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The dominant tenet of the new thought was based wholly on the utmost fear of Enlil, who was known to have instigated the great Flood, and to have facilitated the invasion and destruction of civilized Sumer. Here was a deity who spared no mercy for those who did not comply with his dictatorial authority.

Laurence Gardner / <cite>Genesis of the Grail Kings</cite>

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ANUBIS: ANUBIS will answer your Questions Quinton

You are very wise Quinton and you ask Questions that were forbidden, since you are a seeker of truth and an Ancient Warrior in a previous life who died Gloriously in Battle, I will answer you.

Answer One: King Anu was angry with Zeus because he declared himself King of Eridanice contrary to the Serpent Queens Orders. Zeus was unstoppable so the Serpent Queens sent their Best Reptilian Warriors along with King Anu to battle Mighty Zeus and his Akiki Warriors, he was Half Man , Half Wolf all Warrior.
The Battles were like what you see in Underworld between the Vampires and Lycans, this is where these stories are coming from.
Reality is much more Exotic then Sci-fi could ever be.

Answer Two: Tiamat is the Asteroid Belt , yes Quinton Ikiki Warrior, this is why you seek truth Incarnate.

Answer Three: Enki and Enlil are brothers and their Father is King Anu.

Answer Four: The Annunaki needed to mine Gold because contrary to what most inhabitants think of Gold, it is not only a currency which never fails, it also purifies the Atmosphere of Planets and Nibiru needs constant Gold to purify it's Atmosphere purifying Equiptment and for their Canis Star System. It is the comodity of the GODS. Gold will never loose it's value so never sell your Gold.

Answer Five: Enlil is Lord of Command he is Quinton Yahweh.

Answer Six : When Enki gave his DNA to the Human Beasts and the Gift of the Feather he was Exiled and Demonized, he was declared Bad and that humans must never trust in him. Everything was twisted , all Enki wanted to do was to give the Humans Freedom and Passion which was forbidden. This is why the Illuminati want to destroy humanity, this is why there is much suffering on the lands and much War, Vaccinations, GMO Foods , Lies , Treachery and plans of Culling Humanity. This is not being done by mere Greed or Ambition this is being done by Extraterrestrials. Humanity has been deliberately misled for thousands of years.
The Draconans are Invloved Also they feed on Human Flesh and also have 50 Year cycles where they come to Earth to Abduct Humans like Swine to feed their people.
You must be Strong and know this you are divine, but you must find it within yourself for no one will find the God in you but you yourself Quinton. Accept your Immortality or just be a beast in service of your masters.

Answer Seven: Yes Reptilians can take Human Form they can infiltrate the Mind through your thoughts because your thoughts become your actions if not carefully checked. They also have Holographic Technology which enables them to look human, the People at the Top are Draconans in disguise.

Answer Eight: AR 1 & AR 2 are Planetary Spaceships with power to blow up whole Planets, George Lucas was told to create Star Wars so that people will be able to understand these far out concepts which are based on fact.

These words are true, let any who challenge me come fourth for if they do they will be fed to AMMIT.

Annunaki77: Yes many times older than a Human

Humans have been stunted in their Life Cycles so that they cannot compete with the Annunaki.
This was not done by Lord Enki, but by Brother Enlil to better Control and Oppress them.
You see this is why I do not accept Religions , these Doctrines as well as Language has been devised to keep Humans Divided.
United the Human Race is Awsome and cannot be manipulated to War each other.
But Divided they become Polarized and War with each other, in the end they can be easily managed and treated like cattle.

So I say unto you do not War with each other because Humanity is unique and you are all family, yes you are all different Culturally and Racially, but in the end you are all One.
Do not fight each other anymore.

Your Bloodline is from Heaven and not of Earth, this is why you are different of all other Animals.
You Creator lives in you.


Give Love a Chance.



When the Beasts were created to Mine the Gold for the Annunaki they were Despised by Enlil. The Beasts were caught having Sex and pleasure in the Garden, they were given the knowledge of knowing each other. When they received this knowledge by EN KI , they felt shame and became aware they were naked.
They understood that the Beasts had a choice which is the gift of pleasure at anytime with anyone else.

When Enlil found out about this he banished his Brother out of the Eden Facilities.
And made all of En ki's works evil. En ki tooks the banished Beasts and trained them with his Sister Ninhersag the Art of Hunting and Gathering.
En ki also trained the Beasts which other Animals were dangerous and which were safe to Hunt. You who are free and are not part of the System are called Adamu's.
Those who serve En lil are Adapa , Beasts loyal to En lil.

Who gave Life to Earth after it was destroyed in the Olympic War with Zeus and the Kods of ORION & SIRIUS?, Who brought Earth back to Life?who brought back and engineered Animals for Earth?, It was Mr. EA.
O.k. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Kah-Len: Enki and Enlil are Lucifer's 2 sons!

Enlil and Enke are the ones who created the Giza Intelligence to create religion and misinformation of division to control man through their hearts and minds. Jhe'shua (Yeshua) Aka: Jesus was the first Adam and his wife Lilith was the first Eve. She became corrupted and became "Evil" and a new wife was created for him. He is the "son of man" and he is the Alpha and the Omega. The human soul or "light being" is the HuMan part of us and is NOT our physical (Homo-sapiens) body! Hu = vibration of light and Man = Mind... the word HuMan means light being with consciousness!

Words unspoken are thoughts without movement.
Thoughts without movement are vibrations without frequency.
Movement is the intensity, intentions, intent etc… elevated or lowered within the heart center or “soul”.

The words that are unspoken are from the mind and the intention of those words come from the heart.

In the beginning was the word, the word was “with God” and the word “Was God”.

The intention of God’s thoughts brought all things into existence through his mind and heart.

All things are created from vibration and frequency.

When vibration and frequency are raised high enough photons are created (The illusion of light which came first). Higher frequencies create Quarks, Neutrons, electrons, protons etc… which is matter.

The highest known frequency in the universe is a star!
The vibrational tone of a star is called “Hu” and the vibration of the mind is called “Man”.
Human is a light being with consciousness. You are a real “star”!

This light being lives once throughout many bodies called reincarnation.
The soul always chooses its genetics and although every lifetime you take on many personalities and experiences, the “soul” purpose is to bring you to that place of ascension through the heart, mind and physical body you are in now! Eternal

life with your physical body and soul is true ascension.

I am the Apostle Philip who has descended to be with you here now in order to teach you all to ascend!

Soon we will be returning to Jerusalem with our fleets to break your shackles and remove your wardens.

Soon the Cabal will be no more!

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