s greatest courtier and the Jesuits’ greatest enemy; this patriot responsible for the execution of Jesuit Parsons,thus having foiled the Pope’s plots to overthrow England’s greatest Monarch? He was none other than the one we know today as “William Shakespeare.” For,

. . . it has become impossible to hesitate any longer in proclaiming Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, as the real author of ‘Shakespeare’s’ works.”

And why would the true authorship of the works of “Shakespeare” be suppressed to this day? Because this Protestant, Bible-reading, honourable English knight, the enemy of the Jesuit Provincial Henry Garnet and greatest swordsman of the realm, used his pen—mightier than his sword—to thwart the designs of the Jesuits as they attempted to destroy the Reformation, wrought by the Spirit of God, and to restore the Temporal Power of the Pope over Britain. With their tool, William Cecil—who openly displayed prayer beads while a Catholic advisor during the reign of Queen Mary I of England (“Bloody Mary”), who always attempted to please the Jesuits’ Philip II, who advised Elizabeth to marry the Catholic Archduke Charles of Austria (known also as Charles of Styria, being the son of the Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand I) rather than Protestant Leicester and who hired the Jesuit Henry Garnet to spread a nasty rumor about Edward de Vere—the Sons of Loyola robbed “the Red Knight” of his eighty-six landed estates. They also robbed him of his right to the throne and, through both William Cecil and Masonic Francis Bacon (the reputed father of the Craft in England), destroyed the memory of his great name, continuing to perpetuate the damnable lie that some illiterate, money-hungry, grain dealer of Stratford-on-Avon wrote the masterpieces of the man whom the British Empire has voted “the most important personality of the last millennium.”

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Meanwhile, the Jesuits were in control of Spain. Philip II was the king through which they sought to destroy the Reformation in the Netherlands as well as in England. (Philip II enjoyed the execution of his cousin Dona Isabella who, before a mock Inquisitional Court, professed Christ as her Lord and Saviour.) Therefore, with the military might of Philip, the Jesuits plotted the “extirpation” of England’s Protestants and Queen with one great stroke. They would invade with thousands of Spanish soldiers carried by a huge array of ships—the invincible Spanish Armada—its building having been financed by Rome’s Papal Caesar for two million crowns! Setting out in 1588, assured of naval supremacy and ultimate victory, the Jesuits urged their 30,000 attackers aboard 130 ships on to heretic England. But the risen Son of God chose to intervene. After five desperate days of naval battle with the mere 80 vessels of both Howard and Drake out of food and ammunition.

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

In the Twentieth Century the Jesuits have conducted their Inquisition under the names of Nazism, Fascism, Communism and now Islamic Terrorism with their Inquisitors, Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Josef Stalin and now Osama bin Laden. Today the Black Pope orders his Holy Office of the Inquisition, renamed in 1965 “The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” through his International Intelligence Community headed by Papal Knights, including Skull and Bonesman George W. Bush.

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

But the Dutch Protestants would not be conquered. They had a great leader. His name was William I of Orange, surnamed “the Silent.” He had been raised in the court of Charles V, the “Holy Roman Emperor,” and was fit to lead a people to political liberty. He waged war from the sea commanding the bravest soldiers of the age...

This William I of Orange became the Father of religious liberty and greatly beloved of his people. He did not force the Anabaptists to go to war, as they were non-resistant. He further gave the European Jews religious liberty, so much so that they migrated to Amsterdam, calling it “the New Jerusalem.” (Rembrandt painted some of his greatest portraits using the Jews of Amsterdam to illustrate Biblical characters.) William ultimately produced in his seventeen year-old son, Prince Maurice, a man who became the greatest soldier of the age. Maurice contributed to the final victory in 1648 after eighty years of war with the Spanish Empire under the command of the Jesuits and their tools, Philip II and his son, Philip III.

Obviously, the Jesuits hated William of Orange. They kidnapped his eldest son who was then raised a Roman Catholic, the heart-broken father never to see him again. After several attempts to assassinate William, they finally succeeded one sad day in 1584. Their tool was Balthazar Gerard, used to fulfill the death-inspiring Jesuit Oath. Shooting the Father of the Dutch Republic three times with a pistol, Gerard attempted to escape but was caught and later brutally executed. As the poison from the rounds was coursing through his veins, William’s last words were:

O my God, have mercy on this poor people.

Like Coligny, William I of Orange, the father of religious liberty and political freedom, died at the hand of a Jesuit assassin fulfilling the Company’s bloody oath once again:

I will . . . make and wage relentless war . . . against all heretics . . . to exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; . . . That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use . . . the leaden bullet . . .

Could it be that American presidents have been murdered by Jesuit assassins also? As we shall see, there have been many, the most recent being John F. Kennedy.

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

To enforce this “mischief framed by a law” [Edict of 1550] Philip dispatched ten thousand Spanish troops led by the Duke of Alva. The Duke, guided by the Jesuits, established an evil tribunal called “the Blood Council.” Thousands perished to the delight of Cardinal Granvelle and Titelmann the Inquisitor.

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

To the abhorrent Jesuit doctrine of Regicide (the killing of Kings), we must now direct our attention that we may understand an established policy calculated to obtain or maintain the mastery of all nations following well-planned assassinations. In the past, the Order’s assassins were either Jesuits, like Jacques Clement, or killers easily connected to the influence of the Company, men like John Wilkes Booth. Today these professional “terminators” are cleverly distanced from their Masonic master, the Black Pope, and given deceptive titles by the Pope’s internationally controlled Press corps, jurists and historians; such titles as “anarchists,” "nihilists,” “rogue agents” within intelligence agencies, or just “lone nut assassins.” Sometimes these individuals, in fact, do the killing, consciously and unconsciously (as do the programmed “Manchurian candidates”): they sacrifice themselves, die in the act or are punished for their crimes.

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

Created by Loyola (1534) and Sanctioned by Paul III (1540), In Seeking to Destroy the Protestant Reformation and Restore the Dark Ages with “The White Pope” Exercising His Temporal Power as the Universal Monarch of the World,

Authored the Twenty-Five Sessions of the Council of Trent (1545-1563), and
Established Themselves as the Confessors and Advisors of the Monarchs of Europe, Promoting Absolute Monarchial Despotisms through which they Ignited Monstrous Wars, Characterized by Pitiless Massacres of Protestants and Innocents, such as:

  • The Dutch Revolution 1568 - 1648
  • The Thirty Years’ War 1618 - 1648
  • The Puritan Revolution 1644 - 1653
  • The Seven Years’ (French Indian) War 1754 - 1763

While Oppressing and Weakening the Peoples of the Nations and the Semitic
Hebrew/Jewish Race with the “Holy Office of the Inquisition,” Aided by the
Knights of Malta, and later, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, from 1540 to 1773.

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

These initials are abbreviations for the names of the gods of the pagan Egyptian trinity, they being Isis (the Mother goddess and “Queen of Heaven”), Horus (the deified Child) and Seb (the Father of the gods).

Eric Jon Phelps / <cite>Vatican Assassins</cite>

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